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Turn 6: Trash

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1 Turn 6: Trash on Sat Mar 04, 2017 9:50 am

A new orphanage has been opened in Central, which has already taken in quite a few children who previously did not have a place to live.

Word has leaked out to the Regions that some of the money from the Echaini National Bank has been stolen by means unknown. This has led to a bit of a small 'money panic' across the country, and the Bank is having trouble convincing citizenry and officials that it has the capacity to function properly.

The First Lurem Games happens at the end of the previous month, to much pomp and fanfare. All are welcome to participate or perceive, and while not exactly on the level of the olympics, it is a fairly successful event that lifts everyone's spirits a bit.

Across the nation petitions have started reaching the offices of the underlings who report to the underlings who make up the bureaus of the Governors. Apparently the trash situation has started to get a bit out of hand, as no proper trash system has been put in place aside from 'taking it to the dump' and the people are hoping for a new system to be implemented. There are several options available, but all have significant negative consequences. The public eye turns to the Council to resolve this situation.

It is now July 1st, 1946.

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