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Announcement By the combined Plainsdale and Lurem Militias.

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Armed forces currently residing in City Central. Lay down your weapons. This is the police. We are here to take into custody the National Government. You will not be harmed. Repeat: Lay down your weapons and you will not be harmed.

These last few weeks of bloodshed have drained our country. The National Government has been wholly unequipped to respond. We are here to ensure a peaceful and democratic transition of power. For the sake of a free and fair Echain, lay down your weapons and turn over the members of the National Government.

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I get the fuck out of there...

OOC: Is this GM approved? Earlier TomRP brought up his rebellion and Lore didn't know anything about it.

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TomRP dispatches a message to the other Governors of Echain from the war ravaged city of Ely:

My fellow Governors, I speak to you from a city that was once flourishing in the wealth of the whaling operations between the great regions of Lurem and Eastport. Now the dead litter the street, and if it were not for Field Marshall WarWager, would be under the oppressive yolk of outside invaders. Once again our country is ravaged by conflict. The time has come to respond to this growing crisis. The National Government has harbored murderers, nearly started a civil war, lacks any kind of leadership, and the Senate sleeps while Echain burns.

We do not seek to replace the current government, or elevate individuals into powers of office without election. We merely wish to make the government work for the people again. We need all the Governors to unite in this bloodless transition of power and be ready to take upon themselves the responsibility of the Senate if need be.

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I approach the Plainsdale and Lurem Regiments

Governors this government, problems and all, was voted into power by the people. Now is not the time for a coup d'etat. Do not resort to such extreme measures when democratic and diplomatic options have not been exhausted.

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Guns are trained on Senator Kirby as officers approach to place handcuffs on him.

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Those handcuffs are unwarranted sir, as you can see I have approached you of my own free will with no guards or weapons on me!

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Don't resist Senator, your safety is guaranteed if you cooperate. New elections are to be held and you can make your case then.

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I will fully accept that Governor but the handcuffs are still unwarranted. I suffered as much as you during the Japanese Occupation, enough of my time has been spent in metaphorical chains.

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It's for everyone's safety. I hope you will understand. Once the situation is under control I promise you the cuffs will be removed.

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OOC: Hold on, time is paused right now

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I whisper under my breath as I leave the city:
I hated me job anyways...
At least the country can burn under the rule of communism, what a flawed system.
Didn't I warn everyone? Those FUCKERS... trusting TomRP...

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OOC: Time is paused so that the government can be restructured. We're just giving an IC reason for why the system would suddenly change. Wink

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OOC: We actually planned this over a few days and moved our militias into position, it is just fortuitous that this also comes at a time when we also need an IC reason to change government systems.

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OOC:Yeah this has been being planned since before the first invasion.

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Ha! I adjust my spectacles I hoped we could be better people than this, not a nation of bullies throwing their weight around. I approached you of my own free will to try and establish a diplomatic relationship, alas I guess my fellow Senators are correct and I am an idealistic fool. I've spent my life reading books, I cannot resist you if you deem me such a threat as to put me in handcuffs.

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Thank you for your cooperation. It's as much for your safety as ours.

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OOC: Juuust as a heads up, the vastly superior forces of the Dargon will be opposing this move. But not right now.

The Lorerunner
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OOC: Yes we predicted as much

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I mean... oh no what a surprising development

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The game is on pause until the restructuring is done

...and yes, this comes from Lorerunner as well.

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OOC: Well this certainly is a surprising development... Well would you look at the time, I have an appointment in Versberg we're everything is calm and sane. Shocked

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OOC: But Governor, we live in a rainbow of Chaos! Very Happy

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OOC: Fear not the Chaos but the man who rides in upon it's back. Isn't that right Ryder... you Rebel Scum!

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OOC: *Shifts eyes nervously*

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OOC: Once we finish this current crisis you can expect to see the Rangers swarm into Versberg by the thousands in order to sell you cookies, and you can't refuse because they will all have sympathetic stories about how they are 11 year old war orphans who need to take care of their infant brothers. You my friend will have to eat Girl Scout Cookies for every meal of the day. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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