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Kingdom of Nestav - Varvol Dungeon Expedition

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As the team clears the seventh floor they find an unusual lack of...anything. There are no furniture, no hidden alcoves, nothing. Eventually they reach the next mighty door marking the way down, but as they approach it, something rumbles beneath their feet.

Within, they see an ocean of gold, gems and ancient weapons and armors. The next door is on the opposite side of the room, for some reason locked by chains larger than a man is wide.

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Logan holds up a hand and says, "stop, Something isn't right here. There's no damn reason for a door that size unless you want to fit something that large through. Not only that, why is the gold and treasure stored as if someone is hoarding it.." he states outloud

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Erik pauses for a moment, examining the situation. "Think for a moment.. You'd use large chains like that to hold something large within." He ponders and creeps through alone. Being very quiet he would examine the room from the doorway

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The room is filled with gold and treasures from an age long gone. To the normal man it would look no more than a wealth of riches, but Ser Erik notes how unusually smooth the surface is. Upon further scrutiny, some of the loose coins at the surface seems to be moving... as if something massive is buried beneath their feet.

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Ser Erik will slowly stride in range of the movement. Standing just beside it

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The movement suddenly stops as a foreboding silence fills the air. Then, a spike-tipped chain bursts out from the location where the gold mount was trembling from. And, before their very eyes, the massive head of a dragon's skull, covered in wards and chains, surfaces as it opens its mouth and lets out a great bellowing roar that shakes their minds, hearts, and souls.

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Logan doesn't wait, he quickly pulls up a mana crystal and it glows with radiant energy. A magic circle appears and quickly aims it at Ser Erik.

Erik would quickly realize everything is moving much, much slower than him currently. He has been chronoboosted.

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Erik will use the speed to jump on to the skull and wedge his sword between the neck and base of the skull, then quickly dive into the eye socket and wedge himself in, using his formidable strength to keep his position

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The dragon roars again, lighter this time, as it shakes its head trying to rid itself of Ser Erik unsuccessfully.

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"Find the weakness!! Bloody hell find it already!!" he shouts over the dragon as him men scrambles to find it, one of his lieutenants jumping into the other eye while the rest keep their shields up

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Uzario studies the creature for a moment, pouring over in his mind what he knows of the undead.
"Creatures powerful like this require something to give the bones life, for them to move magically. There should be a crystal either inside it, or nearby that is allowing it to move."

"You heard him men, move! Support Erik's forces and look for the crystal." Logan says, looking around the room now for it with his Bennet to support.

"Wallace, we'll have to keep it preoccupied. Ready an ice spell" Uzario says to the crystal being next to him.

"Of course" the crystal like being known as wallace replies cheerfully. With that, energy gathers in both of their hands and soon they let off beams of ice to try and freeze the monster's joints up and possibly make the bone more brittle against kinetic attacks.

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The dragon slows to a halt as it struggles to free itself from both Ser Erik's sword and Wallace's ice. It becomes clear soon that the crystal powering the dragon is deep below the mound of gold and treasure, buried and unable to rise without first freeing the dragon of the very chains that bind it.

It also becomes very clear their efforts will not hold for long as Ser Erik's sword begins to bend under the stress of the dragon's maw, and the magical ice begins cracking as the dragon continues struggling.

"Give me a moment to prepare my thunderbolts," Merylin calls out. "I don't want to randomly fire off my spells. I might hit an ally."

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"Just do it! We can hang on inside these eyes!"

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Logan says, "We have to free it to get to the crystal, but then we'd also be in more trouble... Does anyone even have anything to cut those chains with?"

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A young boy, no older than 18, runs into the room out of breath. "Heard the dragon...roar from Varvol. Came to help." He draws a sword longer than anyone's height from its sheath. A single swing with it slices clean through a chain.

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The chain falls away easily, the ice beginning to shatter as the dragon continues to try and free itself. The struggling of the gargantuan creature begins tugging at the chains, little cracks forming in the weakened steel.

Merylin fires off a bolt of lightening at a chain, weakening it enough for the dragon to snap. The lighting courses through the metal but seems to do little else.

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The house lanore soldiers will surround the beast and form a shield wall

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The Isles soldiers will do the same and assist the lanore soldiers while Logan and Bennet will attempt to spot the crystal now that the beast is emerging. If they do, they'll make an attempt to get to it as the dragon rises up.

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The boy runs at a third chain and slices it from the wall.

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With a third chain broken, the other chains begin to snap as the dragon breaks free, the room rumbling as the great skeletal beast rises up from its prison, Ser Erik's sword finally snapping as the ice breaks with the dragon free from its bondage.

And then you see it. The blue crystal hovering at about where its heart once was. But as you watch, a barrier appears around it.

Merylin strikes the crystal heart of the dragon, the magical shield around it waning just ever so slightly as she observes it. "That's a powerful ward, be careful. We still don't know what this creature is capable of."

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Erik's men will begin hurling javelins at the blue crystal, while he begins to stab at the inside of the skull with his dagger

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Logan says, "dam, how long will it take to take down the crystal's barrier??"

Bennet charges the dragon from behind as it is distracted and begins stabbing bones, but his sword isn't the best...

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With a thunderclap the boy zips over to the dragon's front legs and cuts them both off.

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The dragon gives a shrill cry as both its front legs are sent splaying away from its body, crumbling back to their individual bones once removed. But before anyone can takle advantage of it, the dragon rears back its head and blasts the shield wall with its frozen breath. Ice begins forming on the wall of men while anyone unprotected would find themselves frozen in seconds.

Merylin barely manages to throw up a ward spell before the icy breath hits. "Ser Erik, target the heart! We must end this quickly!"

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The boy summons a lightning bolt to carry him to the dragon's spine behind the ribs. He swings upwards and bisects it.

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