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Crisis - Race War [Private](Crisis Resolved, Please Archive)

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Governor WhiskeyWhiskers wrote:Plainsdale is not currently suffering these issues yet. As my solutions are not wanted for your regions, I will not be forcing my views on anyone any further.

How do you know until your census report comes back?. You see the operative word there is "yet" notice how that can change at any time.

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Plainsdale will be far better served without being involved in forced segregation, regardless. Good day.

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Governor WhiskeyWhiskers wrote:Plainsdale will be far better served without being involved in forced segregation, regardless. Good day.

Since when was segregation a forced thing here?, as I already said Southport will never have segregation but whatever. Good day.

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...and I said multiple times my proposal is an opt-in programme.

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And I will not be party to any discussions that allow it as an option.

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Governor WhiskeyWhiskers wrote:What a facile argument Felix. Racists attack an inherent trait, one its victims can't change. I attack a behaviour, a belief. A dangerous and toxic belief.

Plainsdale is pulling out of these talks. It will conduct itself as it sees fit. Cameras will still be supplied to Governor Gollvieg.

It's as if that's what I said about socialism, but everyone was against me...

I would like to use this logic and re-continue my anti-socialist propaganda since you support my argument. Very Happy

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And here we come to the big problem with our system. We are more a federation than an nation and every governor can do what they want to. But in this, we need to work together or we will not accomplish any thing. Just because your region does not show singes of the issues does not mean they do not exist. If we just concern ourselves only with our own little rooms, what is the point in being a nation at all? We are a single nation and we should act this way.

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Gollvieg stare them down. "Census? Segregation? This is more than a Race problem, murderers are running wild in the streets and we are discussing how we are going to appease them? This is fundamentally more than an issue with race riots, this is a full breakdown of social order. If we do not back up our laws and make sure everyone knows that the law is to be followed then it is no small wonder why we are unable to maintain basic civilization. I ask you right now, is murder a crime?"

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So this is a legal and law enforcement issue more than anything else. Which means we should enforce the law, arrest any individuals who violate it and fine any companies or organizations that perform unlawful practices. The rule of law and impartial justice should prevail. Any measures aimed at any group, be it Japanese or Echaini, is most likely to feed to division between ethnicities and mistrust and hatred towards the government.

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You are insanely optimistic and naive. We cannot simply cower our heads and "enforce the law" - we need active countermeasures to the problem.

You forget one important thing.

Who are our police?
Who are our judges?
Who makes up most of our administration?

I'll give you a hint: they're not saints. They are people. Predominantly Echani people. With the same prejudices, with the same misguided feelings. With the same biases.

What you propose is as if occupation authorities in Germany hired Totenkopf as police and told them to uphold laws prohibiting violence on Jews. You are telling racists to enforce prohibition of racism.

This is absurd and dangerously naive behaviour that will do nothing to assuage the problem, nothing to help protect the Japanese, nothing to truly uphold the law, and, ultimately, can only lead to further ruin.

You cannot act from a position of smug moral superiority. What you are doing right now is the same thing you (especially Governor Gollvieg) criticised Governor Knight for - you are making demands and plans without capacity to follow them through, not to mention these plans are plain wrong in the first place.

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You seem to be going on the assumption that the majority of the Echaini people are inherently racist and are willing to neglect the duties of their government jobs in favor of these biases and prejudices, while we still don't know anything about the full extend of this problem. The reason why I believe we should start with law enforcement is because those people work for us. They are duty-bound to enforce the laws we make. If they are unable or unwilling to do so, we should kick them out, simple as that.

The thing with segretation is that it does not only pander to the racist cry to have the Japanese removed from Echaini society, it is also a temporary band-aid solution at best. Let's start with the fact that outside of Southshore and Central the Japanese form less than 10% of the total population in most provinces, as they do consist of less than 10% of the national population. Segregation implied the establishment of a entire separate social, institutional and economic systems. Do you think the small communities outside of Southshore and Central will be able to maintain those to Echaini levels? I think not, and I therefore believe that segregation will lead to them becoming a frustrated and destitute underclass of second-class citizens, which will certainly become a problem down the line.

Secondly, there is the fact that segration only enforces the division. Both groups will only drift further apart, with mistrust and xenophobia being fed rather than invalidated. Meaning that the problem of racism will probably only get worse over time. And if we look at examples of segregation about, it becomes evident that it does not prevent racial violence, unless you propose to physically wall off the Japanese.

Integration is the only durable solution to our problem. It may be a rocky road and might not lead to an immediate end to violence, but it is the only way to actually tackle this problem, rather than kicking it down the road and having it come back with a vengeance. As I said earlier, segragation might work as a short-term - matter of weeks, maybe months - soluation to keep the Japanese safe, but as a long-term solution it is going to make things far worse.

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Well fuck...
71% of Lurem wants 10% of the population to be kicked out...

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My legal team is preparing the concrete legislation I outlined here. I also prepared an actual scientific opinion poll in Eastport, which will tell us more about the issue in a rich Region.

If I am correct, and situation in Eastport is a bit better, we will take in Japanese from Regions where situation is extremely unstable and dangerous for the Japanese, such as Lurem.

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I'd rather not give away 10% of my population.

I'll attempt to make things better... Very Happy

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Crisis? What Crisis? Discussion Closed, Please Archive

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