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26 Re: Elections on Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:58 am

TomRP stands upon a raised platform in the center square of Lurem. The assembled crowd finally falls silent as he approaches the microphone.

"Good morning friends, I will be brief, for I know there is an overabundance of word as of late. I ask that for a moment we put aside labels such as, socialist, capitalist, liberalist. It is all meaningless. We are all, simply people. And the only thing that has meaning is the suffering of people.

It is not capitalism, Marxism, communism, or socialism, but the perversion of these thoughts which leads to the same road of oppression. I have faith and trust in my fellow man that we can all make the distinction. Under this new government, It worries me of whose teachings will be deemed 'extreme', and who will determine what is 'extreme' and what isn't? Will we see such eminent works by the likes of Kropotkin or Keynes banned? Any scholar or thinker who dares offer a criticism of the state? Any man who speaks his mind in the safety of his own home? Two co-authors of the current Constitution have publicly supported this position of limiting your liberties and your right to think.

I have been a man of action, a revolutionary and a do'er. In this doing, I have attracted many who would hold a grudge against me, and I will not let the personal opinions of others against myself cause Lurem to suffer. It is for this reason that I wish for no part in this formulating government.

It is evident then that Lurem needs a strong voice to defend ourselves from an attempt to control thought. I wish to publicly endorse a man who knows persecution like no other, but yet still stood firm in his convictions. A Luremite whose utter dedication to his adopted home was such that he was one of the first to join us in arms, even though he knew his family would suffer greatly for his actions back in a land he no longer recognizes. A man who saw past creed, color and nationality to instead see the simple suffering we all faced under the tyrant. The independent candidate; scholar, thinker and voice of the people, Mr Goro Tanaka, has my full support for Governor of Lurem".

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27 Re: Elections on Tue Jan 10, 2017 1:25 pm

People of Aberisk,

Today we give our country a democratic constitution. Contrary to what some reactionaries like Grifenknight wish, socialism will not be banned, rather it is time for socialism to flourish.
Through this new system it is to the people we must turn too to decide the nature of your governance. Unlike in China or the Soviet Union, where socialism was dictated to the masses and civil war broke out. In Aberisk and Echain as a whole, I call upon the people to decide upon socialism, not have it dictated to them.

I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for governer of Aberisk.
Aberisk is an area of great learning and it's hallowed university will be restored to its pre-war glory. But not by importing scholars from other nations as Mr Crosby suggests. No, we must reinstate those who once taught there, who survived the occupation and understand the struggle of our people. By importing scholars we risk losing our collective knowledge to the passage of time. Another statement he has made is that our restored university will be "elite", it will not. Our university, as it always has, will be commited to recruiting students equally with no biases but their merit.

Together we can rebuild our province, together we can restore our university, and together we can preserve political liberty and spread our ideals of equality.
This I promise to ensure if I am elected governer of Aberisk.

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28 Re: Elections on Tue Jan 10, 2017 1:50 pm

Ms. Proudmore,

I speak today to clear the air between you and I, and to establish common ground between us. We are both proud citizens of Aberisk, and thus I assume our vision of Aberisk’s restoration looks quite similar.

First, to be clear, I want all Echaini citizens to know that, from before the start of this new republic, I have come out on the record as saying that our government, above all else, is a free market for the exchange of ideas. I believe whole heartedly in the power of amiable debate and spirited conversation; and, if through conversation, the populace expresses interest in specific pieces of socialistic legislation, it will be my duty to promote such an interest. After all, almost every government contains socialistic principles. If we define socialism as “government allocation of public funds via tax revenue,” then the university system, the military, the infrastructure, the intelligence agencies, and many other departments will technically be socialistic endeavors. Again, I am not an enemy of socialism; I am, rather, a skeptic of extremism and a guardian of freedom. So, allow me to be perfectly clear for you and the socialist community at large: I am not against socialism and I will not persecute socialists for thought crimes; and, if I see anyone doing so, I will be the first to fight against a systemic attack against individual socialists.

