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Region of Waltens

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26 Re: Region of Waltens on Sat Mar 04, 2017 9:13 am

Turn 6
Work begins on setting up a railyard, rails, and trains in Guildford. This, your secretaries inform you, will be a fairly long term project.
Roadwork has begun between Trent and Cape Jungle, and will be continuing for several months.
Expansion has begun on Pershore's port in anticipation, and will take some time.

The mining expansions begun previously have finally concluded, and may now begin operations on pulling up ore and minerals from below the surface layer.
Work continues on road reconstruction, the steelmill, and the railroad leading to the steelmill.

The Lorerunner
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27 Re: Region of Waltens on Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:22 pm

From the Governor's Desk - July 1946

The Trash Situation - A Sanitation Department will be set up to deal with the immediate issue of waste management. All households will be distributed two garbage bins - one for organic waste and one for non-organic waste. For a nominal fee of 10 Espada per month per household, trash will be picked up semi-regularly with available vehicles (no purpose-built garbage trucks are present yet, but present flat-bed trucks or carts should suffice). Non-organic waste will presently be dumped at designated local landfills. Organic waste will be brought to regional sites, where it is dumped on heaps and processed to compost. Once processed, local farmers and agricultural businesses are encouraged to request a share of compost at a cost of a small processing fee, to used as fertilizer.
(This decission is made under the assumption that 1947 waste production was much lower than today, and mostly consisted of organic, i.e. food waste)

All excess compost will be gathered to be picked up for usage in Lurem, as part of the exchange program.

Lurem-Waltens compost exchange program - As stated above, excess compost will be sent to Lurem, and Waltens will pay an additional 1 million Espada per month to Lurem. In exchange, Lurem will provide Waltens with both small arms for its militia and police forces, as well as construction materials for future construction projects.

Construction projects - Waltens will continue its ongoing construction projects. This includes the finishing of the Guildford steelmill and its industrial rail to the Cerne coalmines. When finished, the steelmill will begin immediate operations in producing steel for the planned national railway projects, as well as steel products for the commercial market.

Mining - After finishing the silver and diamond mines near Tazwel and Orford, these will begin begin operations producing for export to the world markets. However, a quarter of silver bars will be skimmed off by the provincial government and be kept at a safe location for the time being.

Administrative - The provincial government will begin the process of modernising and streamlining the provincial administration through the establishment of several regional offices. These will be located in Orford, Edgeton, Guildford, Crossings and Lacock. These, alongside the Waltens City provincial office (which will additionally act as the office for eastern Heartland), will begin taking on several administrative and delegative tasks, such as the direction of the sanitation departments, industrial and agricultural boards, infrastructural works and educational oversight. These will still function as branch offices underneath Waltens City, though. In addition, consultations will begin for the establishment of representational bodies in the near future. This process, including the hiring of a large amount of civil servants and construction of a communcations and administrative network will be mostly paid through the aformentioned mining proceeds.

Taxes and Tariffs - The provincial taxes will be set at 5%, and a 2% tariff will be instituted.

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28 Re: Region of Waltens on Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:44 pm

The Academy City Initiative sends Waltens a list of food waste that should not be attempted to be turned into compost. This includes paperwaste, meat, bones, dairy products, oils, human fecal matter, mustard greens (and other plants that absorb chemical toxins, tulips (and other flowers that absorb heavy metals), these materials and many more will contaminate the fertilizer with dangerous toxins, fungus and vermin and should be eliminated through incineration or through a fermentation process. A suggestion is made to avoid exposing the compost to open air and risk poisoning the water supply. Also any industrial sized compost/fertilizer warehouse should take care to avoid the build up of methane gas, which is flammable, and hydrogen sulfide, which is extemely toxic and volatile when mixed with oxygen.

This information is provided freely to Waltens and assistance is offered to help set up the compost project safely as a part of the Gemini City Project.

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29 Re: Region of Waltens on Mon Mar 13, 2017 2:54 am

Waltens strongly appreciates the aid from the Academy and will plan accordingly.

