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Turn 9-1066

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1 Turn 9-1066 on Sun Feb 26, 2017 1:08 pm

Admiral Krenzler:
You gain 1 Wealth from trade.  10 turns for watch station system to be complete.  4 turns for the Institute to be complete.  4 turns to convert Levies.  3 turns to complete Trained Garrison training. 2 turns to complete Green Crusaders training.

Your army marches into Yngvarr’s lands.  No response is forth coming so far as your men begin to burn it village by village.

A thorough examination of the wealth potential of the former Knut lands has begun.

No response is forth coming from the northern Silver Coast.

The relief force of both Nestav and House Isabjorg forces run into a wooden wall erected by those besieging House Hakon’s castle.

8 turns for the Military Academy to be complete.  4 turns to convert Levies.  2 turns to convert Green Archers to Trained.

12 turns to complete the Workshop.

This time the balloon experiment was a success.  The alchemist’s son came out of it alive and well.  The hot-air balloon shows promise as a concept.  Experimentation has begun on the golem.

A message comes back from the Shu General.  He is a bit receptive to your gift.

The diplomat has begun his journey to Ata Raxia.

8 turns for the rings to be forged.  6 turns for the ports to be complete.  5 turns for the University to be complete.  The Roads are now complete.

Missives come in from some of the Houses of the southern Silver Coast stating that they will come to discuss the trade league at your chosen time.

You gain 1 Wealth from trade.  20 turns for the shipyards to be complete.  7 turns for the University to be complete.

Onyx Aurelius:
The scouts scatter to the corners of the nearby mountain range at your behest to investigate the Houses there.  So far as they report for now none of them have an army greater to 3,000 in number.

Study of the sapphire brought in by Arn Baggi reveals it to be the same as the ‘mana crystal ore’ purchased from the Seven Isles.

Spies easily infiltrate the chaotic serpent port of Laventino.  They report great big rail ramps hanging off the side of the serpent on the Storm Valley side.  Also included are stretches of wooden craft with triangular wings at the belly of the vehicle.  None of them know what the purpose of such a craft is.

11 turns for the Institute to be complete.  9 turns for Town upgrade to be complete.  Road overhaul is complete.

The various parties are dispersed to fulfill their assignments.

39 turns for the Tau College to be complete.

7 turns for the Port to be complete.

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2 Re: Turn 9-1066 on Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:08 pm

Fortune roll:

Total:30 blessing
Rolled d6. 5 to wealth

I will ask my banner house to assist me in making my tau college

I will also send my guerrillas, mercenaries, Commander Grimebolt, and support to aid house lanor in preparation for the attack on the port.

I'll also have my men wait for after the raid upon the port, and house Lanore to leave before capturing atleast two hundred civilians within the port.

Current house stats:

Def 5
Inf 24
lan 3
law 22
pop 22 (-2 tau college) 20
Pow 6
Wea 8

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3 Re: Turn 9-1066 on Wed Mar 01, 2017 1:51 am

Projects, training and efforts to expand trade will continue as before.  The Engineers of House Geirmund are to survey the surrounding lands for anything of value, including sites where defensive structures can be built, minerals, metals and stone to be quarried for building purposes.  The Trained cavalry will take up their patrol duties once more.  Meanwhile, nonperishable foodstuffs are to be collected for emergency stores in case of a siege.

Fortune Rolls:
House Geirmund: 7d6 + 8 = 32 (Growth) 1d3 = 3 Population

Clan Grimmore: 9d6 - 7 = 20 (Blessing) 1d6 = 5 Population

End of Turn Stats:
House Geirmund: Defense 8, Influence 4, Lands 7, Law 28, Population 24, Power 2, Wealth 7

Clan Grimmore: Defense 11, Influence 10, Lands 5, Law 22, Population 25, Power 2, Wealth 3

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4 Re: Turn 9-1066 on Thu Mar 02, 2017 7:40 pm

To all players/NPC nations:
House Lanore has written a document and signed it, encouraging many others to sign it to establish a formal treaty for 'Rules of War'

The following is the Otterburg Doctrine:

Conduct for Warfare

  • A force approaching a opposing city, fortification, or castle is required to offer terms of surrender. If the defenders refuse then one may begin the siege. Failure to abide by this will result in severe judicial punishment for the Attacking Force's Commander.

