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PRIVATE: First Echaini Senate Continued (Senators Only)

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Perhaps this redrafting of the budget will give us a moment to include a few extra points to it.
I think we can include requirements for each region to use certain percentages of their allotment in certain areas. Such as Northport spending 20% of their funds on mine infrastructure or the like? This might be overreaching, but it would help us guide the provinces to pursue what is best for the nation, and prevent abuse of federal money.
I think this is very important and should be considered while we wait.


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I'll talk it over and see what happens, it is a pretty good idea in my part

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The regional governors will not pass a bill that sets specific terms more so than the original bill already does, even if it is in their best interest. They put local autonomy before anything else. We have set terms and conditions in 001C that dictate specifically the order in which they allocate funds: any further restrictions will be perceived as Federal overreach. This is just my assessment of the Governors' values. I may be wrong but I don't think I am.

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Perhaps, then we should not make it obstructive. Cover the obvious areas: 15% on mining infrastructure for Northport, 20% on rubber infrastructure for Versberg, the obvious things that will line up with the governor's desires, but things we need to ensure get funded.

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It would just get shot down by Karbin. The national government doesn't have the jurisdiction to force regions into spending there money a certain way. I am sorry to say this, but thisuch proposition is unconstitutional and it would never pass the court.

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Here is my proposal for the budget:


If you have any comments or questions, please state them.

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Of note: the reconstruction package is a loan of sorts, and loans must be repaid per the constitution. I encouraged regions to repay the loan via a one percent tax increase, and that almost killed the bill.

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If it is a loan, I would reccomend reminding all the governors this once the care funds have been sent. Our reserve is only 3M with this current budget and I doubt it would be able to keep us afloat if something bad occurs.

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3 million is enough to keep us on our feet for time to come, it's not like we're totally broke or anything, we can still function with that amount even if something bad happens, and even if something did happen we have support from other countries if this foreign affair thing works out, I have also been trying to come up with a bill for restricting over spending of the sorts, what's your thought?

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I think that's a good idea, but maybe instead of restricting the whole thing, restrict certain areas of the budget.

OOC: I'm going to sleep irl. I'll be back on in like 8 hours.

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Bill 004A
I think we should explicitly remind the governors in this bill of their requirement to pay back these funds via tax, or other means. Is the 1% tax increase on all transactions both intra and inter regional and national?

I also think the amount allocated for direct use of the Federal Government is small, and to that end we should include in this Bill the requirement for the 1% tax (or custom plan) that I asked about to go into effect upon receiving these funds. However, we should state in Bill 004 that repayment must be complete over the course of, say, 2 years? Perhaps 3 with possible extensions? And that the repayment must be at least 50% complete after 2/3 of the time to repayment has passed.

I still also think the bill should require each governor to collect their allotment for their region from the National Bank.
And I am happy to see that this budget includes the military, while the Relief fund also includes the military, but Bill 001C's Military Budget refers to a National Budget as opposed to the Relief Funds. Does that make this budget contradict Bill 001C? I hope not. If no contradiction, this is good.

I think we should also state in this bill that the 2nd allotment of money can be withheld if a province or ministry is found misappropriating funds, embezzling, or some such.

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1) the tax cannot be added into this bill because it is a budget. If you wish to impose a new tax on our people, you will have to introduce it via a bill.

2) I am currently unavailable and will not be able to change the bill, but I will add the reminder about the loan ASAP. We can debate the time required for them to repay it.

3) I believe there should be no conflict with the military budget.

4) I can add the segment about not giving thr second allotment.

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OOC (just so Constitution isn't ignored): if the NatGov gives regions money from its budget, it can set conditions on how to use this money precisely, but the regions have the right to refuse these funds.
The only tax available to the NatGov by the Budgeting clause is direct and equal tax, and the NatGov has to ensure free internal market, so it can't set internal tolls. On the other hand, tariffs and foreign tolls are fully in NatGov jurisdiction.

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Bill 004A
I think starting with some requirements on how the money should be spent is good, even if they are negotiated down by the Governors. Otherwise, we are not leading the people in any way. just operating a philanthropist's office.

As per Bill 001C, the Governor's can pay back this loan with a 1% tax increase, or a custom plan. Si I suppose the only debatable topic is when they are required to pay this back.

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I've added the bit about repaying the loan and region misusing the funds in the introduction.

Now, we have to figure out about the exact time(I just put a random time in the bill for the time being) and specific regional funds allocation.

I recommend giving the regions two years to repay the loan and the regional fund allocation will be as followed:
Waltens - 20% towards housing
Central - 20-30% to the establishment of government facilities
Northport - 25% towards trade
Versberg - 20% towards the establishment of rubber farms
Southport - 25% towards trade
Plainsdale - 30% towards farming
Lurem - idk? mining?
Aberisk - 20% towards the establishment of the university
Eastport - 25% towards trade

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OOC: Anyone??? Very Happy Very Happy D:

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OOC: you know I'd love to explain every bit of minutia why it's bad, but a) this is PRIVATE and b) such petty matters interest The Bank little, and my character is the type of guy who takes his duties and responsibilities VERY seriously.

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Now that I think about it... I don't believe the mandatory allocation of regional funds is necessary.
OOC: I am slowly hating Karbin and his character Very Happy

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OOC: trust me, most of it is character. Just reactions to the most aggravating ingorance of the Constitution is partially OOC - it took a lot of effort to write it and the fact some don't even read what is their responsibility and what are their limitations is, to slight extent, personally irritating.

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Bill 004A
The Governors will probably push back against the 2 year loan time frame, but that's a good starting point, as they will push back against the allotment requirement.

Lurem should have 15% set aside to establish a police force to disband the LA-PVA or other illegal actors.
Aberisk should be 10%.
These should all be 'at least' requirements.

Bill seems fine with the additions.

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I don't think we should add the requirements. Lurem is already establishing a militia(police) and the rest of their regions know their priorities. I already know Lorinbas is willing to construct the government buildings and Jaina will establish the university in central and Aberisk respectivly.

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Hm, at this point, I can agree.
Making sure the funds are not misappropriated will be enough.

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Then, if nobody else will raise any objections, I believe it is time to actually vote on the bill.

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I second the motion.

I say Yay.

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I vote yay, it is time for us to be moving onto more pressing matters.

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