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Official Thread Tracking Changes To The Game

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So I've been a bit busy with work can someone catch up to speed now. I read through the posts, and so it seems like all the old positions are gone. So what do we do now if we were in one of those positions?

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You can become an Administrator / Mayor of a zone, or a Delegate (Minister) if you want to stay in governmental positions.

If you want to be delegate, you'll have to petition the Council of Governors, ideally with exact description of what powers you want.

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Would that be in the council of governors thread that I petition for a delegate role?

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Put it into the thread for outside suggestions. We'll get to it very shortly, we just have to finish discussing a couple laws Wink

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Is that the legislation thread, As I see that's where people suggest bills?

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It's the Legislation consideration thread.
I'd also suggest watching the VOD of the discussion about the rule change, so you know all about how delegates work from a gameplay perspective.

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Where is the VOD is it posted up on Lore's youtube?

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I actually didn't record the VOD locally, but the post at the beginning of this thread should summarize everything succinctly.

The Lorerunner
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It's not yet on Youtube, or at least I couldn't find it. Nevertheless, here it is on Twitch.

If you want just delegates, you can skip to about 1:11:00

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Folded the rule changes into the other, official Gameplay Rules thread. Leaving this up for another week or two for older players to be able to see the changes in action, then this'll be shifted over to the archives.

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