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1 Vassals on Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:17 pm

Herein contained is a record of Player Vassals (formerly termed Elites).  As of this post's writing each Player is allowed one Vassal.  Your Vassal is considered a fully fleshed out NPC that you have influence over, as if they were your vassal, but you are also required to keep them happy lest they lose loyalty to you.

Please note your Vassal here.  Minimum information required: Name, place of birth, and at least a small amount of information on what they were doing during the Occupation.

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The Lorerunner
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2 Re: Vassals on Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:43 pm

Name: Eliza Irons
Occupation: Colonel
POB: Northport
Age: 49

Coming from a poor background she climbed her way up from poverty to attend the nations military academy. She passed with flying colours and was attached to the 3rd army under the command of General Bradley3000. They quickly became close friends and she became the Generals Aide-De-Camp and handled his personal affairs.

When Echain surrendered she went into hiding and worked to sabotage the Japanese through the use of guerrilla tactics like ambushes and cutting railway lines. She kept close to the General and some say was even a lover when the Generals wife had been gone for years in London and did not write back (it was later found out that before she died she had re-married).

One day the Japanese captured her after a failed attempt on the main armoury of Southport. She was about to be shot when the General appeared and had his son secretly rescue her and the other captives. The Japanese then levelled their guns to the Generals face and before the shot he simply mouthed to her "keep my son safe". So she did becoming a surrogate mother to Bradley2000 and aiding him in his plans to attack Japanese outposts.

When Bradley2000 was shot dead in the streets she fell apart and remembered the promise she made. When the General then returned later that week she met him on the docks and they embraced in a passionate hug before she burst into tears and told the General about his son. He replied with a tear in his eyes "how could I ever blame you?".

They have since been inseparable and are living together in a house in Southport awaiting the fate of their careers. It is said she again desires to be the Generals Aide-De-Camp and help him perform his duties and so she campaigns tirelessly for the General to be made Defence Minister while also developing relations with the Senate so if that appointment is ever made the General has a voice that will speak for him in the Senate.

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3 Re: Vassals on Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:20 am

Name: Samson York
Age: 24
Occupation: Former Sergeant in the Echanian Resistance
Birthplace: Sydney, Australia.
Appearance: Bald, tall, lanky.

Samson visited Echain as a young entrepeneur and trader, but was inadvertently roped into the Echanian Resistance when the Japanese invaded. He quickly developed his mercantile skills to acquire and deliver supplies for the army.

Adamemnon ran into Samson when he was operating behind enemy lines. Samson was about to be discovered by a Japanese patrol when Adamemnon diverted their attention away. They quickly became friends after that, helping each other throughout the war. Adamemnon would locate spoils of war, then Samson would liberate them. Samson would use his contacts in the black market to help advise Adamemnon. And on several occasions they saved each other's lives, then drank each other under the table.

Samson acquired sizable wealth during the war. He resides in Eastport but travels for business.

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4 Re: Vassals on Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:26 am

Name: Rafael Marcos
Birthplace: Aberisk

Since having met WhiskeyWhiskers in university the two have been practically inseparable, following him to Spain first and then home after the defeat in the civil war. Rumoured to be lovers, the two are fiercely loyal to each other, having fought side-by-side for a decade straight at this point.

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5 Re: Vassals on Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:34 am

Name: Suko Shinpei
Place of Birth: Gomura, Versberg
Date of Birth: June 21 of 1907 (38 years of age)
Political view: Regionalist (leaning toward Versberg selfrule), Internationalist (Cosmopolitan)