Second, allow me to address the topic of the university system. I, by no means, do not want to outsource professorial jobs to foreign pedagogues—in fact, in my initial statement, I first stated that Echaini professors must be hired or re-hired first, above all else, for the very reasons you laid out in your speech, Ms. Proudmore. I agree that Echaini professors have an incredibly important task ahead of them—that is, they must restore our nationally specific knowledge and history. And yes, this is of paramount importance; however, I argue that the hiring of the world’s greatest professors will put our nation’s universities on the map. Every university system of every superpower in the world is filled with professors of every nationality—this is not by accident. If we are to obtain and advance the widest variety of ideologies within our country, we must look both inside and outside ourselves.

Lastly, I must address your remarks about the university system. The elite university of which I spoke is written into the constitution. The framers allowed room for individual principalities to create their own universities, which they should, and we have left the rules of admission into said universities to the public. As for the elite university, it uses a meritocratic model of admission—so, any individual, regardless of ethnic background, sex, sexual orientation, religion, or political ideology may enter the university with tuition completely waived if said individual possesses the highest marks. In short, the establishment of an elite university is inevitable, and it will admit students on the basis of their works.

Before I finish, I do want to express my admiration of your dedication to Aberisk as a region that represents the intellectual spirit of Echain as a whole. As I’ve previously indicated, I essentially grew up in the halls of the Great Library, and I want to see our great city rebuilt to the fullest extent possible. Because of your vow to rebuild our once great city, you can rely on me—should I obtain the position of Senator—to help you rebuild the city through any of my available means.

I thank you for your time, my fellow Aberiskian. To the Republic, and to Aberisk.

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29 Re: Elections on Wed Jan 11, 2017 6:32 am

I would like to clear up a couple misunderstandings we both shared about each others positions and would like to state that I am glad to hear your dedication to the freedom of all Echaini citizens to follow their own beliefs.

Firstly, I feel I must point out that my references towards socialism were not an attack on you but rather on the inflammatory remarks made earlier in the election by Grifenknight regarding his explicitly stated desire to ban socialism. That was the intended scope of my remarks and if you feel that they implicated you supported his statement I apologise.

Regarding the university I am pleased we are on the same page regarding preferentially hiring Echaini professors. My chief worry with hiring foreign professors is both the expense of such an endeavour as we struggle to rebuild our communities and also our diminished reputation as a center of learning thanks to the damage inflicted during our struggle with the Japanese. However, if eager professors could be found I have little objection to their being hired to begin to restore Aberisk's and Echain's stellar reputations as a center of international learning.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

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30 Re: Elections on Wed Jan 11, 2017 6:47 am

Governor Proudmore,

First of all, congratulations on securing your position as Governor of our beloved hometown; I wish you all the best during the course of your tenure. You will set the precedent for what it means to be an Aberiskian Governor; and, now that I have a clearer picture of your political and ideological stances, I have no doubt that the precedent you set will be a stellar one.

Again, if you would be so kind, allow me to address some of your points in the most amiable of manners. First, I am elated to know that we are seeing eye to eye regarding the perception and reception of our socialist citizens. I would like to remind both you and them that I am dedicated to protecting, above all else, the freedom of thought and expression—it is the most sacred of rights, and I will be the first to fight against the pernicious notion of thought crimes. In dire circumstances, even the most libertarian individual may see the necessity of emergency authoritarian policies (I myself am hard pressed to consider such rhetorical situations, but I’m sure some exist); but, policing the mind in an authoritarian manner goes directly against everything I stand for.

As for the University, I look forward to working with you during this time of reconstruction, and, to be clear, I wish to hire within the country first and hire from abroad on an incremental basis. As you have aptly considered, the Echaini scholars come first, and I will work alongside you—if you will have me as a political ally in this endeavor—to ensure that the brightest scholars are enlisted to teach our nation’s youth above and before anyone else. And, in any case, we will let the Universities decide when and if their budgets allow for foreign investment—this, of course, will not be a feasible option until the University is well established.

Again, congratulations, Governor. Please do know that my office is always open to those who wish to work for my constituents.

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