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Turn 12-1066

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1 Turn 12-1066 on Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:13 pm

A grand meeting of the Houses is hosted in the Seven Isles for the possible formation of a trading alliance.  Talks are underway but have yet to reach a conclusion.  Chu publicly denounces the formation of any such power bloc meant to oppose them.

The first attendees of Bloodmouth Tau University have arrived from across the land.

The Laventine Civil War turns a page as Empress Amelia Kryosthenos lands 62,000 on the snake sweeping aside the opposition without minimal effort.  She marches the army through the gate unchallenged.

Admiral Krenzler:
Work preparations have begun on the silver mines, but the engineers recommend waiting for winter to pass before starting.

Agents have noted a peculiar silence from the enemy House that had the battlewagons (kampfwagons) that you procured.  Villages and towns surrounding those lands have all become ghost towns with visible signs of a struggle.

The tourney is set up.  Over a thousand participants have shown up of differing races and species.  King Valganis of the Kingdom of Nestav formally invites you to join the Varvol Expedition.  (Up to 400 men and 4 characters.  These are not subtracted from your army.)

The search for a court mage has begun.

You gain 1 Wealth from trade.  3 turns for watch station system to be complete.  1 turn for the Institute to be complete.  1 turn to convert Levies.  1 turn to complete Green Special training.  Trained Garrison training is now complete.

House Yngvarr forces are content to wait in their stronghold with winter so close.

You receive a diplomat from House Aurelion.

2 turns to complete Green Cavalry(4)/Archers(5) training.  1 turn to upgrade Cavarly(6)/Archers(3) equipment.

Your forces gain 4k Trained Infantry, 2k Green Archers, and 1k Trained Engineers with 20 steam cannons.  House Isabjorg takes the other half of the attackers with him to investigate his northern villages becoming ghost towns.

House Isabjorg accepts the invitation.  (You control Isabjorg’s people in the dungeon.)

The War Minister replies that efforts to gather information have been stymied at every turn, but is expecting something on the Northern Silver Coast by the end of the year.  Mineralogical surveys of your lands has begun.

More wyverns have been caught, and those already under your purview are recovering.

5 turns for the Military Academy to be complete.  1 turn to convert Levies.

Ninritut Quy has produced a single working steam turbine engine.  The test on a cart was promising with the cart able to go at least half as fast as a spring-cart, but was able to run for much longer.

The balloon project ran into a disaster.  Opting to go higher than previous tests, the two-man crew reached past the length of the rope and the wind blew them backwards into a mountain.  The alchemist’s second son died in the crash while his third suffered several broken bones.  He noted that the direction of the wind changed at different heights.

5 turns for the rings to be forged.  4 turns to complete the Ironworks.  3 turns for the ports to be complete.  2 turns for the University to be complete.

The investigation into the missing neko girl has begun, but have not picked up anything yet.

10 cannons arrive from Chu.

You gain 2 Wealth from trade.  17 turns for the shipyards to be complete.  4 turns for the University to be complete.

Onyx Aurelius:
The mana neko says that she should be able to have the facility up for mana crystal refinement by the end of the year.  Counter-necromantic magic research has begun, greatly aided by the recent finds in the Varvol dungeon.  Blackpowder research is now a lot safer with the application of non-sparking metals in the mixing process.

Houses Baggi, Oddr, and Guastaff pledge their services to your House.  Their lands, and everything in it, are now yours.

What is left of the Laventine cell was discovered and sent back home.  A message from Amelia is written for Bern Leman Kor-Azor’s eyes only:
“Greetings Bern Aurelion,
Smart on you for taking advantage of the chaos that happened in the previous months to set up your spies, but that time is at an end.  I know all of whom that still live and have graciously allowed them to return to you, free of harm.  I would like to discuss with you personally just what was procured from my lands during this time, but that can wait until after I’ve secured my throne.
Sincerely, Empress Amelia Kryosthenos”
The Seven Isles cell has gone relatively quiet for the most part, only sending the occasional letter back.

You gain 3 Wealth from trade.  101 turns until the glider facility is complete.  8 turns for the Institute to be complete.  6 turns for Town upgrade to be complete.

Your people are allowed to move through the Venom Peaks.  House Zenna has gifted you [2 Wealth] in the form of food and clothing.