Shinpei is second generation Japanese, his parent being part of late 19th century immigration wave to Versberg called the "Ruber Fever", but considers himself to be first and foremost a Versbergian, going so far as to explicitly using Echaini with strong Versberg accent even to speak to most Japanese-speaking persons.
After finishing elementary education in a local school (not very good school, but he is literate in both Echaini and Japanese), he became a worker in the rubber industry, and in 1929, on his 3rd attempt, he was admitted to the army academy for an 4-8 year line officer program (sadly, for non-aristocrats this meant almost always 8 years of little pay and heavy duty service, with little education). He, however, supplemented his studies by reading a lot of literature on military tactics from the library. Despite being one of the more advanced cadets, he was thrown out in 1935 due to worsening relations with Japan, and he was forced by necessity to return to his former trade - latex collecting, hard labour.
After the occupation, he hoped it could be beneficial for Versberg, and signed up with local collaboration police. However, by 1940 he became a double agent of the Resistance after being disillusioned by Japanese exploitation of Versberg. In 1942, he was exposed and imprisoned in Versberg, pending trial and probable execution.
By reference from the Resistance, he was represented by a newly arrived expat with forged degree in law, KarbinCry, who got him off by suggesting Shinpei's former commander (who served as de facto judge) should, under Yokai's law, commit seppuku for being fool for so long, and then offering him a way out: a technicality, mishandling of evidence, which would normally be overlooked, but commander saw in it a chance to save face - Shinpei's guilt was not proven, although he was discharged from the collaboration police.
After that Shinpei and KarbinCry rose together through the ranks of the Insurgency, eventually commanding their own cell. In the unit, KarbinCry was CO responsible for strategic decisions and cooperation with other cells, whereas Shinpei took role of an XO, responsible for tactics, leading operations from the line and training cell members.
During this short time a strong bond of friendship and understanding developed between the two men.

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6 Re: Vassals on Wed Jan 11, 2017 1:17 am

Elite NPC
Name: Jorge Reyes (pronounced liked George Reez)
Birthplace: Southport
Age: 37

Childhood friends with Mega Z. Erox. They played together in the slums of Southport while growing up. Before the occupation, they both enlisted as Seaman on the Golden Monkey, and quickly soared through the ranks. The captain was eventually killed by the Japanese invaders while he was on shore leave where mistakenly identified as a key Echaini naval officer. Mega, who was First Mate at this point, became captain, appointed Jorge to First Mate, and decided to use the ship to smuggle in supplies for the citizens of Southport, and later all of Echain.

The ship was renamed to the Speedy Piranha shortly after. While the official reason was to symbalize a fast predator gnawing on the fingers of the Japanese, the real reason was because Jorge thought Piranha's were cool.

Wherever Mega is, Jorge is never far away.

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7 Re: Vassals on Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:34 am

Vassal: Chester Rockingsworth
Birthplace: Northport
Age: 48
Occupation: Owner of the Gold mine in Northport

This is Killerbean's old boss and a friend of his father's. When Killerbean started working at the mines it was he who approved. Equally dissatisfied with the Japanese occupation and had ties with the revolutionaries.
After Killerbean got into politics he asked Chester for his support, he agreed.
But he still sees Killerbean as young and full of flaws.

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8 Re: Vassals on Wed Jan 11, 2017 6:27 am

Name: Chow Mo-Wan
Occupation: Political Philosopher
Place of Birth: Hangzhou, China
Age: January 1st, 1914
Political Views: Moderate Economic Socialist/Staunch Social Libertarian

Chow Mo-Wan was born in West Lake, Hangzhou to a calligrapher and a handmaiden. Chow’s family worked their fingers to the bone to collect enough money to send Chow away from Hangzhou and to Shanghai, the intellectual capital of Eastern China, where he was enrolled in Fu’Dan University. During his tenure at Fu’Dan University, Chow studied Marxist Theory, and he was appointed as Chairman of the Marxist Youth Association at the age of 19.

After receiving an undergraduate degree in Microeconomics and an advanced degree in political theory, Mr. Chow obtained employment at a Normal University in the French Quarter of downtown Shanghai. Mr. Chow frequented one of the only traditional cafes in the quarter; and, it was during this time that he met Mr. Bing Crosby.

