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"DI Findings [Private, only for Military-, Navy- and Goverment members]"

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Governor Gollvieg wrote:I never apologised only because you disrespected my culture call me whatever you want but keep my people out of it. But in the interest of cooperation, I apologise for any ill words I may have said both intended and unintended

I believe you mean this statement of mine:
Felix Clary zu Osegg wrote:You started this by accusing me of a crime on behalf of the true perpetrator, and then you committed it yourself. I have even voiced that I was insulted by that. I though that Chinese take manners seriously, but perhaps I was mistaken, as you neither apologised nor mounted defence for your opinion.

If you felt I insulted the Chinese people, that was not my intent. I've not met many Chinese, but I do hold their philosophy in great esteem, even going so far to suggest, in my master's thesis, that Max Weber's famed concept of proper civil service is eerily similar to the ancient Chinese philosophy of legalism and system of bureaucracy.
I did mention your descent because I was forced to explain how I was insulted twice, or, actually, thrice, before receiving any reaction on the matter. I am used that Europeans will rather keep silent about their mistakes, but I always imagined the Chinese were more intellectually honest.
Also, don't confuse this with me demanding an apology - I would do fine with a discussion on the matter, with a defense of your words; it was the absence of even an acknowledgement of the event which angers me so.

OOC: I just like the RP. I won't mind if you just write that we dealt with it somehow off-camera if you just don't want to deal with this Very Happy
And Bradley, this is not petty. I was accused of something my opponent did. Imagine you're a baker, and Johny steals bread from you. Then the police show up and say you stole bread from Johny. That's how my character felt about the situation.

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Most of you people know my stance on Echains cultural heritage. You know that I would bleed, kill and die for our culture without betting an eyelash or hesitation. Yet even I see the Japanese as a net positive. What is important is that we integrate them into our culture, traditions and way of live. We should not let them form segregated groups; I do not want a Japanese “Chinatown” in Central.
But the use we can gain from these people is worth the risk in my book and I am willing to do whatever will be necessary to integrate them into Echain society.

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A young woman in a business suit enters the room

"Gentlemen! I am Erena, secretary for Director Nerozaz. With the Director away I was told to share any information we find with all of you. Our agent in Australia has reported back, it seems that over the last months there was some movements politically to militarily conquer much smaller island nations. The reason for this was to create a chain attempt to validate their independence from the british throne. However its seems that these ideas was universally shot down as impractical and dangerous, as fear of the American forces are high right now".

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Are you going to buy my secrecy this turn Nerozaz?

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How much was did we agree on, now again?

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Just as a reminder, I am owed 3 INF. Repayment is possible until Turn 9.

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7 Inf

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Hello again gentlemen.

I can report that the Japanese Initiative has pulled completely out of Echain. I don't know why they left, even members of the Initiative doesn't know the full details. All I know is that it was a political call from back home.

Also I have gotten a report from Australia that their state has weakened politically, they are functioning effectively as a British colony. They are looking into any methods available to try and break the links between them and the United Kingdom.

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OOC: I would like to remind Director Nerozaz that this topic still exists.

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OOC: True, but Lore has not given me an report yet

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Here is my next report gentlemen:

First Australia their government is currently debating on whether or not to remain under the UK's wing or not.

Secondly in Indonesia the local communist forces in are failing, hard. They are losing public support to the point that they are actually stealing from peasants to support their agenda. The leaders of the nation that is supposed to represent capitalism has become like a dictatorship which only benefits the ruling elite. And the Dutch involved are basically pretending they're holding on when they are, in fact, not.

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Sounds like the time to strike. I am sorry for acting outside this agency's knowledge, but I have been shipping goods directly to Indonesian peasants for a few months now. I believe it is time we attempt to act as liberator's in this regard.

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