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30 Re: Region of Waltens on Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:25 pm

Turn 7
The Sanitation Department is established and is being funded, and will be working with the Provincial restructuring soon. The restructuring itself will take some time, but is ongoing. Money is being funneled to Lurem for small guns and munitions. Work has begun onto increasing foreign exports for silver and diamonds, while also skimming some of the supply for the Region. This has begun generating money, but will need money put into it as well to help it continue.

Work continues on all existing projects. The Steelmill is completed, as is the railroad connecting to it, allowing both to begin full function.

It seems a large number of local advocates and special interest groups have been slowly favoring the SEED party more and more, and have begun lobbying and petitioning the Governor's office about further external influence.

The Lorerunner
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31 Re: Region of Waltens on Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:27 pm

Throughout the week a group calling themselves the Echaini Historical Society begin promoting the Harvest Moon Festival in every region. Their message is one of peace and friendship between all Echaini even if siblings decide to go their separate ways, they need not leave on bad terms and can still stay brothers. The society is attempting recreate the "Great Harvest Hot Pot" an age old tradition dating back to the dawn of the nation where the population of Echain numbered in the hundreds and it was truly possible for an entire country to share one single meal. Since it is impossible for anyone to cook for over 4 million people in a pot massive enough to do so, the society instead proposes to gather 1 ingredient from each Region and recreate the same Hot Pot 9 times in each Capital. Each Region is encouraged to add more ingredients to their own Hot Pot so that it would be enough for everyone to get a serving. The Society is super optimistic and expects that this would catch on to about 100 people a Region.

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32 Re: Region of Waltens on Fri Mar 24, 2017 8:18 pm

From the governor's desk – August 1946

Industrial Investment Fund and Provincial Entrepreneurial Loan Fund (IIF/PELF)

The government of Waltens has decided to set up two provincial funds who are tasked at dispensing investment loans to various businesses. Apart from kickstarting provincial industry and business, the loans also aim improving employment and act as a tool to safely inject Espada into the economy. Both funds will be assigned 5 million Espada (5 ESP) each, the money from which is loaned from the EILC. This loan will be repaid in monthly payments, starting January 1947.

The Industrial Investment Funds offers loans for private companies interested in investing or establishing industrial endeavours in the Azure Bay region. Currently only Echaini companies may apply. An investment board will oversee all requests. The provincial government has stated an explicit preference for steel-based industry and would like to implictly encourage factories manufactoring vehicles (bicycles, cars) and machine parts.

The Provincial Entrepreneurial Loan Fund offers similar, but (generally) smaller loans to any small or medium-sized businesses within Waltens. Unlike the IIF, any Waltensian citizen with a registered business can apply for a loan – this includes farmers. Like the IIF, an investment board will oversee granting loans.

Both IIF and PELF share interrests and loan terms comparable to investment funds in other provinces. Applicants to both funds are also eligible to requesting building materials from the provincial stockpile (stated below)

Provincial Construction Stockpile

As part of the compost-for-guns deal with Lurem, Waltens will be supplied with a monthly supply of assorted construction materials produced by Lurem. These will be stockpiled. Applicants to both the IIF and PELF will be allowed to request materials for a token price, in order to lower construction cost and assure the quality of buildings built.


Construction will continue on ongoing projects. The renovation of the province's principal roads is expected to be completed this month, improving transportation and interregional trade throughout the province. Construction of the freight terminal and docks at Pershore are also expected to be finished, allowing the regional economy to recieve resources and export goods directly.


Following Aberisk's lead, the provincial government has encouraged the organisation of Harvest Moon festivities. An official Hot Pot festival will be organized in Waltens City, where a traditional Hot Pot will be prepared with ingredient from all provinces, which will be served for all those attending. After thorough discussion, it's been decided (reluctantly) that the sweet potato is the most Waltensian of all foodstuffs and thus the most worthy representative of Waltens within the bellies of the people of Echain.

Waltens will also send a delegation to governor Alexander's rally in Central, headed by governor Sander himself. The governor will be speaking at the rally. The delegation also brings along a couple barrels of Waltens' finest wines of the 1945 vintage, as well as a rare bottle of '33 (the best before the Occupation) to be shared with his fellow governors

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