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Council of Governors - Military Funding Discussion

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I will be brief, as to not waste your time on this matter.  I am not, in fact, asking you to increase military spending.  Instead I merely wish to propose that the funding be divided between the branches equitably, so as to improve efficiency of day to day operations.  It is most frustrating having to go through someone else several times in order to get things done, after all.  However, as I understand the need for transparency, I will agree to bring any proposed projects to the Council before implementing them.  I would not wish to be seen as merely serving my own ends, after all.

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Permanent Delegation for Echains Defense is in charge of all four branches of the military. The Council bequeaths funds to the Delegation as a whole, thus division of money to each branch is an internal matter of the Delegation.

However, Eastport is prepared to build ships for military use and lease them to the Delegation.

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I presume that the good Admiral is suggesting to establish a seperate naval delegation.

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To do goes against the Constitution, which mandates that the armed forces are under unitary command.
Admiral is, however, welcome to put his case for replacement of Delegate WarWager for the Council's deliberation.

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The Chair reminds people that if WarWager is being a financial bottleneck, he can be removed or bypassed in-character. By a number of means.

The Lorerunner
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Is it the Admirals wish to become the Delegate of Defence?.

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I would prefer not to, but if it's the only way I can get anything done...

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Admiral Krenzler wrote:I would prefer not to, but if it's the only way I can get anything done...

Is up to you but if you wish to do so I would happily sponsor your appointment.

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OOC: Just a friendly reminder that we still owe Darpon 40 Million ESP for the remainder of the year.

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