  • All officers are to be held accountable for the conduct of their men.

  • Targeting of surrendered or fleeing combatants is strictly forbidden, Once a side has left the field the engagement is considered over.

  • The flying of a white flag with a green 'X' going from border to border is to represent the gathering of wounded, and giving last rights to the dying. This flag is to be accompanied by parishioners, doctors, and undertakers. Attacking the carriers of this flag is a violation of decency and will be punishable by Militant jury.

Conduct of Military Forces in Occupied territory

  • Looting, Pillaging, Destruction of Property will be considered an act of aggression and the belligerent will be held responsible for both paying back the estimated loss of property and repairing damage done. Additionally the party responsible for the damaged will be held in full tribunal and punishment may include, but is not limited to: Penal legion service, Indentured Servitude, Full dishonorable discharge and seizure of property.

  • Burning or intentional targeting of Religious buildings, Hospitals, Centers of Learning, and Welfare centers are strictly Prohibited.

  • The act of Sexual Assault against an occupied peoples is to be punished with immediate dishonorable discharge and seizure of wealth to be given to the victim. Additional punishments may include Servitude, Familial seizure of wealth and property, and Death.

  • Harassment of an occupied peoples is strictly forbidden. All forces are to obey the laws of the occupied land to the extent where it will not interfere with their duties. Occupying forces are to form a liaison corps to work between the people and the force to ensure a safe occupation.

++Addendum++ Aggression and partisan actions against an occupied force is strictly prohibited. Non-uniformed or unmarked combatants are to be countered with hostility; and the Occupying force/Civilians are recommended and encouraged to take all necessary action against them.

On the Handling of Prisoners of War

  • All Prisoners are to be treated with hospitality and given food as well as medical treatment as priority. Additionally; torture, starvation, neglect, forced labor, and executions are prohibited as well as selling Prisoners into slavery..

  • An force that has surrendered will be disarmed, and a formal acceptance of surrender to be signed and witnessed by the officer corps of all belligerents. The Surrendered force's commanders will be held responsible for the discipline of their men until a time that a proper reallocation of prisoners can be conducted.

  • Any prisoner that takes up arms against their captors will subject themselves to full military tribunal with punishments not limited to execution.

  • Any force overseeing the well-being of prisoners found guilty of neglect or abuse will be held on trial and may be stripped of all authority and rights.

  • In event of maritime conflict, shipwrecked sailors and/or sailors in distress are to be treated equally and rescued promptly to ensure minimal loss of life.

  • All exchanges of captives for ransom or other captives are to be held on neutral grounds under the white flag.

    On Violations of Treaties
    A nation that Violates the treaty is subject to loss of protection of said treaty, as well as full economic sanctions from all member nations. Additionally, this grants a just cause of war from any member nation against the belligerent party.

Heinrich will order the balloon project continue, with the balloon attempting to go higher. Bags of rocks will be carried insides to try and figure out weight ratios to the lift of the balloon. This will be done one bag at a time, very carefully, with the knots holding the balloon together triple, then quadruple checked.

The study of the Golem's mana crystal and how it keeps it going is to be continued with high priority with 'volunteers' from the dungeons.

We await news of the "diplomat" sent to Ata Raxia.

Several letters and packaged will be sent to the Shu general. Swords, armour, coins, some gems, and stories of the Kingdom of Ponthus's Victories in the past and Present. Heinrich will invite him to the Capitol for 'tea.'

Raid on the Chu Port:

Several days before, the catapults will pre target and pre-range to target the Chu Garrison Headquarters.
When the day of the thickest fog comes, just before dawn the raiders and guerrillas will sneak into the city, using maps made from the scouts that map out Chu patrols. After taking out the patrols one at a time, They will sneak onto the Chu ships and set sail on five of them.
The other thirteen are to be set fire on the sails and in the hold. Once the fire happens, a war horn will blast from the raiders will signal a three- fold attack.

