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PRIVATE: First Echaini Senate Continued (Senators Only)

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Please be clear on which bill or mandate you are voting for.

Ooc: we all have our RP roles Smile

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We're voting for your bills senator Adamemnon!



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So are we even voting?

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Looks like theres just the three of us and I've already made my vote clear.
OOC: I think we are the only 3 active Senators.

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News had just reached me of the cruel murder of Karbin Cry at the hands of Minister Bigbagwolfhub. This latest scandal must call into question the capability of our President into question. I hereby want to put forward a vote of no confidence against President Grifenknight and his cabinet of self interested politicians, most of which are now facing trials. Now President Grifenknight you have displayed great insight and leadership during battle, however the management of a new nation seems to be beyond you. Neither you or the Foreman of the Senate have shown any leadership in the Senate, does the constitution not say it is the Foreman responsibility to set agendas to be debated over?

OOC: I know the amount of active Senators has been an issue, but it is also true that the you have been negligent of the Senate and ignoring it rather than encouraging activity.

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I Believe we have come at a point where we must take action.

OOC: i mean to "roll" to get the inactive senators to vote yes so we can all move on and actually move on to other issues.

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What have I done wrong? I have proposed the budget, saved Central, drafted the constitution and done much more than you could ever do Kirky.
If anything, the Senate has been the most incompetent part of the government. It took you all two months to pass the budget and can't even pass a DAMN immigration bill.
OOC: Literally, everyone in my cabinet, except bigbad, has done stuff to help our country. I don't mean to brag, but I've done more than my whole cabinet and the senate combined...
I don't see why you should kick everyone out because of one crazy guy...

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President I think its harsh to attack my character and potential when in my statement I agreed you have done a great deal for the country. However one of your ministers just committed murder in a place of government, another has fled the country after divulging our country's secrets to god knows who and another is on trial for breaking the constitution that you created. I believe it is wrong to trial Governor Whiskywhiskers for whistleblowing and this government should be more transparent. You need to at least re-organise your cabinet or I fear this country will be torn apart by infighting before it could truly flourish.

OOC: I hope you realise that I started this vote of no confidence with no confidence that it would be passed due to the inactivity of the Senate. I am also growing slightly frustrated with my position as a Senator.

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OOC: When I get home today we're going to be doing a bit of senatorial 'cleanup'. I'm also making a relevant post in the main forum that I'd like everyone to glance at.

The Lorerunner
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OOC: I know bigbad committed murder and I can justify the breaking of article 5 with the provisions stated in the constitution, but who has released the countries secrets?

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OOC: If you didn't hear infernal has fled the country, the minister of domestic intelligence

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OOC: Damn it, just as my investigators were about to reveal evidence about his part in the attacks on Central Razz

Whoops, didn't see the topic before posting

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OOC: Literally the whole government is falling apart...

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Very well.
We should finish voting on at least the immigration bill so we can direct the refugees. At this point, perhaps the mandate is too brash as we are in a weakened state.

We must officially charge Infernal with treason. Make this public. He brought foreign fighters from Asia and weapons to Echain, and incited Echainians and foreigners to kill Echainians. If necessary, I officially charge him with this.
He is hereby removed from office and has a warrant out for his capture to continue our investigation and his trial.
General Bradley is officially commended for his distinguished service in defending Echain from Infernal and his foreign forces.

An acting Minister of Defense must be appointed, perhaps Warwager. He is to rally the remainder of the national troops and reinforce weakened areas of Echain.

Any naval vessels are to patrol the northwest as scouts.

I also have a bill regarding International Trade and Tariffs that I think we should vote on soon.

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OOC: I was at the Battle too...

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OOC: Well, the national Gov and the President giving a medal to the President seems odd Smile At least wait for the General.

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OOC: Whats happening?

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OOC: Well, there is currently a situation with how the Senate is not moving fast enough to respond to quickly moving situations so Lore is currently polling players on how they want to proceed. Do you want a pure Senator only type of gameplay or do you want to switch to a more Civ like game where we are controlling our Region/Cities/Towns in order to move on the Map more. Please post your thoughts on the "GM would like Transparency" Topic. The game time is currently paused until we can figure this out.

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Senator Killerbean wrote:OOC: Whats happening?

OOC: The game is on hold indefinitely, apparently. Until a new system is implemented to resolve some game issues.

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