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Kingdom of Nestav - Varvol Dungeon Expedition

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1 Kingdom of Nestav - Varvol Dungeon Expedition on Fri Jan 20, 2017 7:40 pm

House Glearre and House Lanore enter the first floor of the Dungeon. The air is old and moldy, and is generally unpleasant. The first three levels have already been cleared out, as Merylin accompanies them and explains. However, the stone golem is still there; so far, no moves have been made to try and aggravate it.

Unit Composition:
[A1-A4] Skeletal Infantry, Unknown Training
[A5-A8] Skeletal Archer, Unknown Training
[A9] Stone Golem, Unknown Training

Zero's Note:
Each square respresents 100 units. Thus, every player that sends 400 units will be able to field up to 4 squares of units. 2x2 squares mark the presence of a siege weapon, just like regular battles, or a super-large single enemy such as unit [A9].

For characters, use a commander unit with no guards. For the sole purpose of the Dungeon, character units are the equivalent of an Elite Commander. Command will dictate how well you can rally and inspire the men, Fighting dictates how well your character fights, Warfare dictates how well your character is at utilizing and spotting traps as well as unconventional weaponry and "unsavory" tactics in combat.

All units brought by player-owned houses other than my own will be of Elite training for the purpose of the Dungeon. Once the Dungeon is completed, I will be speaking with Silver on the status of the remainder and what it means for your House.

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To the battle:

Ser Erik von Lichtenstien (Elite)(Inf. Command 5, Fighting 7, Warfare 4)

400 Nobles (Elite) (Discipline -6) (Atheletics +1) (Armour 6, pen -3)(Defence 9)(Morale 9)(BD: 15) (Athletics 5, Endurance 3, Fighting 7)

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To Battle:
Prince Logan Glearre (Elite) (Command 6, Fighting 5, Warfare 3)
Bennet Chirsk (Elite) (Command 5, Fighting 7, Warfare 2) - Under Vaeus's Command
Stanley Wallace (Elite) (Command 1, Fighting 1, Warfare 12)
Uzario Theran (Command 1, Fighting 0, Warfare 12)

400 Infantry (Elite) (Discipline +0) (Athletics+1) (Armour 3, Pen -2) (Defense ?) (Morale 12) (Athletics 5, Endurance 4, Fighting 6) -Still figuring out stat system

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Lanore Unit Composition:
[L1-L4] Nobles (Elite) (Discipline -6) (Atheletics +1) (Armour 6, pen -3)(Defence 9)(Morale 9)(BD: 15) (Athletics 5, Endurance 3, Fighting 7)
[L5] Ser Erik von Lichtenstien (Elite)(Inf. Command 5, Fighting 7, Warfare 4)

Glearre Unit Composition:
[G1-G4] Infantry (Elite) (Discipline +0) (Athletics+1) (Armour 3, Pen -2) (Defense 10) (Morale 12) (Athletics 5, Endurance 4, Fighting 6)
[G5] Bennet Chirsk (Elite) (Command 5, Fighting 7, Warfare 2)
[G6] Prince Logan Glearre (Elite) (Command 6, Fighting 5, Warfare 3)
[G7] Stanley Wallace (Elite) (Command 1, Fighting 1, Warfare 12)
[G8] Uzario Theran (Elite) (Command 2, Fighting 0, Warfare 12)

Nestav Unit Composition:
[N1] Merylin von Braken (Elite) (Command 2, Fighting 0, Warfare 12)

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All Rolls for blitz passed

6, 6, 6, 6, 5, 3, 3, 4, Rolled for fighting
6, 4, 1, 4, 5, 4, 3.
+16 Base Damage
+5 for blitz
+1 for formation
+1 for castle forged

Ser Erik passes his blitz
6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 5, 4. Rolled for charging
6, 6, 1, 5, 5, 4, 4.
+16 Base Damage
+5 for blitz
+1 for formation
+1 for castle forged

Note to Freelance, to answer your question 6's are triple. 5's are double, everything else is normal

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All Rolls for blitz Pass

4,4,1,1,1,6,5,6,2,2,6,6,6 Rolled for Fighting
+6 Base Damage
+5 for Blitz
+1 for Formation


Bennet and Logan will Blitz alongside Ser Erik at A9
Both pass Blitz

Bennet's Fighting
2,4,6,6,2,4,3,5,6,3,5,6,3,3 Rolled

Logan's Fighting
5,2,5,3,5,3,4,4,5,6 Rolled

Wallace and Uzario will begin casting Ice Crystal Barrage with their water mana crystals. (Power 60 Each)
Warfare roll Wallace: 39
Warfare roll Uzario: 37
Neither Spell fires this round.

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Merylin begins casting Thunder Strike with her Electric Mana Crystal. (Power 50)

Warfare roll for Merylin: 31
Spell will fire next turn.


[A1-A8] is destroyed.

[L5] hits [A9] for 192(-30) damage; 338 Health remaining
[G5] hits [A9] for 138(-30) damage; 230 Health remaining
[G6] hits [A9] for 74(-30) damage; 186 Health remaining

[A9] hits [L5] for 77(-10) damage; 73 Health remaining
[A9] hits [G5] for 67(-10) damage; 83 Health remaining

Spells can be fired next round

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All units attack the golem


+16 Base Damage
+5 for blitz
+1 for formation
+1 for castle forged

Ser Erik


+16 Base Damage
+5 for blitz
+1 for formation
+1 for castle forged

5'S are double, 6's are triple

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[A9] is destroyed.


With one last blow to its chassis, the stone golem raises its fist to smash at its foe. But then, it locks up as the energy drains from its body, frozen in its stance. The destroyed skeletons lay trewn about the room, their torn gambesons showing no sign of other armor beneath. These soldiers were peasant militia at best.

