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Turn 4: And Now It All Goes To Hell

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1 Turn 4: And Now It All Goes To Hell on Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:00 pm

OOC: First, a Gameplay change note, just in case anyone missed it.  Except in emergency situations, Council votes are now extended throughout the week before being called.  The exact procedure for debating and discussing issues and bills as outlined by KarbinCry remains unchanged.  This is to help lower the bar of entry and keep Governors active in national politics.

The recent spring festival received a rather mixed reception.  While it was a good time of merriment for many, a lot of people present (especially the Echaini) did not seem to care for the unusual cuisine being offered, and the political undercurrent put off a few people.  Still, many Japanese people celebrated with vigor and joy, most likely celebrating all the harder for how messed up their lives had become within the last year.

Many of the Regions of Echain have begun vigorous economic policies, dumping millions of Espadas into the system in hopes of encouraging the establishment and growth of an economy, as well as implementing proper taxes and tariffs for the first time in the history of the burgeoning nation.

Several massive battles took place during the previous month, notably in Northport, Eastport, Southport, and Lurem.  Of these, Echaini only truly took part in battles in Eastport and Lurem.  A mercenary group, who's been in the area previously and was attempting to sell their services to the Republic of Echain before it collapsed, ended up fighting in these battles in defense of the local Echaini.  As a side consequence of this, the Darpon are currently enjoying tremendous popularity amongst the people, and are being heralded as heroes.  They will be doubtless be approaching the Council soon.

It is now May 1st, 1946.

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2 Re: Turn 4: And Now It All Goes To Hell on Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:16 am

Isn't it 1946?

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