Crosby and Chow became fast friends, and they served as each other’s intellectual and political interlocutors for the first year of Crosby’s stay in Shanghai. After engaging each other for several months, Crosby divulged his secret underground political collective to Chow; and, rather than report Crosby to the Red Army, Chow began to attend meetings out of curiosity. Eventually, Chow became Crosby’s second-in-command. Despite the fact that the two hailed from disparate ideological backgrounds, the two became inseparable, and sought to forge a path forward between Marxists and Classical Liberals.

When Crosby heard news of the Japanese occupation in Echain, he immediately fled and left Chow in charge of the underground collective in the Shanghainese French Quarter; however, fueled by the spark of freedom and good will toward free men, and goaded by a healthy dose of hated for the Japanese and a love for his friend, Chow decided to move to Echain and support Crosby in his attempt to fight the Japanese (although Chow did not personally know anyone who was killed during the Nan King massacre, the massacre was not, for all intents and purposes, far away from his hometown). Since the fall of the Japanese forces, Chow and Crosby have reconnected, and they seek to forge a path forward in order to protect the interests of all free men.

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9 Re: Vassals on Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:22 am

Name: Goro Tanaka
Occupation: Former translator; slave laborer
Place of Birth: Nagasaki, Japan
Age: 55

Before the outbreak of World War II, Tanaka was a translator for the government of Japan, Echani being among the many languages he specialized in. Following the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War, Tanaka was dispatched to the front lines and was responsible for translating intercepted communications from the Chinese army. It was during this time that he protested against a military operation that saw the death of thousands of civilians, and was swiftly detained under the penalty of treason.

For most of World War II, Tanaka was part of the Japanese forced labour collective primarily working on the Burmese railway. Following it's completion, he was transferred to Echain to be part of those gathering rubber for the Japanese war machine. During the revolution, Tanaka was involved little in armed conflict, but was instrumental in galvanizing the local Japanese populace into joining the revolutionary cause, and subsequently acted to facilitate communications between the cells of Japanese resistance and the Echani resistance groups. It was here that Tanaka met TomRP, and the two maintained a collaborative relationship.

Following the revolutions success and the news of the nuclear bombing of his former home, Tanaka decided to stay in Lurem and help with rebuilding efforts.

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10 Re: Vassals on Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:39 am

Name: Nakavia Torerentorai
Occupation: Professor For Toronto University
Place of Birth: Toronto, Canada
Age: 43

Background: Nakavia and I met at a little coffee shop in North Toronto, she was stunning to me, We used to talk about ideology all day long and argue over which political stand point was so much better. Once a week(because she would be busy teaching or at a meeting) we would meet up and talk about how I need to go back to my country because she might be in danger. She was being hunted for her actions back in 1934 in Germany and the Nazi's wanted her dead. As I finally broke and decided to go back to Echain, I told her that hopefully we would stay in touch after this situation died down, In 1945, I heard that a large transport boat was arriving with new people coming to this country, as I went down to the docks of Southport I noticed a girl there standing alone by herself until I noticed it was Nakavia with documents in her hand that labeled "Socialist Stance:Only to be read by Socialist Leader WolfHub.

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11 Re: Vassals on Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:02 pm

Name: Wali Siddiq
Occupation: Aide to Grifenknight
Place of Birth: Kabul, Afghanistan
Age: 35

Backstory- He was born in Kabul, but moved to Echain at a very early age. Due to his skill in stealth and lying, Wali was recruited by the royal spy agency at the age of 8. For 24 years, he worked in the agency and become very close to a younger man in the government, Grifenknight. Over time, the two became inseparable and fought alongside eachieve other during the resistance. As Grifenknight arose as one of the leaders of theach resistance, Wali was never close behind. Currently, he is working as an aid to Grifenknight.

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12 Re: Vassals on Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:48 pm

Name: Peter Schmidt
Occupation: former Chief Administrative officer for Versberg revolutionary front.
Place of birth: Hamburg, Germany

Peter Schmidt attended the same military academy as Chaos_Ryder where they became fast friends. Their skill sets complemented each other nicely. Peter was not a social person and was not a very confident leader of men, what he lacked in Charisma he made up for in administrative talent. He frequently demonstrated an ability for numbers and figures that impressed Chaos.
After their schooling together Chaos convinced Peter to come with him to Versberg to help him fight against the Japanese, The rest is history.

