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Kingdom of Nestav - Varvol Dungeon Expedition

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All of the isle's infantry surround the undead dragon now and begin stabbing at it. Logan goes up and attacks the crystal, testing the ward again.

Uzario comes up beside him as the blade bounces off it. "now that there is no distraction, i can dispel the ward. This will take but a minute." he says.

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Erik, hearing of dispelling the ward and his cousin's words, dropped out of the eye socket and took a spear from one of his men. He used his unnatural speed and agility to clamber back onto the dragons head and run down the neck before jumping and swinging through the rib cage, aiming the spear and his center mass at the stone.

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With the ward dropped and the dragon immobilized, the spear goes clean into the crystal heart, cracking it. A final blast from Merylin shatters the heart once and for all as the bones of the once-great beast loses its life and tumbles to pieces around them.


With the undead dragon finally slain a second time, the net wealth of the chamber can now be counted. It is worth a staggering 40 wealth in total.

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House Lanore will claim the entire skeleton, sans the crystal, and 19 wealth. No negotiations. Ser Erik will also take the Alchemic claymore as his new sword.

"We've done the lions share here except the mercenary, we want the bones, 2000 gold, and that's it. The rest and the crystal are yours." The Lanore guard seem ready to defend the skeleton and gold to the death.

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The boy will take [2 Wealth] of the gold pile.

"So glad that is finished." He sheaths the blade. "Thank you Empress for letting me to use this," he whispers.

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Logan and the Isles will claim 19 gold, then give 4 back to House Nestav in exchange for the remains of the crystal. Logan will insist on this if they refuse, stating that this is more of a token to the two nation's friendship.

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Nestav will accept the wealth. House Gerimund and House Isabjorg arrive just before the first snow of this winter.

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Ser Erik votes we continue to march downward.

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The forces of House Geirmund arrive at last, Lord Thrand himself at the head of three hundred Braen with great weapons, backed by a hundred dwarves in chain long coats and armed with crossbows, hand axes and shields.  At the towering lord's side are his two knights, Ser Thomas von Strauss and the ever stoic figure of Rengar the Black.  Thrand is clad in his star metal armor, his twin swords Grungni and Grimnir currently sheathed at his sides.  He removes his helmet as he approaches, revealing the grizzled visage beneath, with a shock of red hair and cold blue eyes set beneath a furrowed brow.  He takes in the sight of those gathered and the shattered remains of bone being gathered up.

"It seems we missed the fun," he comments idly, voice a bass rumble, his Braen chuckling darkly in response.  "So, who's in charge of this motley little crew?"

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Seeing no one else speaking, Ser Erik steps forward with his new sword as his men are loading up a dragon skeleton and 1900 gold. "I suppose that would be me."

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Thrand smiles, though it's not exactly a pleasant expression.  "Then I'll tell you this; I'm not taking orders from you.  I'll listen to suggestions and advice but that's it."  He puts his helmet back on.  "Work with me or stay out of my way."  Ser Thomas clears his throat.  "Oh, nice to make your acquaintance.  Or something."

"My lord, please try to play nice."

"No promises."

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"It's okay. I wouldn't give you an order for fear you'd have difficulty understand. Ser Erik Lanore Von Lichtenstien, at your service M'lord." He gave a half bow and sheathed his blade. He had left out his titles and was waiting for his men to finish packing up the dragon before they could move on.

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Thrand actually laughs, the sound deep and booming as it echoes through the hall.  "I think we'll get along just fine," he comments cheerfully, clapping Erik on the shoulder with enough force to stagger the man.  "So, when do we get moving?"

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"about now, and i am Prince Logan. A pleasure to meet you." Logan says

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Merylin gives a nod as she continues working on the seal to open the next door. "I'm almost done with this seal. Give me another moment."


The 8th floor is as dark as the previous one. The only presence is from the House Aurelion engineers, who have somehow found a way down to the 8th floor bypassing the undead dragon entirely. There are two major rooms, both of which are locked. One room is closed by a simple rickety old door that was easily pushed over and opened, revealing an old armory. While the wooden tools, facilities and material are worn and rotten away, the steel in the armory is still good.

The second door is a giant stone door, two levers by its side. One lever shows a smiling face, the other a frowning face.

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"Ah, you finally made it, welcome to floor eight." Alexander Azbel greets the group while sipping coffee at the makeshift base camp.

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"Thanks..wait what? Know what, lets skip that question and move onto the next. How much for a good cup of coffee?" Logan asks

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"a silver penny, for a cup brewed fresh."

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"Cowards. Let the rest of us do the work why don't you." Erik was certainly not amused at the perceived arrogance of the new faces. He goes straight to the frowning face lever and pulls it.

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Logan fetches out 2 silver penny and flips it over to him. "one for my good friend here." he says and motions to Bennet.

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The lever is flipped as mana surges through the ruins...

A stone golem appears out of thin air before Ser Erik, its rock fists lighting on fire, punching Ser Erik across the room.

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Thrand and his Braen laugh as Erik is sent flying across the room, the lord drawing his swords and rolling his shoulders.  "Alright, boys, let's show them what we bring to the table," he rumbles before leading his heavily armored Braen in a charge, looking to encircle the golem while Thrand tackles the construct head on, following behind a volley of fire from the dwarves.

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"..Save that cup for after this." Logan says and draws his sword.
The rest of the isles troops do so as well, spreading out quickly and lifting their shields up to protect themselves and slowly approach the golem.

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Azbel drops his coffee and shouts something at his men, they snap to and rush back into the base camp, they ready a massive steam cannon and aim it at the golem. "Clear out ya damm fools! Unless you want to risk being hit!"

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Ser Erik flies back and lands in a pile of rubble. "I'm.. I'm okay!" he calls before staggering up and rubs his face. "Bloody nine hells!! To arms!" He called out to his men who had ALSO been laughing at the situation

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