Lord Blackfang is still away so the ritual is on hold for the time being.  A great crowd of foreigners have come for the opening of your magic university.

The Chu officials accept your answer and begin marshalling their forces.

5 turns for the road to be complete.

Scouts come back with basic information on House Njall’s forces: a veteran commander, 6k infantry, 4k archers, and 10k cavalry.

You receive a letter from Laventino:
“Greetings Bern Da’Bolero,
There is no doubt confusion on your end caused by my opponents in this war.  I know you have not spied on us for I have caught those responsible.  I would like to discuss the trade agreement that my opponents have made with you after I secure my throne once more.
Sincerely, Empress Amelia Kryosthenos”

Your negotiators are sent back to Port Dustan to come to an agreement.  You receive a diplomat from House Aurelion.

4 turns to complete Trained Infantry training.  3 turns to complete Trained Cavalry training.  2 turns for the Port to be complete.  A unit of Trained Mercenaries join your forces.

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2 Re: Turn 12-1066 on Sun Mar 19, 2017 3:42 pm

Preparations will continue but Thrand will heed the advice of his engineers and wait for winter to pass before having them begin efforts on opening the new mine.

The agents are instructed to investigate but to be cautious.  At the first sign of them being discovered they are to vanish into the wilderness, not to return until pursuit is lost to prevent them being traced back to Geirmund Hold.

Steward Loregar will be in charge while Lord Thrand, Sir Thomas and Sir Rengar take three hundred heavily armed and armored warriors and a hundred crossbowmen, all of them outfitted in the best gear available with Thrand wearing his gifted full plate and bearing his twin swords, Grungni and Grimnir.  Victor, the Master-at-Arms, will run the tournament, with Hilda on hand to observe and knight the victor in her father's place.

Dietrich's efforts to find a court mage will continue.  All other training and projects will continue as before.

Fortune Rolls:
House Geirmund: 7d6 + 8 = 34 (Growth) 1d3 = 3 Power

Clan Grimmore: 9d6 - 7 = 24 (Growth) 1d3 = 2 Wealth

End of Turn Stats:
House Geirmund: Defense 8, Influence 4, Lands 10, Law 28, Population 24, Power 3, Wealth 9

Clan Grimmore: Defense 11, Influence 10, Lands 5, Law 25, Population 25, Power 2, Wealth 7

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3 Re: Turn 12-1066 on Sun Mar 19, 2017 4:09 pm

Fortune roll:
Total:31 Growth. 1d3. 3 to land

The people of the land will hold a celebration in honor of the newcomers who have come to study at the college.

Steward Bob will send out a missive to those who are interested an ad looking for a court alchemist, those that accept are to be screened, and pledge loyalty to Lord Blackfang before the best among them will be hired.

Whilst lord Blackfang is away the scouts are ordered by the Steward Bob to scavenge plants from the surrounding areas for use in alchemical study In hopes of finding a way to make gnoll warriors far more ferocious.

current house stats:

Def 5
Inf 24
lan 6
law 22
pop 22 (13 with current projects)
Pow 10
Wea 21

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4 Re: Turn 12-1066 on Fri Mar 24, 2017 11:57 pm

House Fortune:
Kreathean: 7d6+0=21 (Blessing) +2 LAW, +2 INF
Supplies are received from the League, and the 2 points of wealth in food and clothing is welcomed heartily.

Krethean moves out from the Venom League, and heads west across the plains. Kreathean scouts commanded by Captain Jaeyen enter House Aurelion lands from the south, not attempting to hide nor bring conflict upon themselves.

Following the successful meeting with the Bern of House Zenna, Lord-Commander Segarus calls the people and his legions to order and moves out of the mountains. Scout reports indicate that there is an ocean to the west, and an ocean may bring an easier time of travel, as well as the opportunity to procure supplies on the move and the distinct possibilities of more houses with which to ally. With little fanfare and leaving only a trampled campsite to mark their passage, the kingdom with no castles moves on.

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5 Re: Turn 12-1066 on Sat Mar 25, 2017 1:55 am

7d6=26+10(House Fortune) = 36 Result:Boon Resource allocation: wealth, power, law, population


House Aurelion troops are given marching orders to head towards House Oddyr lands, the route taking them through Gautstaff and Baggi lands. With them are covered wagons containing prototype gliders, and engineers trained in their use.

