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How did people react to Final Fantasy VII when it came out?

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So after playing Final Fantasy VI for the first time and finishing it`s story( an amazing game I have to say) a couple of weeks back, I got a hunger to replay FFVII again. I am currently on the second disc, and enjoying the heck out the seventh entry in the series. While playing VII and comparing it`s world to some of the previous titles in the series, seven is pretty different. How did people react to this style when seven came out? Did they think it was something new and fresh, or did they think it was too different from the previous entries?

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Ff7 was one of the first I saw. Played it years later and before 6 like you. I imagine it must have been visually impressive but the move in tone to cyberpunk would have possibly split the fanbase somewhat. I always think that somebody somewhere must have done something (lol) so I imagine there are people out there who refused to even play it because of only being interested in the fantasy setting. I'm also interested if there was any public dissapointment from fans, but as its before social media and the like that it would have more likely been by magazine reviewers or something. I think Arche touches on it from his perspective in his ruminations on it, but it could have been another vid.

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I think for most people at that time, Ff7 was the first game they ever played in the series. I don't remember them ever really pushing any final fantasy game to that extent before. We didn't even get all the games, and the ones we did get were numbered differently. So on the big scale, most people who played FF7 didn't have anything to compare it to really. So from the word go, any nay-saying from older fans of the series would have constituted a minority.

Not saying people didn't like earlier games, but at that point FF was not one of the big, mainstream mega-franchises that it became later. FF7, as I remember at least, was the game that pushed the series up to that level commercially. It was also pushed very hard as one of the biggest games the Playstation was promoting at that time, and a lot of people point to it as the game that really sent PS sales through the roof. Just about everything I can remember from critics in magazines or from friends basically hailed the game as a masterpiece. Probably some people who had played the older games might have felt like it wasn't the best, but I don't remember hearing much about those fans bashing or hating on the game outright.

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Ah yes of course. I forgot that some of the previous entries in the series weren`t available.

Seven was also the first FF game I ever saw. I remember I had this demo disk on PS1 and I contained a trailer from FFVII. I was pretty little back then, so for some reason I thought it was scary.
I still remember the trailer thou:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ-toUi9jDc

Oh man, still gives me chills. It was a pretty funny revelation when I was playing FFVII for the first time a couple of years back, I recognized it being the game which I saw in the demo disk all those years ago.

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sold my megadrive/genesis with all games to get an overprized ps + and overpriced ff7 xD was totally worth it from a non economical perspective though

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I've probably told this story before but I owned both FFVII strategy guides (the good one and the awful one) before even owning a PS1. I also RENTED a PS1 just to play this game. To say I was into it would be underselling it a bit... but the irony is where I lived almost no one else cared about it except my friend Rob.

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I got into FFVII quite a bit late, like in the case of almost any other game really, but these things came to our region of meatspace really erratically until about ten years ago or so anyway...

It blew my mind like nothing else I've seen before or since, but I was about the only one interested in the game among the people that lived around me too.

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FF7 was the first RPG and the first FF game I ever played.

Needless to say I was bowled over by the game; the graphics, the music, the magic and the sheer size of the game world blew my mind. And even though I had read many, many reviews of the game prior to buying it "that" plot twist still deeply affected me and is something I will never forget.

It was my introduction to both RPGs and the FF series, and remains a favourite to this day.

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