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Kingdom of Nestav - Varvol Dungeon Expedition

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Ezra will aid in the process, as will the soldiers who can read, though she bids them be careful with the ancient texts.

Rengar, meanwhile, is already at work sorting out what can be used and what should never see the surface. Romund, however, is at a loss.

"Do any of you know where we should start with these?" He asks his men, some of whom shrug helplessly.

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"Of course, that all hinges on if we survive to make it down there." Sir Edon puts in politely, walking over to Royquin and the Empress. He does not know Amelia, but bows respectfully all the same. "We've been doing well so far, but things have been getting steadily worse."

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Amelia notices the girl in blue garb behind Sir Edon. "Who is this? She doesn't look to be part of any group in this miserable place."

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Sir Edon gives a slight start, and looks behind.
"Oh! This is Noelle, ma'am. She was a soldier of Felgro, and was found by the Aurelion engineers on the twelfth floor in a prison from the War against the Shadow. For the moment, she marches with Kreathean."

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"Ah, another person out of time." She bows her head to Noelle. "Greetings."

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431 Re: Kingdom of Nestav - Varvol Dungeon Expedition on Wed May 10, 2017 10:04 pm

The Gnoll Lord will walk over to Rengar, and his sorting pile. "Pardon me, but I believe I forgot to introduce myself to you. I am King Blackfang of clan Bloodmouth and..." He pauses for a brief moment looking at nearby books." I was wandering if you think copies of the safe magic tomes could be donated to the Mages College in Ponthos? My people would greatly appreciate it."

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432 Re: Kingdom of Nestav - Varvol Dungeon Expedition on Wed May 10, 2017 11:13 pm

Noelle balks at the sight of Amelia, shying away while stuttering something out that the healer translates. "Hello, madam."

The healer politely bows at Royquin as the two exchange some quick dialogue in their native tongue.

"If this is hard, try the next floor," Royquin tells the Kreathean.

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433 Re: Kingdom of Nestav - Varvol Dungeon Expedition on Wed May 10, 2017 11:31 pm

Sir Edon makes sure Noelle is alright and looks to Royquin.

"What exactly is there?" he asks. "If there is anything you could tell us so that we are not going in completely blind would be very, very appreciated."

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Royquin looks to Sir Edon. "Traps. Mimics. Undead. Choke-points. Fortress-positions. Golems. Flesh-creations. Those degrading facilities are probably also going to be a problem, huh..."

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"By the Light..." Sir Edon whispers, taken aback in fear. To his credit, he recovers quickly and shakes his head. "We'll just have to meet those challenges as they come."

After a moment, he realizes that he doesn't actually know who it is he's talking to... or how this man knows so much about this place, that, according to the Ballad, would have been, should have been, sealed for the better part of a millennia.

"If you do not mind terribly my asking, sir," Edon added, "How is that you know so much about this place? Who are you?"

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Royquin snorts. "You're a bit of a slow one, lad. Name's Royquin Elwin, first son of Heydon Elwin and the 49th of the Elwin Family. I hail as the Rogue and Smith of your ballads, Kreathean."

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The Rogue? The Rogue?! Sir Edon's mind spun. The Rogue, one of the Four Heroes, was long dead, and this man claimed to be he?

"I," Edon declared, "Do not believe you."

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"I don't need you to believe me, lad," the man speaks with a shit-eating grin. "I know who I am. By the way, use these to open the door. Last one is on the thing you gutted and the Lavs have the first one," Royquin finishes as he tosses Sir Edon two amulets, blue and yellow.

A quick search of the body reveals two items. The first is a green amulet fashioned similarly to the other two. The last is a buckler glowing with strange arcane runes.

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Sir Edon takes the amulets and nods to Royquin before gathering the amulet and the buckler from the corpse of the... whatever-it-was. He does not strap the little shield to his arm, instead slinging it across his pack until he can get it identified by someone who knows artifacts.

"Thank you for your help, friend." he says to Royquin, and bows to Amelia. "I suppose we will remain here until we all are prepared to move on."

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Rengar will pause in his sorting, his helmeted head turning to regard the gnoll lord in silence for a few moments before he gets back to work. "Additional copies can be made," he replies, pausing to let out a rasping cough. "So bloody dry..." He trails off, then shakes his head. "Excuse me. Unless you want to help, this is going to take a fair amount of time to finish."

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Amelia does a quick examination of the shield before she pulls out an orb and peers into it.

"Kallikrates and Isadore will be here soon with the last key," she says to Sir Edon. "When Noelle is no longer afraid of me I'd like to talk to her."

"Royquin, can those...elevators handle some artillery?"

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"Alright," Sir Edon says to the Empress with a nod. "That's Noelle's decision to make, but I will be sure to tell her."

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The Gnoll Lord will sit down next to Rengar and assist him in sorting through the tomes, and books though using the laws from his part of the world to determine between safe, and not.

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Royquin thinks for a moment. "Reinforced, it can carry them one at a time. Nine hundred years hasn't done miracles to the wood."

The shield has enchantments to block most attacks coming at it, be it magical or physical. The shield can even block higher-level spells and all but the most powerful of physical blows. The downside is, to the one who wears it, the shield feels as if it was made of nothing but solid granite.

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"That shield, really good at defence except against someone like me; but you better not plan on using that arm when you wield it," she explains to Sir Edon.

"Right, so my men can't plan on using it reliably. Great." She rolls her eyes.

By now, the leaders of the laventine expedition come with plenty of soldiers. The scribe hands the amulet over to Sir Edon.

Talk to the troops that only Royquin can understand:
"Men, this is Royquin Elwin (points to him) the Sneak. He knows this dungeon and he is willing to help so go to him for information on what you'll be facing.
And onto orders:
First: any elevators encountered from now on I want a gatehouse constructed on every level it stops at and post 20 men for around the clock watch. They are not to deny access to the elevators for anyone else part of the expedition.
Second: I married into House Geirmund and they married into our empire, treat them like family. Coordinate your efforts with them and the lav in charge of them, Ezra Leonhart.
Third: I've received confirmation that priceless possessions of mine are stuck in this miserable abyss. My order to not take anything from this place will be rescinded for Floor 40 ONLY. You get to 40, take everything. If it isn't mine then the other parties can claim it, but nothing goes to them without going through you first. The Geirmunds are allowed to assist you when it comes to that. If the others get pissy and whiny about it invoke personal property or the fact that our part looted nothing else.
You have anything for me?"
The mage presents the crystal he took from the previous floor. As soon as it drops into Amelia's palm she screams in pain until physically crushing the damned thing to dust.
Last bit:
"Order Four: Any further abominable crystals like that you find, destroy them without hesitation."
She leaves to go find Argus, the other Geirmunds, and Blackfang.

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Sir Edon nods in deference to the Empress' advice, and takes the amulet. Gathering up his men and his charges, Edon bows to the Empress once more and departs for the door.

When the Kreathean force arrives at the door, Sir Edon examines the skeleton before setting the amulets in the door's indentations.

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