4 additional population is assigned to the glider facility, new total is 5 population. No changes to other projects.

The first finds of the Nestav expedition are shipped back to House Aurelion.  Kelon Kor-Azor returns after making his bid for the princess of Nestav. In addition to this, a few notable figures return to Aurelion Lands from the expedition. (Nathaniel Grimm, Lysus Sarum)

Defense:0 Influence:13 Land:2 Law:26+2=28 Population:16+3=19 Power:12+2=14 Wealth:16+3+3(From trade)=22

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6 Re: Turn 12-1066 on Sat Mar 25, 2017 8:03 pm

Fortune Roll:
7d6 = 16 + 6 = 22; Add 2 to Land

King Valganis is going to order the construction of two test ships for 2 wealth; a model for a Galleon and a Schooner.

The new wyverns will be taken care of with the others, though kept away from the ones still recovering. Each new wyvern added to Nestav is examined closely for problems, and if this generation of wyverns are tamable for cavaliers to use.

Princess Natalya has finally made her choice. House Aurelion now has a new addition to their family.

House Stats:
Def = 3
Inf = 9
Lan = 13
Law = 32
Pop = 22
Pow = 10
Wea = 7

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7 Re: Turn 12-1066 on Sat Mar 25, 2017 8:55 pm

To all houses, NPC's, And GM:
King Heinrich is seeking a new wife.

Heinrich will send alchemist son Vth to The Gnolls. Alchemist son III will be sent to the clergy to heal. Alchemist sons VI and VII will send up another balloon, this one unmanned to watch and observe the change in winds with a wind veign to watch the change in speed. The ropes will be held by gnolls while the observation takes place.
Laura Delarosa (The Neko) will be given a shop in Brackenburg to start in on the local spice trade. The Ambassador to the seven isles will go to the library to study the culture. Each book will be studied heavily and notes taken.

There will also be a yearly census taken on the Humans, Braens, Gnolls, Minotaurs, Yuan-Ti, Vampires, And werewolves.

Fortune and Status:
Growth: 2 points to lands

Def +15
Influence +3
Lands +20 (+2 from Growth)
Law +27
Pop +39
Power +11
Wealth +25
Glory: 5

Mines x2
Superior Castle
Commander Aleksander (Green)(Inf Command, Fighting , Warfare 2)

Commander Zhukov (Trained) (Command 2, Fighting 3, Warfare 1)

Commander Farhowl (Veteran) (Inf Command 3, Fighting 3, Warfare 4)

3,000 Royal Guard (Green) (18 power) (Discipline Modifier -6)(Athletics +1) (Armour 6, Pen -3) (Defence 5)(Morale 6)(BD: 8 )(Athletics 1, Endurance 2, Fighting 3)

1,000 Personal Guard, Elite (13 Power)(Discipline Modifier -6) Athletics 2, Endurance 5, Fighting 7

1,000 Scouts (Trained) (2 Power) (Discipline Modifier +0)(Defence 5)(Morale 6)(BD: 3) )Awareness 1, Endurance, Stealth 3)

1,000 Garrison (Trained) (12 Power) (Discipline Modifier -3/+3)(Athletics +1) (Armour 3, Pen -2) (Defence 6 )(Morale 9)(BD: 6) (Awareness, Endurance 2, Fighting 2)

2,000 Raiders (Trained) (Discipline Modifier +3)(Athletics+1)(Armour 2, Pen -1)(Defence 6)(Morale 6)(BD: 6)(Agility, Endurance 1, Fighting 1)

1,000 Archers (3 pts) (Discipline Modifier +3)(Athletics +1)(Armour 2, Pen -1)(Defence 3)(Morale 5) (BD: 5)(Agility 2, Awareness, Marksmanship 2)

1,000 Calvary Archers [Special] 4 pts (Discipline Modifier +0))(Athletics +1)(Armour 2, Pen -1)(Defence 3)(Morale 5) (BD: 4)(Agility 1, Animal Handling 1, Marksmanship)

4,000 Garrison (Trained) (12 Power) (Discipline Modifier -3/+3)(Athletics +1) (Armour 3, Pen -2) (Defence 5 )(Morale 9)(BD: 6) (Awareness 1, Endurance 1, Fighting 2)

