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WoW Legion - Shadow Spies - Lich King

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1 WoW Legion - Shadow Spies - Lich King on Thu Feb 02, 2017 8:20 pm

of course highly conspiratory but oh well:

Don't you all see the shades all the time somwhere? THe shades - like in the spies from W3 the undead shades, that could detect invisible units and where themselves invisible?
I see them all the time!

And its interesting to remember, what the shadow of Arthas (his memory you can see as frost DK) has to say, because he reminds us to be sceptical of the new Lich King.
And reminds us, that we are not truly free... but yet stilll bound.

What doyou think? did you saw those shades? Do you know more?

I haven't finished the DK campaign yet.


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2 Re: WoW Legion - Shadow Spies - Lich King on Thu Feb 02, 2017 8:36 pm

Personally I am 95% convinced the Third Lich King is... well, absolutely terrifying, but plotting for his (their?) own purposes. There is no denying the massive number of things he's doing that add up to him building a new power base, including some things in the DK quest chain I won't spoil here. There's been some serious speculation that he'll be connected to the next expansion in a big way; either as part of the Void Lords or just on his own.

The Lorerunner
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3 Re: WoW Legion - Shadow Spies - Lich King on Thu Feb 02, 2017 8:50 pm

Yeah, the DK so far had me raise my eyebrow quite a few times...

But you gotta love that he gives you a Frost Wrym to do the WQ...

Has anyone gotten all of Arthas memories? Or comments?
Something is definetely going on... the old gods already told us, that the 5 pillars are actually are gonna burn us. Or at least be our down.

Which would be an old tradition as the PC also known as Mr. or Mrs. Guulliable...
I mean.. the hermit in Darkwood? The "friendly ghost" from shadowmoon valles (outland)? So many other occasions?
The only time he was not gullible was, when cordana felwood asked for the legendary ring...

Has anyone else seen those shades? I think I did make a few screenshot of them.
They immediately rang an alarm bell. But I could not interact with them.


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