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Intimidation and Sabotage!

Chaos reigns in Lurem this week as LA-PVA "Volunteers" are going door to door to the local business and landowners, asking them to pay a "tax" for their services, which includes protecting them from thieves and fire. This tax takes the form of Japanese Yen, which is being used as currency by the PA-PGL in the region, albeit at a massively inflated rate. Those that can not pay in Yen, are taxed in goods instead, I.E. fuel, food, and clothing. Reports have been confirmed that members of the LA-PVA have set fire to and harass the business and factory of anyone who does not co-operate.

A Lurem resident that wished to remain anonymous had this to say,"Those animals are out of control, they are destroying everything that's left in Lurem. If no one do anything to stop them, there won't be anything left to rebuild!"

In related news, Wealthy citizens in Lurem are being illegally investigated at "random" by members of the LA-PVA, to ensure that they are not collaborators. A scheme is in place whereby an 'Expression of devotion to egalitarianism' is accepted to halt any investigation. This "expression" is accepted in the form of an asset donation - taking the form of vehicles, boats, appliances, land, etc.

Lurem, have historically been the less wealthy region of Echain have always been at risk of exploitation and wide spread poverty by the members of the League and the Occupation force. Time will tell if the Republic will be able to turn Lurem's fate around.

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OOC: and you guys were fighting with me...

People of Echain,

It is time to put the squabbles of ideology behind us and time to save the people of Lurem. I ask all the regional assemblies to meet and gather their militias at Lurem in order to defeat this insurrection. They have stepped over the line and will now deal with the consequences.

As we all know, Lurem has been one of the most unfortunate regions among us, but today is the day to turn that around. Let us save these people and show them that all of Echain stands behind them.

Let this be an example, to all the future rebellions, that Echain will not fall. If dealt with successfully, we will be able to stop most rebellions with the simple idea of Hope. They will lose all hope once we stomp the People's Army in Lurem.

This will, also, show the world that we will be able to deal with all of our problems. No longer will they look down on us as a petty nation that cannot support themselves. Let this show them that we are no simple push-over, but a nation to respect.

O people of Echain! Rise and stomp these tyrants! We must act immediately before the damage has gone too far and becomes irreversible. This will be up to the newly elected senators and governors. You must be quick to action. Godspeed, people of Echain and let us hope this insurrection has not gone too far already.

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Well I am shocked! It was partly due to this impeccable piece of investigative journalism by the Echain Flame that I swiftly dissolved the PA-PGL, I had no knowledge of these actions and I feel saddened that opportunistic thugs sullied the good work we have done in opening soup kitchens, repairing road links and re-establishing communication towers; and this has overshadowed it all.

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OOC: Anyone know what LA-PVA stands for?

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Adamemnon wrote:OOC: Anyone know what LA-PVA stands for?

OOC - Lurem All-People's Volunteer Army... I think

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OOC:Are you running for president Adamemnon? Whisky just voted for you.

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Over the radio and at gatherings, Adamemnon speaks:

"Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends. I thought the time of shedding Echainian blood was behind us. It seems the LA-PVA wishes to continue harming our brethren. This... this I cannot abide. We must stop these upstarts, these bandits, these misguided souls from destroying our people and our children.

I hereby urge all provincial leaders and their people to cease trading with Lurem. We must ensure that the loyal Echainian citizens of Lurem receive our help, and our help is not stolen by these despots. No supplies should reach Lurem before we have saved our brothers and sisters in that city. No food, no arms, and no goods of any kind. Not until our people have saved Lurem.

I wish this travesty had never occurred, but these are trying times. People will lose what little they had. People will die. Lurem may never be the same. But we must remember one thing: Keep moving forward. We will unite, we will survive, and we will prosper! No matter what the world throws at us!

Come, let us save Lurem!"

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You go too far Adamemnon. While the expropriation of property from the bourgeois may be seen as a crime by our constitution if conducted without a trial by jury, it is also unconstitutional to find the people of Lurem guilty by association. I call on all regions to act in the best interests of the people of Lurem and keep the flow of goods into the region.

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PUBLIC STATEMENT over the radio:

My fellow Echaini,

I, like several of you, just heard Mr. Adamemmnon’s speech; and, I, like several of you, am in complete and utter shock. In the past, I have expressed concern about the LA-PVA, and I agree with most of my fellow countrymen in that I agree the LA-PVA must stop their illegal, mob-like action. In the absence of government, those who have the most force will use their power to pernicious ends, and the LA-PVA have made their message clear—they will exploit the weakness of the individual in the working class who does not possess the means by which to defend himself. This is horrific, indeed, and we must come together to put a stop to this madness. On this point, I believe almost all of us are in agreement. That said, Mr. Adamemmnon has said, and I quote, “ I hereby urge all provincial leaders and their people to cease trading with Lurem.” This is a statement that shakes me to my core.