-Firstly, the Royal guard and infantry will raid the barracks used by the Chu and try and kill or capture the sleeping soldiers.
-Secondly, Any remaining patrols are to be handled by the Bloodmouth Mercenaries who will then make sure the Chu ships burn.
-Thirdly, the catapults that were pre ranged will fire several barrages of rocks and fire shot into the Garrison HQ.

Once the three fold plan is done, all the Calvary will ride through the city and yell and make as much noise while eliminating any half-asleep chu soldier they come across. Their goal is to add to the confusion of the foggy fire filled night and make sure the chu cannot form a proper counter attack. The rest of the army will then sweep the city house by house and kill or capture any remaining soldiers

(let it be noted that all forces will use the maps of the patrols and sneak as close as possible to the city before launching the attack. Under the cover of fog, putting dirt and grime on the shiny parts of their armour, and using the patrol maps they should be within spitting distance.)

Fortune roll/ Holdings:
House Fortune Roll: 30 Blessing

2 to Lands (+4 to Wealth from the Expedition)

Def +13
Influence +3
Lands +9
Law +27
Pop +39
Power +11
Wealth +22
Glory: 3

Mines x2
Superior Castle
Commander Aleksander (Green)(Inf Command, Fighting , Warfare 2)

Commander Zhukov (Trained) (Command 2, Fighting 3, Warfare 1)

Commander Farhowl (Veteran) (Inf Command 3, Fighting 3, Warfare 4)

3,000 Royal Guard (Green) (18 power) (Discipline Modifier -6)(Athletics +1) (Armour 6, Pen -3) (Defence 4)(Morale 6)(BD: 8 )(Athletics 1, Endurance 1, Fighting 2)

1,000 Personal Guard, Elite (13 Power)(Discipline Modifier -6) Athletics 2, Endurance 5, Fighting 7

1,000 Scouts (Green) (2 Power) (Discipline Modifier +3)(Defence 5)(Morale 6)(BD: 3) )Awareness 1, Endurance, Stealth 1)

1,000 Garrison (Green) (12 Power) (Discipline Modifier -3/+3)(Athletics +1) (Armour 3, Pen -2) (Defence 5 )(Morale 9)(BD: 6) (Awareness, Endurance 1, Fighting 1)

2,000 Raiders (Green) (Discipline Modifier +3)(Athletics+1)(Armour 2, Pen -1)(Defence 5)(Morale 6)(BD: 6)(Agility, Endurance , Fighting )

1,000 Archers (3 pts) (Discipline Modifier +3)(Athletics +1)(Armour 2, Pen -1)(Defence 3)(Morale 5) (BD: 5)(Agility 1, Awareness, Marksmanship 1)

1,000 Calvary Archers [Special] 4 pts (Discipline Modifier +0))(Athletics +1)(Armour 2, Pen -1)(Defence 3)(Morale 5) (BD: 4)(Agility 1, Animal Handling 1, Marksmanship)

4,000 Garrison (Green) (12 Power) (Discipline Modifier -3/+3)(Athletics +1) (Armour 3, Pen -2) (Defence 5 )(Morale 9)(BD: 6) (Awareness, Endurance 1, Fighting 1)

3,000 Criminal, Green (2 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15) Endurance 1, Fighting 1, Stealth 0

3,000 Criminal, Green (2 Power)(Discipline Modifier +15) Endurance 0, Fighting 1, Stealth 1

3,000 Archers (Trained)(Discipline Modifier +0)(Athletics +1)(Armour 2, Pen -1)(Defense 5)(Morale 5) (BD: 5)(Agility 2, Awareness, Marksmanship 1)

5,000 Calvary (Trained)(Discipline Modifier -3)(Athletics+3)(Armour 0, Pen 0)(Defense 5) Morale )(BD: 6) (Agility 2, Animal Handling, Fighting 2)

1,000 Engineers (Green)(Discipline Modifier +3)(Athletics)(Armour 2, Pen -1)(Defense 5)(BD: 4)(Morale 7) (Endurance 1, Fighting, Warfare 1)

7,000 Infantry (Green)(Discipline Modifier +0)(Athletics+1)(Armour 3, Pen -2)(Defence 5) (BD: 6) (Athletics 1, Endurance , Fighting 1)

8 turns for the rings to be forged. 6 turns for the ports to be complete. 5 turns for the University to be complete.