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13 Re: Vassals on Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:36 pm

Vassel: Heinrich von Rürsfeder
Occupation: Former Lieutenant of the Wehrmacht, deserted after the Spanish Civil War, architect
Place of Birth: Königsberg (now Kaliningrad)
Age: 35

Heinrich was born into a family of lower Prussian nobility. He studied in his early years architecture and structural engineering on the Berlin university. But joined the armed forces, through pressure from his father, after he completed his studies. He served in a Wehrmachts "volunteer" unit during the Spanish Civil War. During this time he fought many battles alongside Lorinbases unit and the two groups started to work together and shared assignments.
Lorinbas and Heinrich became fast friends through many hard fought battles on each other's side and the fact they both shared very mixed feelings about their actions during the war.
After the Nationalist victory instead of returning to Germany he decided to follow Lorinbas on his tripe home, and such deserted the German army as he saw his fatherland heading down a dark path that he wanted nothing to do with.

Yet, when they arrived, they did not find them self in the peaceful island nation they hopped for and were in place dropped into another warzone. Instead of building himself a new life, like he had wanted to do, Heinrich started to do what he did best and joined Lorinbas in the resistance, were he lead merciless ,sometimes nearly suicidal, attacks against Japanese forces.

The brash German become over the years known, within the Royal Guards and those that fought by there side, for his fearlessness and discipline as well as his habit of giving the enemies they faced no quarter. His shout of "Gott mit Uns!", while he charged into battle became the unofficial war cry of the Royal Guards resistance, even though only a handful know what it meant.
Today Heinrich tries to leave is violent past behind him and has started on finding back to his roots as an architect with the rebuilding of City Central, yet if Echain or Lorinbas will be in need of him again he will answer without question as he sees Echain as his new fatherland and Lorinabs as his brother in honour.

OOC: "Gott mit Uns" =German: god with us!

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14 Re: Vassals on Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:15 pm

Name: Marco Vargas
Place of Birth: Portugal

Outraged that the Portuguese wouldn't fight against the Axis Marco left Europe to fight alongside those who shared his Portuguese heritage but were fighting against the evils of fascism. Shocked by the brutality of the Japanese occupation he took to the woods joining local guerrillas and while he struggled to find the courage to take a life he ably managed the guerrilla resources establishing networks and supply chains that proved invaluable.

One day on a simple information gathering trip he was attacked by a patrol, forced to fight he killed several of his attackers. Later that night, as his comrades congratulated him, he couldn't forget their faces no matter how much he drunk. Putting the incident behind him he continued in his role, but whenever he is praised for his combat success he remembers those faces and privately mourns for all who died in the struggle for the liberation of Echain.

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15 Re: Vassals on Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:48 pm

Kilbain Vene
age: 41
Birthplace: Plainsdale

as a boy he grow up and out of Plainsdale, fancying himself a soldier and working in the old League's army. he quickly became disenfranchised with the behaviour and orders he saw and were given. During the long nights he would cook for his squad, before they went on missions together. at the age of 25, he was fed up, and convinced 4 of his 6 squad mates to defect with him. all but himself made it out of the country, where he set out for a new life in France as a mercenary. He found himself fighting in WW2 and fighting against the Japanese forces often. Knowing that they had occupied his homeland, he fought them with much fervor.

Eventually, he returned to his homeland and fought in the rebellion. However, once his homeland was free of tyrrany, he had lost his goal. 4 days after the rebellion ended, he met the business man Deutschkind, and was offered a position of body guard which he took up readily. Knowlingly heading into the unknown territory of corporate money making, he began setting up much of the security Deutschkind has in place.

