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OOC: This is just an RP piece on request of Krenzler to increase naval recruitment. This is meant to be just one of multiple events.

Governor Alexander stands on a podium dressed formally, standing at his side is Admiral Krenzler.

"Ladies and gentlemen thank you for coming here today and giving your support for out great Navy. As you all know Southport has a history of being the biggest support of the Navy in all the regions."

"In days gone Southport was a hub of naval activity and many members of the community was either in the Navy or had a family member in the Navy, that is why today I am re-affirming this great tradition by helping Admiral Krenzler recruit more men and women into this most honourable profession. Without further ado I would like to introduce the Admiral of the fleet Vladislav Krenzler!".

Cheers go up from the crowd of a few thousand people.

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Admiral Krenzler steps up to the podium, nodding to the governor as he passes him.

"Thank you, Governor.  And thank you all, for such a warm welcome.  As Admiral, it is my duty to ensure the safety of Echain but I can only do so with the help of men and women like you, standing beside me in the days to come.  Our fleet may be small now, but even as I speak efforts are being made to expand it, so when the time comes we will be prepared to stand on our own, as a strong, free Echain.  Will you, my brothers and sisters, help me ensure that this future comes to pass?  Will you dedicate yourselves to protecting your friends, your families and neighbors?  If you have the courage and dedication, as I am certain you do, then I ask you to enlist now."

The Admiral raises his right fist into the air.

"For Echain!"

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