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Private Session Regarding The Military Situation

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I was as surprised as the rest of you, but who am I to argue with actual experts on constitutional law? In retrospect, we should have considered the legalities of the situation more thoroughly.

However, I am just as culpable in this as any of you, as noone raised these concerns at the time.

I am certain Darpon will be patient with us until the matter is properly settled.

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Anyone and everyone who thinks not paying an entire army on our shores is actually an option without some kind of external aid.

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If mister Felix' constitutional experts find that his dealings with Darpon are unconstitutional, I trust in his expert diplomatic skills and connections to resolve this matter amicably.

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You expect Darpon to just....leave? are you insane?. If you have not noticed they have already been here for MONTHS we can't just say "oh thanks for staying a couple months but sorry we are not paying everything bye". They could easily take that money if they so wished as if you have not noticed that our military STILL consists of a SINGLE regiment.....we could not beat a herd of cows let alone 29,000 men.

Also this makes us look completely weak on the world stage if we can't honour a contract we signed because we overlooked something in the Constitution me wrote for crying out loud. I am sure Australia will be happy when we go around breaking contracts because of our collective incompetence.

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I do not expect Darpon to leave, I expect them to have patience and regard for our laws. Furthermore, I am sure that even if the current deal proves illegal, we can find a way to make a proper contract, or, at the very least, an amicable compensation.

As for our image in the world, isn't it much better to be seen as courageous and honest enough to admit our mistakes and remedy them?

The Law is paramount, and Constitution is our most basic legal document. To ensure the rule of law and respect to law, we must first, as a government, show this respect before demanding it from our People.

We cannot set a precedent for ignoring legal concerns out of convenience; we must be direct and steadfast in our pursuit of justice and legality.

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I still want compensation for letting them use Fishleep. Very Happy

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I find myself in disagreement with the good Governor from Eastport, but as the junior Governor I shall keep thoughts to myself. As to the recent Governor of Lurem, if you really seek restitution so desperately I shall offer to fully procure Fishleep from Lurem and granting it to Northport, with due compensation, if you so require.

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