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16 Re: Vassals on Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:54 am

Name: Eric Vaigne
Age: 23
Birthplace: Central Region, Echain.

Eric was a young lad when I found him, and he had basically set up a network of children's gangs to warn people of when Japanese forces were coming to their area or what was happening, basically a communication network. I made friends with Eric, and helped him refine his communications network to help keep people safe. When I met the rebels, I pulled Eric in with me, using his network to transport vital military information encoded in the messages intended to keep people safe. He happily agreed and became one of the main sources of speedy and reliable communication within the resistance. He always kept his face and name hidden during the war however, so rebels don't usually recognize him. The only people who know his face are myself and the children he directed.

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17 Re: Vassals on Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:12 pm

Name: Vlad Valincyinne

Age: 35

Birthplace: Central Region, Echain.

Skills: Shooting/Mayhem/Sargeant

Background: Vlad is my brother, not by blood, but he's true family. My sister found him drunk, barley clinging to life on our family's dock. He pulled a gun on us; he was too drunk to distinguish friend or foe, but my father and I were able to clam him down. We fought through Vlad's drunkenness' and brought him back to reality. I let him have my room that night, an act of kindness on my part. He awoke the next mourning with a hangover, then spoke about his whoas. Vlad, along with several other members of the Crown's guard were tasked with protecting King Elthin and his family, but were ordered to stand down when King Elthin offered unconditional surrender after less than a month of fighting. Vlad sunk into a deep depression after learning of the fate of the king and his family, resulting in his departure of Central, saving himself from the firing squad, or worse...It drove him into a deep deep depression, resulting in many attempted suicides, but he couldn't go through with them, but he certainly tried. He eventually got his life straitened out, finding a purpose in the resistance. We had each others backs during the conflict, he was promoted, I stayed a grunt, but we still fought in the trenches together.  He took an early retirement, so now he is my second in command.

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18 Re: Vassals on Fri Jan 13, 2017 6:08 pm

Name: Hyung-Seok Jeong
Birthplace: Busan, Korea
Occupation: Shipping and Transportation Magnate

Born in Korea during the early days of the Japanese Colonization of Korea to Half-Japanese Parents, Mr. Jeong was able to avoid the more dark aspects of Japanese Colonialism by going to the US for his schooling. After graduating from Harvard Business School with a degree in Business and Supply Line Management, Mr. Jeong returned to Korea and began a lucrative business smuggling black market goods to Japanese Occupied Areas. Jeong and Gollvieg met each other for the first time during the Echain Resistance and they formed a fast friendship. Now that the war is over, Jeong have moved to Echain, sensing the opportunities for profit and growth during the reconstruction period of Echain.

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19 Re: Vassals on Sat Jan 14, 2017 11:57 am

Name: Dr Aphra
Place of Birth: Waltens
Age: 35
Political view: Part of the Echain Autonomous Movement

Dr Aphra was orphaned before the Japaneses occupation raised buy her aunt. She was an intelligent young girl and was a nurse in city central. During the occupation her practice was torched and she joined Infernal's group to liberate the country.

Publicly little is, known of what happened next, other than she became  the chief medic of Infernal's the resistance movement. And she took the title "Dr.".

Rumors of her behavior behind closed doors is much talked about in the core movement and feared.

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20 Re: Vassals on Sat Jan 14, 2017 12:14 pm

Infernal wrote:Name: Dr Aphra
Place of Birth: Waltens
Age: 35
Political view: Part of the Echain Autonomous Movement

Dr Aphra was orphaned before the Japaneses occupation raised buy her aunt. She was an intelligent young girl and was a nurse in city central. During the occupation her practice was torched and she joined Infernal's group to liberate the country.

Publicly little is, known of what happened next, other than she became  the chief medic of Infernal's the resistance movement. And she took the title "Dr.".

Rumors of her behavior behind closed doors is much talked in the core movement about and feared.

OOC: Is this a Star Wars reference?

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21 Re: Vassals on Sat Jan 14, 2017 12:27 pm


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