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PUBLIC: Society for Espada

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1 PUBLIC: Society for Espada on Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:47 am

Speech by KarbinCry, Waltens marketplace

I see all of you bartering for your needs, rightfully refusing to trade in the mint of the Occupiers, yet now, with a Constitution in place and elections coming shortly, we should turn our attention to reinstating the Espada.
Since new currencies, established in a rush and without proper fore-thought, often face grave pressures from foreign speculation and internal instability, and tend to fluctuate wildly, damaging their early reputation and trust of the People.
To avoid such fate for the Espada, and to be able to grow fast and steady, Echain needs to think ahead, and make Espada as immune to those pressures as possible, so that you can buy and sell in a stable currency without fear of its changing value.

For this purpose, and under my patronage, I establish Society for Espada, a monetary think-tank to help think of a way to have a stable basis for our trade and economy.

All who wish to join should send their letter, containing their ideas and thoughts, to my address, as my home will serve as a temporary base of operations for the think tank.

Across Echain, especially in Lurem and Eastport, posters with the speech are going to be used to propagate the message.

OOC: My character is currently in Waltens on other business, that's why I did the speech live there.

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