Some pieces fall from the wounds inflicted by all parties, revealing a water-based mana crystal within. It seems to still hold power, just no longer enough to sustain the golem. But as they watch, a spike of mana courses through the ruins beneath your feet, beginning to invigorate the crystal once more. It would take the golem only a week, at this rate, to return to a functional state. Merylin has already begin a preliminary study of the golem and the ruin's systems.

The door behind the golem was magically-sealed. Defeating the golem seems to have broken the seal. With the men present, you can easily pry the stone gates apart. Behind the door is a small room with a cache of ancient coins, treasures, gemstone, and ornate equipment worth 15 Wealth.

Past the treasure room, there is a massive staircase down. Until the staircase is lit it's unknown how far the staircase goes.

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Wallace, Bennet, and Logan all move with a few soldiers to check out the Small room and cache.

"I'm sure the Ythiri house will be happy with what we've found here." Logan says.

Bennet asks logan, "Sir, what of us? The men will be expecting a portion of this to go to us after the work we've put forward."

Logan says, "yes but this is their ruins, their ancient history. We will ask before we take anything Bennet."

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Erik will haul out the golem along with a third of the wealth (6), his men taking it to their camp for their followers to ship it back to the House Lands. Otherwise they will keep to themselves until the expedition goes further down

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On the fifth floor, members of the Nestavian Engineers and Protector Guard rendezvous with the expedition, guarding their line of retreat should the need arise. The engineers in question begin clearing other blocked-off areas and debris fields.

The 4th floor search yields 3 additional wealth and a small magic crystal of no elemental origin.

The 5th floor, with the blueprints found in the Nestavian archives, the search yields the reliquary. Though what they found within was unexpected; four statues, all hooded and obscuring their faces. The Warrior and the Rogue are male, while the Sorceress and the Cleric are female. Before each statue stands a pedestal where the relic should have been, but are gone. There are some fresh footprints all about the room, and an opened trapdoor in the ceiling, one that the blueprints had not detailed or that the party had found when scouring the floor above. However, the 5th floor is not a total loss; 5 wealth was discovered on this floor.

The 6th floor brings something of interest. In a room directly out of the stairwell, there is a room filled with old runic circles. Only one circle is still active.

Furthermore, down a particularly long hallway stands what appears to be a flaming axe held by an armored man clad in crimson. Behind him stands something familiar; the steel-clad soldiers of the Protector Guard, their armor faded and slightly rusted over, their standard and cloth wear tattered and faded. They make no move to advance.

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Amelia Kryostenos, Empress-in-Exile of Laventino, walks into the dungeon escorted by Uzario of the Seven Isles.

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House Aurelion Engineers are sent down into the ruins, their commander is Andrew Azbel, head of House Aurelion's general engineering corps. They are under orders to coordinate with Nestavian engineering teams to begin the clearing of upper floors, as well as the inspection of any sealed chambers on those floors.

A medium steam cannon is brought down to the first floor and assembled. A team of engineers can be seen tinkering with it, along with scrap metal near it.

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Ser Erik will ignore the queen but greet the Engineers. He will then go toward the figure with his sword holstered and salute with his Right fist. "Hail to you, Noble Guardian."

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"Hail, visitor," the man nods. "I am Firebrand Halkon of Nestav's 14th Royal Guards. To whom am I speaking to today?"

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"Sir Erik von Lichtenstien of House Lanore and the Kingdom of Ponthus." he gives a polite nod. "I humbly ask for your blessing ancient one, to proceed further into these Hallowed grounds"

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Halkon look Ser Erik over before responding. "These are not hallowed grounds, visitor. We are those cursed to guard this tomb in penitence of what our brethren have done in life."

"If you wish to pass, we will not stop you. But be warned of the evils that slumber beneath."

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Amelia reaches the 6th floor in time to hear Halkon speak. "Oh, what evils are in these catacombs?"

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"King Marcus the Mad and the machinations of the Smiling Sorcerer. " He looks to Amelia, before continuing. "Though perhaps if someone as powerful as you were around back then, things would have gone differently."

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"Riiiiight, cause I could really stop something that happened after I was put to sleep. A century afterwards."

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Erik coughts lightly. "You could have put policies in place to stop it." His tone was neutral, not hostile. He was just speaking plainly.

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Halkon sighs. "Well, what is done is done. We can lament the past all we want and nothing will change."

The Firebrand slams his axe on the ground, lighting up hundreds of hidden torches with the singular gesture as magic briefly surges through the ruins around them. Revealed before them, in the room, are one thousand of the Protector Guard. Their armor gleams off the flames, their all-metal halberds standing at the ready as all of them stands aside for the group to pass on.

"Should you require our aid, we will be here."

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Amelia glares at Erik.  "I fail to see how I could influence a foreign sovereign created after my time."

Her attention goes back to Halkon.  "Well, lovely ruin you have here.  I really must get back to the suitor party to keep an eye over the boy.  But, I'll be back to cleanse this place of the taint that contaminates it."

As she walks past the gathered host.  "Good luck to all of you, especially with what is on the next floor.  Tis a shame, really, something like that would've made a lovely pet for me."

Amelia exits the dungeon.

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After confirmation the new steam cannon is functional, House Aurelion Engineers split into teams to begin work. A team in sent to clear the debris from the blocked area on floor 3, a second team is sent to examine the other door for locks, and if possible open it. Engineers are ordered to take notes of the building practices used in the ruins, as well as ordered to salvage materials, with Nestav's permission. 

A small team of 20-30 engineers led by Alaxander Azbel are ordered to start logging and mapping floors four, five, and six. Special emphasis is placed on sealed rooms, and possible storage rooms. Any recovered material is to be sent to base camp for further study, and raw wealth is to be sent directly back to House Aurelion via trade ships.

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