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The Progressive Party

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1 The Progressive Party on Tue Mar 07, 2017 4:09 pm

Governor Alexander of Southport stands on a podium with a few local Assemblymen. Banners are flown in the crowd with a Lion and various national symbols on them, the new flag of the Progressive Party.

"Thank you for introducing me Assemblyman Adams, ladies and gentlemen! I am here today to announce the creation of a new political party!. Now that things have stabilised in Echain and our nation is on the path of glory it is time for people of all ideology's to form party's....there very voice!, which will advocate a viewpoint and provide people more clarity when it comes to deciding who to support and who supports them".

"The Progressive Party will be the first major party in Echain to have a Governor as a member and I hope this will signify it's prominence and support in the future. No doubt you wish to hear our platform and what we believe in, so without further ado here are our main positions."

1) The Progressive Party is a liberal party with the intention of promoting Social Democratic principles that value people over everything else.

2) Unemployment will be stemmed with large infrastructure projects such as roads, railways and land development.

3) Taxes will be based on income with the richer paying more than the poor.

4) The environment must be protected and large scale projects and logging practises must be sporadic and take great care to protect the local habitats and eco-systems.

5) A minimum wage in each region that reflects the living standards of the area to prevent organisations from extorting the populace.

6) Immigration for refugees shall be more streamlined and protections for refugees will be established.

7) The creation of a system of free education from Primary School to University, an educated populace will mean a large economy.

8 ) Protectionism and high tariffs to prevent foreign company's from taking over Echain.

9) Universal healthcare free at the point of delivery, a healthy populace is a more productive populace.

10) Abolish and make it illegal for men and women under 12 to work in dangerous jobs.

11) The increased funding of the military and intelligence services to protect our nation from foreign threats.

12) Establishing of alliances with major powers like Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

13) Neutrality in the Cold War with trading for both blocks.

14) Bribery should be made illegal in the political system and known practitioners should be jailed. Further, access should be given to the public in the Council of Governors through radio apart from the most sensitive of talks.

15) Equality above all between all genders, sexuality's and income with discrimination in the workplace outlawed.

16) War and interventionism should only happen if there is no other option or a nation/colony is under foreign abusive rule.

17) Closer cultural and political ties with all regions.

18) The party will reject donations from large corporations and will only accept contributions from regional governments and the people.

19) The direction of the party will be decided by a national board made up of representatives from each region with a Chair and 9 Vice-chairs (all from the 9 regions) these people must be either Governors or Assemblymen/women. Each region will also have it's own board with representatives from each area of a region that will answer to the national organisation, these require no past experience in government but they must be members of the party. These people will be elected by official members of the party who spend 5 Espada a month (3 for students) to be an official supporter. The candidates for various positions like Governor and Assemblymen shall be decided by a primary where all members of the region affected get to vote on the candidate E.G. for the position of Assemblyman of Southport City all candidates will be voted on by every member within the city but not outside.

20) Governors and Assemblymen who join the party will commit to a mutual obligation to each other regardless of regions and will push this platform on the national and local level and will also promise each other aid if it encompasses the party platform.

"We hope the creation of this party will give the people a voice and unite the regions with the common goal of unity, thank you for coming and I hope you will consider joining . The first elections for Chair and Vice-Chairs plus all the regional branches will happen in exactly 5 months time so don't forget to join."

Alexander goes of the stage to applause and answers some questions.

OOC: Feel free to ask questions IC as to issues addressed/not addressed and so forth, this took a while to write lol Very Happy.

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2 Re: The Progressive Party on Tue Mar 07, 2017 10:24 pm



Governor Alexander Camoes-Jackman of Southport - Acting Chair

Governor Grifenknight of Lurem - Acting Vice-Chair of Lurem


Ambassador Redmane - Diplomatic Advisor

Military Officials

Admiral Krenzler - Military Advisor

Last edited by Governor Alexander on Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:42 pm; edited 1 time in total

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3 Re: The Progressive Party on Wed Mar 08, 2017 12:39 am

The weekly Progressive Party newspaper is delivered to members

Ambassador Redmane joins the party!. This gives a much needed foreign policy boost to the party and will no doubt add momentum in any upcoming elections!.

Governor Alexander commended this by stating "Ambassador Redmane is an excellent man that is working tirelessly for the nation in Australia and other nations. It is an honour for him to join such a young party and it just goes to show out popularity. The party has agreed that the good Ambassador will advise the Committee on all matters concerning diplomatic negotiations."

Another victory for our young party!.


The respected Admiral and head of the Navy Admiral Krenzler has today joined our party after a brief chat with Govenror Alexander, apparently according to some sources the Admiral was more than happy to join the party and views the platform of the party with great respect.

Who could dispute the popularity of the party when a respected diplomat and a respected Admiral join with a Governor to create a better Echain?.

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4 Re: The Progressive Party on Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:41 pm

Governor Alexander holds a press conference in Lurem where many reporters are gathered to hear party news.

"It is with GREAT privilege that I announce today that Governor Grifenknight of Lurem has official joined the Progressive Party!, a second Governor in the party officially makes us the strongest party in the Council with SEED only having 1 member. Tonight we will celebrate this momentous occasion before preparing for the Chair and Vice-Chair elections in a few months, with people joining daily it looks like we have no shortage of candidates so remember get out and VOTE!".

"On that topic I would like to officially announce my candidacy for the Chair position and I look forward to the brotherly contest that will now take place in the party. Good evening everyone"

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5 Re: The Progressive Party on Wed Mar 15, 2017 10:22 am

The now monthly Progressive Party newspaper is delivered to members


In a surprise development that will surly unite the party in the coming months, Governor Grifenknight of Lurem has officially announced his intention to NOT run for party Chair leaving Governor Alexander the only declared candidate as the deadline passes. With the matter if the Chair decided early the party will no doubt be able to focus on the Vice-Chair and regional candidates up for election in two months.

Governor Grifenknight is expected to easily win the Lurem Vice-Chair race and serve as de-facto vice leader for Governor Alexander, other races however are wide open and only time will tell which men and women will form the core leadership of the party.


The party did exceptionally well in the local elections taking a storm of seats from challengers and incumbents alike, we now equal SEED in terms of numbers and will no doubt exceed them in the coming months.


Governor Alexander - Acting Chair, has officially announced that the party is against secession through any means and that any region who attempts secession should be quelled immediately pointing out the damage and loss of life caused when the southern states of the US seceded thus causing the American Civil War.

To this end the Governor says that a bill should be crafted declaring secession illegal and if a region does secede that EVERY region is legally obliged to bring said region back into the fold.

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