To be clear, Mr. Adamemmnon wishes to cut off ties to every single individual in Lurem in order to punish a group of renegades who are oppressing innocent civilians; to me, this is a classic case of cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face. We cannot and should not take food out of a child’s mouth because a common thug has chosen to coerce his fellow man; we cannot and should not take away the livelihood of an honest workman because a charlatan is exerting violence upon his fellow man; we cannot and should not cripple one of our nation’s most at-risk principality because a group of marauders have decided to take the law into their own hands.

So, my brothers and sisters, I urge you all to denounce the notion that we should economically and politically sever Lurem from the whole of this great nation. Lurem is home to our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, husbands, and wives—how can we call ourselves honorable citizens if we turn our backs on them all because of the actions of a few?

Instead, I urge the Senatorial body, as well as the Council of Governors, to convene for an emergency session. We must, for once and for all, put an end to this insurrection. But, in doing so, I want to be clear about one point: the renegades in the LA-PVA are still Echaini. If possible, we need to repatriate those who wish to do so, and minimizing casualties ought to be a priority. So, allow me to speak directly to those in the LA-PVA:

Brothers and sisters in the LA-PVA; I acknowledge the fact that these are desperate times, and that such times can create situations that change the way individuals act—many of you, were Echain a bit more stable, would never cause harm to your fellow countrymen. I know this to be true because you are cut from the same cloth as everyone else. You are human. You are Echaini. You are decent. You are good people. And you deserve respect. If you desert the LA-PVA and flee to City Central, I will do everything in my power to give you amnesty. Please, put an end to the violence and destruction: if not for your fellow man, then please do so for your dignity as a human being.

That being said, for the members of the LA-PVA who are more interested in continuing acting as a rogue agent, I cannot guarantee your safety. Soon, these matters will be taken into the hands of the military; and I promise: you will not prevail.

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I believe the LA-PVA has dissolved. TomRP has placed his puppet in as governor of Lurem and has stopped these acts. Even though these atrocities are no longer being committed, TomRP must be arrested and persecuted for his crimes against the people of Lurem and, in turn, the people of Echain.

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OOC: If the LA-PVA has already dissolved, then OOPS. Guess this will be a bit out of date and useless prattle.

Over the radio waves, Adamemnon speaks:

"Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends.

When a kidnapper takes your wife and threatens her, requiring your food in exchange for her safety, and you concede, this is good.
When the kidnapper returns and takes your wife, threatening her for yet more spoils, and you concede, this is good.
But when the kidnapper returns yet again and takes your wife, what do you do? You gather the militia, build 3 walls around the kidnapper, and place what remains of your food in front of the militia where the 4th wall should be.
What does the kidnapper do? He stays behind the walls, waiting for the militia to leave. When he passes out from dehydration, you come in and give water and rest to your weakened yet living wife.
Perhaps the kidnapper will be weak of will and leap atop your food? Then the militia can arrest him quickly.
But if you always give the kidnapper food? Then your children will starve.

This situation happened to my parents while we rotted away in poverty. But they did not know this lesson. I will not let Echain succumb to the same final fate they did.

There is no need to assume the worst in the speech of everyone else.
Did I say to cut Lurem off permanently as one would a nose? No. Please don't put words in my... well, nose I suppose.

I implore the rest of the esteemed leaders of this nation to focus more on the safety of our citizens, including those in Lurem, than on scoring political and rhetorical points. Especially when the kidnapper is helping a nearby foreign power.

If this barbarism has stopped, then please ignore my measures. I send the loyal people of Lurem my condolences for their continuing burden, and my promise to ensure they have a brighter future."

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grifenknight wrote:I believe the LA-PVA has dissolved.  TomRP has placed his puppet in as governor of Lurem and has stopped these acts.  Even though these atrocities are no longer being committed, TomRP must be arrested and persecuted for his crimes against the people of Lurem and, in turn, the people of Echain.

Oh don't worry, I will be cooperating fully with the government to ensure the common criminals who committed these acts are prosecuted. I argue for restraint however, this situation requires a deft touch and sending in an army to arrest members of an already armed mob can only lead to death and bloodshed. I of course will be offering my services to the government in negotiating with any who refuse to stand down in the wake of the PA-PGL's dissolution. I would also recommend working with, rather than against, Governor Tanaka, who was after all democratically elected.

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