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Turn 6 In Progress

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1 Turn 6 In Progress on Mon Mar 06, 2017 9:17 am

Trade 1.5 ESP to Lurem
Buy a miniscule amount of trash vehicles for .5 ESP
Pay for each house to have trash bins for .5 ESP
Section off area for dumps, .2 ESP
Up police body armor, weapons, and academy (4 ESP, 1  Inf)
Establish Progressive Party for 1 ESP and 1 Inf.
Taxes at 1%, Tariffs at 8%

Receive 1.5 ESP from Southport, producing ammo and small arms for Southport
Receive 1 ESP per month from Waltens, also producing ammo and small arms for Waltens.
Survey roads (1 Inf)
Establish Sanitation & Health department (1 Inf) & plan out Recycling Center and Incinerator.  
Enforce Recycle, Trash, Organic trash system (1 Inf) & tax households for trash services to lower Maint.
Expand weapons factory, slowly (.2 ESP)
Send Central tractors to fields
Build patrol boats (.8 ESP)
Assign militia patrol duty regularly (1 Inf)
Establish Department of Finances to regulate, administer, and strengthen taxes and tariffs. (3 Inf)
Establish People's Council (1 Inf)
Set Tariffs at 5%

Spend 1.2 ESP on establishing major gardens and statues dedicated to the revolution across Plainsdale and the surrounding cities
Attempt to spread propaganda about socialism and milita serivce, at a cost of 1 Inf
Begin negotations with Student Unions, asking what could be improved about deprofessionalisation of militia

Form Bureau of Sanitation (1 Inf), Bureau begins work on trash and recycling system.  Dumpsite in Castor established, with increased pay for Morale. (0.5 ESP).
Fire department push for severe, chemical, and hazardous materials fires to increase Security. (1 Inf)
Investigate black market (1 Inf)
Build Echaini Vegas (2 ESP)
Taxes at 2%, Tariffs at 3%

Begin construction of garbage trucks (1 ESP), to export to Aberisk and Lurem.
Establish Governmental Sanitation Department (1 Inf), which will collect, process, and ship to Aberisk.
Begin plans for Angel Forge to construct private and civilian vehicles, seeking investors.
Construct office for Delegation of Foreign Affairs with addition of telephone lines (1.2 ESP)

Begin designing commercial airport (1 Inf)
Expand mining into Underground and Excavator operations (1 ESP)
Set aside money for workers guild (1 ESP)
Taxes at 6%, Tariffs at 0%.

Establish Sanitation Department (1 Inf) and begin nominal composting operations.
1 ESP per Month for arms and ammunition from Lurem.
Begin work into exporting silver and diamonds, while skimming silver for Regional government. (0.8 ESP) (1 Inf)
Administrative restructuring in a Provincial setup begins (1 ESP, 3 Inf)
Taxes: 5%, Tariffs: 2%

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