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Kingdom of Nestav - Varvol Dungeon Expedition

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"Men. Close those corpse doors. Barr the one with the mound of bodies. Use anything you can find to barricade it." he points to some of his scouts. "You lot. See if you can find anything to fit these sockets. Don't travel alone either. teams of five."

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Sir Edon splits his force down the middle, having half of them stick with the Seven Isles soldiers. He and the rest go to the Empress.

"Where are we needed, your majesty?" Sir Edon asks, hand-and-a-half sword in hand.

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Royquin turns over to the sudden newcomers with their heavy armor and boisterous spirit, about to open his mouth to say something, but the cloaked creasure dashes off down a hallway with surprising speed.

"Crap. After it!" Royquin yells as he runs after it.

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Sir Edon hesitates for a moment, and then instantly snarls to give chase before he goes after the man who shouted. The two hundred soldiers and knights follow their captain and his group without hesitation.

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Amelia teleports in front of the creature and delivers a powerful straight kick that sends it flying back into the room. "Give it a mercy killing, quick!"

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The Geirmund expedition will begin cautiously exploring the floor, lighting the way with torches and lanterns, the three hundred halberdiers with shields and a side sword, their armor comprised of a long chain hauberk over a gambeson, with breastplates, greaves, sabatons, vambrace, pauldrons and helms for added protection, and one hundred quarrelers, wearing chain hauberks over gambesons, split evenly into three teams, each lead by one of the Geirmund knights.

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The Kreatheans close in on the thing as it lands, raining blows upon it with every weapon that comes to hand to slay it as fast as they possibly can.

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Amelia takes Royquin to a corner far away from the brutal 'mercy' killing. "Royquin, you're someone who knows this place well, right? If so, I need your help. I need to know if there are any works of mine in this dungeon, and if there are where are they?"

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The floor is much more expansive than the ones before, encompassing a few dozen rooms and extending far beyond what has been explored before. Libraries and studies are found, though an equal amount of rooms are filled with disgusting experiments and mounds of corpses, still raw with the stench of death.

The creature gives an ungodly shriek as it dies, falling limp.

"Your...works? Oh, yes... they're down with Gonaen, on floor 40."

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The libraries that are found are to be catalogued, the works within carefully examined to see if they can be moved considering the age of this place. The studies are carefully searched and the rooms with corpses are either set on fire or left the hell alone.

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The gnoll lord will be taking notes on everything before looking up, with a wide smile at the library "Anyone mind if I got copies of some of those?"

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"Original? Untranslated? Is there a quick way down there?"

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Sir Edon sends soldiers to poke about the libraries, interspersing men from the Guard who cannot read with knights from the Circle who can. The foul laboratories are left to the Gerimund men to seal or burn.

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Royquin grimaces. "Quick, yes... I really wouldn't advise it. I sealed up all those damn elevators for a reason."

Merylin begins her study of the most intact tomes, but quickly closes them up. "Forbidden magics... this floor must be the Smiling Sorcerer's laboratory."

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"What was the reason?"

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"I had went there to check if our old seals are still functioning..." Royquin starts. He pauses, then takes a deep breath.

"They're all broken. It's madness down there. A war zone. Every elevator unsealed means the undead can use them too. I estimate 300,000 entities in motion down there."

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"The who?" Ezra asks, clearly having never heard the term used before, an unopened tome in her hands that she just brushed the dust from.

Rengar curses under his breath as he reads the content of a tome in another section, shoving it back onto the shelf. "Wonderful. As if the world needs these to see the light."

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The Gnoll Lord will look over the spines of every book in the library with curiosity. "The amount of knowledge here...It feels almost overwhelming."

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"Then I'll have my men build walls at critical chokepoints.  Lavs are really good at doing that. I want to get what's mine out of this place."

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"The Smiling Sorcerer. The enigma of a man who pushed these events forward nine hundred years ago. These ruins are the testaments to those events...."

Merylin walks around the library after explaining to Ezra. "History books... battle reports... literature... ah, here. Spell tomes..." She opens one of the new books. "These ones...these are acceptable."


Royquin sighs. "I can help you out with that. I know this place like the back of my hand. He thinks for a moment. "Now that I think about it... this'll be interesting. Kensei Kobayashi is on our way down, if I recall."

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"Kensei Kobayashi?"

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"We should start sorting them into what can be taken and what should be burned," Ezra remarks as she opens the tome in her hands.  "Then see about making copies of the acceptable materials so all may partake of their knowledge." She shivers and shuts the tome within moments. "Ugh...this Smiling Sorcerer is clearly not a pleasant individual."

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"You know some of the tomes could be of great use in the Slaangu coast." The Gnoll Lord will grab a tome from the shelf, and slowly flip through it. "Interesting..."

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"Sword Saint Tencia Kobayashi. The most formidible duelist of our time," Royquin answers. "She's going to want a duel with you, Empress!"


"Indeed not," Merylin nods, as she gets to work cataloging the material.

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"Of course she does." Amelia shakes her head. "I'll worry about that when we get there."

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