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"DI Findings [Private, only for Military-, Navy- and Goverment members]"

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OOC: This is where I will post all Domestic Intelligence findings. So if you do not have a high position you can not read this thread

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This isn't necessary. You can ask Lore to make a private thread

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I asked him but he did not replay and I think its good to get this information out now

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It can wait for Lore. He is the GM, so if we cannot share critical information because of him, he can offset the disadvantage. Not to mention we have 6 days until the turn concludes.

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good enough, I will wait

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Guys this is the private group. Our group's called Echain Top Level Clearance.

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Oh, so I can use this thread without worry?

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OOC: Ok here it is

IC: People are welcomed in to a dimly lit room with a big table, chairs and a blackboard. At the end of the table is Director Nerozaz himself. He lays down a bunch of documents and a map on the table.

"Welcome, Gentleman. Sit down and I will tell you all what happened in Lurem".

"Former Director Infernal sent me to discover what was happening in Lurem. When I arrived I discovered that the local commanders had been gearing up for war and that ships been regularly making stops along the coast. I sneaked aboard one of these ships to see what they were transporing and where they came from.

"The crates contained mundane stuff like Food, clothing, medicine, ammunition. Nothing really special. But what was interesting was where the ships were coming from, Australia. Now I dont know if the Australian government was supporting the rebels in Lurem or if Australia is simple being used as a base of operation by some group".

"Before any of you ask I have already sent my ONLY agent to Australia to follow this lead. Until I hear something I think its a good idea to hold off on opening trade with Australia. When we are sure that Australia is not involved than you can diiscuss it".

"Any questions"?

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God damn Aussies

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Gollvieg we do not know yet if Canberra is involved in this and till then I would not come to conclusions. I would strike me as weird that of all foreign powers Australia should be the one responsible for this...

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I think stopping trade altogether would be a mistake, as guns could just as easily been transported from Indonesia, Philippines or New Zealand, especially it this is an action of the Australian government.
Instead I suggest we station soldiers in Eastport and Southport to help inspect incoming goods that are suspect.

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What did we even expect from decendents of English Criminals. Fine, I will reserve judgement on them but if this is true, we are vastly undermanned and underequipped. I will look into seeing if I can scrounge up some resources to handle future attacks

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I am in agreement with Felix in this, also if we should stop trade and the Australians are involved it would be a clear giveaway of our knowledge of the plot.

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I too agree but would not deploy soldiers!, let the local police handle it so it looks more like regular checks.

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I agree with you Governor Lorinbas on that I don't think Australia is involved. I don't see how this would benefit them. The Commonwealth on the other hand.

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The presence of soldiers can be masqueraded as simply shoring up defense - Eastport and Southport are hubs of foreign trade and were just attacked, so garrisoning a couple soldiers - and using them to help local police - would make sense.
The local police should not be informed, however. They could talk, even benignly, to their friends and families. But soldiers from other regions, with little fellows in either city and in active service present far smaller security risk.

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You guys are ignoring the fact that they are arming the commanders in LUREM...
I am currently employing plans to get rid of these nuisances, but I may require the support of the national army and fellow regional police. This will take time, if it works, but it will be worth it.
OOC: Just look at the Lurem thread to see what I want to do. Very Happy

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I wish I could help Governor but the two people I have are already on missions and cant help

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Send yourself out? Very Happy

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Delegate Zaz, what do you think of my trade proposal?

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Under what thread is you proposal and whats is its name?

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Director Nerozaz wrote:Under what thread is you proposal and whats is its name?

I put it in the public thread, here's a copy:

"I hence propose an exchange of capacities between Governors and the Intelligence agency.

The Governors will transfer their clandestine networks in exchange for the political apparatus of the Intelligence agency.

OOC: So here's what I'm actually proposing, in gameplay terms.
Governors who want to will give their secrecy to the IA, and Nerozaz will give them Influence.
It will be point-for-point.
Since Nerozaz probably can't generate influence so fast he could "pay" immediately, he will have some amount of influence that he'll retain, and the "monthly instalment" will be first given to Governor with least influence who wasn't compensated yet.
Also, if someone gives 2 secrecy, after being given 1 influence, he has to wait until the others are all paid 1 influence (he has to wait for the second round)."

So far only I signed up of all the Governors, but hey, even 1 secrecy would help, right?

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Yeah right now it sounds good. When DI is back on its feet I may wanna discuss it more but for now it works

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I'm really trusting you here not to spy on me or plot my assassination. You can have the group of guerrillas that tail me and provide counter-surveillance.

OOC:I disagree that it should be point-for-point. One is far harder to achieve than the other. 2 secrecy for 4 influence sounds fair.

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