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Kingdom of Nestav - Varvol Dungeon Expedition

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The stone golem marches towards Lord Thrand and swings its flaming fist, the other one swinging around like an oversized rock mace to dissuade anyone else from trying to come forth.

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Thrand, showing surprising agility for someone his size, ducks under the swing, bringing both blades down on the elbow joint once he comes up on the other side.

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Ser Erik will throw a nearby book at the golem in anger while his men join in on the Shield wall.

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Uzario and Wallace begin charging a spell, readying to use the ice beam
"One moment, when we say now stay clear of the golem!" Uzario says

Logan says "alright" and joins the shield wall with bennet and his men to keep the golem at bay.

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The cannon is still charging steam "I need more time! It'll be ready soon!" Azbel shouts.

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Lord Thrand's swords are lodged firmly into the elbow of the golem, but are now stuck. The golem, though one arm is immobile, the other arm isn't as it uses the free arm to try and pulp the Braen lord against the floor.

A lightning bolt from Merylin temporarily knocks the would-be blow back, giving Thrand some time to recover his blades.

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Thrand will let go of his swords and step out of the way, one hand reaching back towards his men.  "Hammer!"  He shouts, one of them immediately complying and tossing a heavy maul that he catches.  The Braen then immediately brings the business end down on the pommel of his swords, seeking to sever the limb at the joint.

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Ser Erik dashed up to the golem and clambers up onto it's head, putting the sword to it's neck and pulling with all his might. "Don't do that! It doesn't work!"

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Uzario and wallace were about to not fire their ice beam, but then remember that ser Erik is a vampire. They fire it off with him still on it then, hoping to freeze the Golem still and possibly disable the fire crystal powering it.

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With a massive roar, the cannon fires a massive steel ball, made from reclaimed iron chain, at the golem,

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Lord Thrand pops his sword out when he strikes the pommel with the hammer, though the other sword is still lodged and jamming its arm.

Ser Erik achieves little more than grabbing the attention to the golem, whose arm begins swinging in his direction though missing handily.

The blast of ice from Uzario and Wallace freezes the golem to a halt, though in the process freezing Ser Erik to the golem...

...And then the steam mortar's shell hits, craching the ice and the stone underneath. It does not move still, but the chest of the golem crumbles away, the fire crystal powering the stone beast falling out and onto the ground.

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Thrand immediately gestures to his men, who proceed to pound the crap out of the now immobile golem, just in case.

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Erik will promptly begin to wiggle with all his might, attempting to break his portion of the ice. His men coming to attempt to chisel him out

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Thrand will collect his swords, give the hammer back and watch as Erik is chiseled free.  "Got any more coffee?"  He asks the engineers, leaning against the cannon casually.

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Erik grumbles. Alot. before going to the smiley face lever and pulling it so hard he breaks the damn thing off. He was *not amused.

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The door rumbles open finally as a strange mist comes floating out of the door at their feet. Within is only darkness... as it goes down further into the abyss.

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"Aye, let me get a fresh pot off the fire, mind you, it's a bitter drink." Azbel notes, as one of his assistants brings a tall metal pitcher, and several cups.

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Thrand will watch while Erik pulls the other lever, opening the nearby door before accepting a cup from the engineer.  "So I've heard."  He nods to his men, one of them going to call up the haulers they brought to gather a share of the equipment.  "So, who wants to go first?"

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"That was quite an..interesting fight. I for one will Go after a short rest" Logan says, going over to Azbel.

Uzario comes up to ser Erik. "Apologies for the ice, but it made it quite an easy target to hit. I must ask though, would anyone here complain if the Isles gave up its share of the equipment from the armory in exchange for the fire crystal of the golem?"

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Erik's men will pry out the crystal but load up the golem for transport home. Another decorative piece.

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Uzario will take the crystal

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Once the golem was loaded up, Erik and twenty of his men will scout ahead, asking his cousin to join of course.

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"Lad, you're really going to just take that without asking anyone else first? bit selfish isn't that?" Azbel notes Uzario's move to take the crystal....

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"I did ask, but if you truly want it then all i ask is for small compensation of something equivalent to 100 gold pieces." uzario says

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100 Re: Kingdom of Nestav - Varvol Dungeon Expedition on Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:38 pm

Merylin nods, joining the scouts to go down there.


Down below, the torches flicker but the heavy mist makes it difficult to see. They hear the clacking of moving armor in the darkness beyond. Five doors line the hallway before them, two on the left, two on the right, one dead ahead. Each are iron doors, heavy and impassible. It is difficult to tell who or what is beyond each door...

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