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1 Rules on Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:17 am

Basic Rules

Rule 0: We're all here to have fun. This rule should be self explanatory; in the end this is about people having fun with each other. While infighting and backbiting are allowed (and even encouraged), ultimately keeping real drama or raging arguments or screaming fits out of the game is mandatory. Debate and reasonable arguments, and all that. There's a reason this is Rule 0, for it trumps all other rules.

Rule 1: GM's word is Law. Now, I lay this on hard as a warning to anyone who hasn't played under me as their DM/GM/Ref before, because not every GM plays this way. But if I rule something, and it contradicts the rules of a book or whatnot, and you point it out, and I stand by my ruling; then my ruling is what goes, not the book. Now, hopefully that doesn't scare anyone off; I almost never have to enforce this rule, and in fact it's been literally over a year since I've last had to, but again I like to ensure people know about it up front.

Rule 2: Religion will not play a factor in these games. To explain what I mean a bit better, I'm referring to organized religion, or Church States. Anyone who's played political games before (either in PnP, real life, or video games like Crusader Kings or Europa Universalis) knows that Church States function as another mechanic of politics and, ultimately, nothing more. While there are some genuine possibilities that stem from that, ultimately after a lot of thought I decided to just forgo those in hopes of avoiding any entanglements, unintentional real life politics, and otherwise drama in the game. See Rule 0.

Rule 3: No modern controversial / hot button topics. This, if you're paying attention, is the same rule I have on my show in general (except around Halloween). To be more specific, what I mean here is no events or discussions of things that are, right now, hot button topics that get people riled up and angry at each other will be present in events or scenarios that I bring up, nor tolerated (within reason) amongst the players. There are plenty of other, difficult, hard-to-decide and no-right-answer issues that can be addressed without resorting to things that tend to make reasonable people turn into monkeys who fling poo at each other. See Rule 0, again.

Rule 4: No crossing the line. I know, the line is different for everyone, so let's set some basic ground rules; this is not Game of Thrones. If you want to murder-rape someone in front of their child, you have crossed it. No molestation, no twisted perversions, nothing of that sort. You can easily scandalize and blackmail your fellow politicians without having to resort to the lowest common denominator.

The Lorerunner
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2 Re: Rules on Sat Jan 21, 2017 11:58 am

I'm not calling anyone out on this but it occurs to me that there's a Rule I forgot to mention.

Rule 0.5 : No drama. This is called Rule 0.5 because it's actually part of Rule 0, really. Let me explain in full what I mean. I once saw two people arguing stridently, in character, over a course of action. In the middle of the heated argument one of them held up a hand and instantly dropped their persona and was like, "You realize I'm arguing IC not OOC right?" and the other, who also instantly stopped being mad, was like "Yeah.". And THAT is the correct way to do that. The moment you let IC bleed over into OOC, issues can happen. I've seen it happen over the years. A lot. So just to be clear; I'm in favor of arguing and fighting and political jockying for position, but don't let it get to you, the person.

The Lorerunner
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