6,000 Archers (Trained)(Discipline Modifier +0)(Athletics +1)(Armour 2, Pen -1)(Defense 5)(Morale 5) (BD: 5)(Agility 2, Awareness 1, Marksmanship 2)

6,000 Calvary (Trained)(Discipline Modifier -3)(Athletics+3)(Armour 0, Pen 0)(Defense 5) Morale )(BD: 6) (Agility 2, Animal Handling 1, Fighting 3)

2,000 Engineers (Green)(Discipline Modifier +3)(Athletics)(Armour 2, Pen -1)(Defense 5)(BD: 4)(Morale 7) (Endurance 1, Fighting, Warfare 3)

9,000 Infantry (Green)(Discipline Modifier +0)(Athletics+1)(Armour 3, Pen -2)(Defence 5) (BD: 6) (Athletics 1, Endurance 1, Fighting 2)

5 turns for the rings to be forged.  4 turns to complete the Guild Quarters.  3 turns for the ports to be complete.  2 turns for the University to be complete.

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8 Re: Turn 12-1066 on Sat Mar 25, 2017 11:13 pm

The isles immediately tell the diplomats over there to soothe out the outrage which chu has suddenly to the trade league meeting.
It is also pointed out that the Isles has an embassy in their lands and are looking to enrich both parties, but also believe that pooling trade power from smaller houses is the way to go currently to increase trade in the region. If need be, it is asked what will reassure chu that this trade league is not in opposition of their power or interest.

For the engineering wing of the university thats done, 1 pop is dedicated to it and work is started on reverse engineering gunpowder. Another pop is dedicated to reverse engineering cannons, which is expected to be much faster. But while reverse engineering, they explore the mechanics and how everything works.

Fortune Roll:
1,5,2,6,6,2,6+10=38 GROWTH
1 point to two things

House Fortune:
Def: 5
Inf: 9
Land: 5
Law: 53
Pop: 41
Pow: 9+1 (Fortune)
Wealth:26+2+1+5-1=33 (Trade) (Fortune) (Market+Port: d6=5) (Payment to Chu+Events)

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9 Re: Turn 12-1066 on Sun Mar 26, 2017 3:21 am

Fortune roll:
I roll 25, to which I add my House Fortune of 5, giving me 30. Thus, I gain Blessing.

I improve one resource by 1d6 points; Influence. I roll 3.

Current stats
Def 6
Inf 4
Lands 0
Law 21
Pop 22
Power 8
Wealth 9
House Fortune Total = +5
13 Pop used for building Port

Me and my banner houses will build our forces before going to war with House Njall. Let's continue protecting our borders for now.

Lord Da'Boléro is initially confused by the letter from Laventino's Empress, but once he realizes what is happening, he sends a reply to consent to her request. We must get the rights on that mine first.

Is House Aurelion the one in possession of that mine? It wasn't specified to me at any point. If that is the case, I'll discuss the terms with the player. Otherwise, I'll wait for the NPC negotiators to come with their terms to me.

I add more Population to the Port project so it can finished by the next turn. Would 3 do? If not, add as many as necessary.

Current stats:
Def 6
Inf 4
Lands 0
Law 21
Pop 22
Power 2
Wealth 5
House Fortune Total = +5
16? Pop used for building Port

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10 Re: Turn 12-1066 on Sun Mar 26, 2017 3:57 am

House Purchases:
House Fortune Upgrades:
House Zenna + 1d3 Power (3)
House Sonaglio + 1d6 Power (4)
House Scala + 1d6 Power (4)
House Skitter + 1d6 Power (5)
House Stinger + 1d3 Power (2)
Updated Stats:
House Zenna
Power 4
Wealth 10

House Sonaglio
Power 8

House Scala
Power 6

House Skitter
Power 11

House Stinger
Wealth 1
Power 5
A series of half a dozen messangers get sent from The Tip of the Serpent to Arn Radnor all to take different routes. On the message it says simply

Return with your troops. We have urgent matters.

It is signed with both Bern Harris's and Arn Segel's names at the bottom of the message.
House Fortune Rolls:
House Zenna 36 (34+2) Boon
House Sonaglio 19 (14+5) Curse
House Scala 33 (27+6) Growth
House Skitter 27 (22+5) Blessing
House Stinger 33 (31+2) Growth

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