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5 Re: Turn 9-1066 on Sat Mar 04, 2017 1:17 am

7d6=26+10(House Fortune) = 36 Result:Boon Resource allocation wealth+power


Arn Baggi is sent back to his lands, after hearing his pleas for assistance, and being informed of the situation, House Aurelion issues a public call to those at war with house Baggi. 

"To those who are engaged in conflict with House Baggi, Leeman Kor-Azor, Bern of House Aurelion seeks audience with each of you. Meet at the edge of Aurelion Lands, to be brought to Starforger Hall, for a meeting, and feast, in order to discuss House Baggi's situation, as well as other matters. Each house is allowed one thousand men to bring with them, should they feel the need for it." The documents are signed and sealed with Leeman Kor-Azor's name and personal seal.

House Filbert is sent a message to prepare troops their troops, and to dock warships inside of Port Sarum, no reason other than "Military drills" are given.

Initial reports from Laventinese lands hold promise, agents are tasked with further integration, a more detailed report is expected by the winter solstice.

Stat Changes:
Defense:0 Influence:13 Land:2 Law:26 Population:16 Power:7+5=12 Wealth:9+6-3(Spent dealing with hidden events)=12

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6 Re: Turn 9-1066 on Sat Mar 04, 2017 11:05 pm

3,1,1,6,6,2,2+10=31 BLESSING

The houses that respond will be invited at the start of the next month for the meeting on the isles, and House DA'BOLÉRO, Ythiri, Lanore, and Aurelious are invited to this Meeting.

1 Wealth will be spent to allow the engineers and development team behind the Clipper project to make a small scale model of the clipper to test out in a water tank to ensure the thing floats, as well as how well the ship's current design glides through the water. This will also test the structure integrity of the design.

House Stats:
Def: 5
Inf: 9
Land: 3
Law: 51
Pop: 41
Pow: 0+3=3 (Fortune)
Wealth:14+1-1+2+3+3-1=21 (Trade) (Fortune) (Market+Port: d6=3) (Payment Chu) (expedition)

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7 Re: Turn 9-1066 on Sun Mar 05, 2017 2:26 am

Fortune roll:
I roll 18, to which I add my House Fortune of 5, giving me 23. Thus, I gain Curse. I add my Inf modifier to it, and I gain Growth instead.

I improve one resources by d3 points, for which I roll 2. The resource I pick is Pop.

I add 3 more Pop to the construction of the Port.

I keep working on improving my diplomatic ties with my Banner Houses.

I stay on the lookout for any news about the zinc mine expedition.

Assessment on the winding road on the side of the Serpent: how much time would it take to repair/build it with 10 Pop? I assume your previous assessment was for 1 Pop only, so let me copy/paste what you wrote at the time: 128 turns to complete (at the cost of 2 Wealth)

Current stats:
Def 6
Inf 1
Lands 0
Law 21
Pop 22
Power 2
Wealth 5
House Fortune Total  = +5
13 Pop used for building Port

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8 Re: Turn 9-1066 on Sun Mar 05, 2017 7:23 pm

Fortune Roll:
Rolled 7d6 = 26 + 6 = 32 Growth; Add 2 to Power

A garrison unit of cavalry, infantry and scouts will be kept in Silvercreek Port. The scouts from this garrison will be ordered to keep an eye on the Northern Silver Coast in case they try anything suspicious.

Lord Protector Edward will order scouts to recon the enemy position and take notes of everything they can. Enemy fortifications and entrenchments, as well as troop movements behind the wooden wall if possible and the status of the siege itself.

8 turns for the Military Academy to be complete. 4 turns to convert Levies. 2 turns to convert Green Archers to Trained.

House Stats:
Def = 3
Inf = 9
Lan = 6
Law = 32
Pop = 22
Pow = 7
Wea = 7

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