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PRIVATE: For The Appointment of the Director of Domestic Intelligence

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The Chair would like to call to the attention of the Senate body that thus far no one has been voted in as the Director of Domestic Intelligence.  Sir Infernal has expressed interest in the position, and has already done some lobbying for it, and has some popular support.

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The Lorerunner
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I would urge all Senators to appoint Infernal to this position.

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Senators, I believe we have missed an important point of order.
(I close the room to non-Senators and the press until future reference)

We must officially appoint a Director of Domestic Intelligence. Mr Infernal has already received a couple of votes but we require the input of additional Senators.
I will reiterate that I vote Yay for Infernal as DoDI.

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yay for Infernal yes.

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I vote Yay for the appointment of Infernal as Director of Domestic Intelligence.

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I vote Yay for the appointment, as well.

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