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Radio Message from somewhere in Aberisk: "This is Ranger One, boots on ground and initial survey of Temp HQ of Echain Rangers commencing. I will be personally involved in Refugee efforts for the foreseeable future. I will be designating my good friend Mr. Jeong in charge of Soup Kitchen efforts and Flame operations. I trust that he will be able to manage financial expenses and logistical duties. Meanwhile any offer of assistance is appreciated and feel free to contact me and I will respond as soon as I can."

OOC: It's time to get personal, I will be traveling to the Aberisk/Northport Region in order to personally supervise Refugee efforts. The Flame and Soup Kitchens efforts will be run by someone who is better suited for day to day operations with the instructions: Expand news coverage and distribution of news outlet, and maintain food supplies for all Regions. For those that understand the reference, I am putting my Hero on the field in order to use his bonus to boost his troops.

Why: I need to gain as much influence as possible by being present at Relief efforts, also his expertise and history would allow him to communicate with and ease Refugees' transition into the country.

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Current Support/Resources Available:

Plainsdale: Governor WW is currently supplying the ERS: Mercy and Hope with food and relief supplies to be used for Refugee Crisis. (OOC: Thanks man, the population bloom would have guaranteed that at least one of the Regions would have massive Food Shortages)

Waltens: Governor Sanders have pledged Medical personnel and a Medical Evacuation Site (Trent or Pershore seem like good spots) for incoming wounded and sick Refugees. Refugee Overflow Housing is also in the process of being constructed. (OOC: Good thing we refurbished Emergency Services in time.)

Northport: Governor Braigwen offered the use of the Island as a temporary Refugee Landing Center while the Primary Site is being constructed. (OOC: Thanks Fam, I'm operating in character so for Mr. Gollvieg every second and every day is critical to averting and managing this crisis)

Aberisk: Governor Proudmoore has offered use of her small but Elite Militia Forces in order to protect the refugees from local exploitation and maintain order. The Governor also offered the Island of Grain and Fishleep as Primary Relocation Sites and offered to build Refugee Overflow sites on the coastal areas of Aberisk. (OOC: Thank you very much Jaina ^_^ I really, really, really needed a site with a high enough mountain in order to keep the peace and Island of Grain will help greatly)

Rangers: Ranger Fleet is currently in search and rescue mode while flying the Ranger and Echain Flag openly, redirecting capable ships to Northport and rescuing/relocating others to Walten. Two ships (ERS Mercy and ERS Hope) have been reserved to ship food and supplies to Initial Landing Site (ILS), Primary Relocation Site (PRS) and Medical Evacuation Site (MES).

ERS Hope will be equipped for large scale hauling and will travel from Plainsdale to Northport, dropping off Food and Relief Supplies at ILS and picking up tools/construction materials to be dropped off at PRS and return to Plainsdale.

ERS Mercy will convert 33-50% of Storage Capacity to medical facilities and will travel from Plainsdale to PRS to drop off Food and Supplies (and build a food reserve) and pick up any non-critical casualties to be shipped to MES rendezvousing with ILS to pick up more injured on the way before traveling to MES to offload wounded before traveling back to Plainsdale.

It is suggested that Temporary Airfields be built at PRS and MES in order to move critically injured and crucial personnel between ILS, PRS, and MES. The Echain Rangers will be providing full Science Support to Northport and Aberisk for the duration of the Crisis. Triage and Screening Centers are being set up in Northport to locate the sick, wounded and assigning initial Identification Documents during the Initial Landing process. Until more information is found, those with Hiroshima Sickness will be relocated to MES and Quarantined. Those not involved in humanitarian operations are to stay away from Refugee Sites to prevent possible spread of Hiroshima Sickness among other communicable diseases to Echain populations. The only Sites currently approved for Refugee Landing will be Aberisk, Northport and Walten as those areas are equipped for humanitarian efforts and medical personnel.

Leaders wishing to participate in Humanitarian Efforts, Both Government and Civilian leaders are encouraged to contact Mr. Gollvieg through radio channels (OOC: or on this Topic)

OOC: It is disturbing how closely Lorerunner and I think, I correctly predicted "Immigration Crisis" one day before I founded the Rangers. Neutral

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Mr. Gollvieg,
I'd like your and your Ranger's cooperation with the Rubber Future program. Since your organisation will often be the first to contact refugees, you are in prime position to inform them about the Ruber Future Program, in which they can get gainful employment quickly, provided they make a commitment toward becoming Echaini citizen.
We are looking especially for farmers, people living of off the earth.
Employment for economists, mathematicians, traders, merchant sailors and truck drivers can also be arranged through the Kautschukbund.
We are also in talks with the Ministry of Justice, Education and Culture as to a joint effort to recruit educators, scientists and artists.
Could your organisation propagate the message of Rubber Future amongst the refugees?

With regards,
Director of the National Bank,
Karbin Cry

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Mr Gollvieg,

I have ordered the army to assist in the relief effort by providing escorts and setting up temporary homes.

with regards,

General Bradley3000
Minister Of Defence

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Preliminary refugee count is at 85,000 refugees, well within initial estimates. At current comsumption rate it is estimated that food supplies will last more than 2 months at 3 meals a day. Ranger One has decided that there is a good enough surplus of food to hold a special event for the entire Region. On February 3, the Refugees are encouraged to hold the Setsubon festival with all residents of Northport invited. Those that are unable to come get double rations instead at the Soup Kitchens.

OOC: Increase morale, security, and culture in Northport by holding the traditional yearly festival

EDIT: Here is an up-to-date power point on the current Refugee Response Plan


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