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Andromeda After-Stream, Thoughts and Opinions

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1 Andromeda After-Stream, Thoughts and Opinions on Thu Mar 23, 2017 12:40 pm

I decided we need a place where we can give reactions and thoughts to what we've seen/heard in the Lorerunner's Mass Effect: Andromeda stream. Mainly for if you missed the stream and had to play catch-up, but have a million-and-one things to say. I will go ahead and start first, and make a template of sorts. If you want to go ahead and title each of your things, that's up to you. I won't always.

March 22nd, after break

Naked First Contact
I was greatly offended by Liam and Jaal's offend/don't questions strip poker fest... where's a Kappa face when you need one?

UI greyed-out dialogue
Ilike how dialogue options already chosen grey out. A very welcome change for obvious reasons.

Krogan farming doesn't seem like an oxymoron to me. Farming is hard work. You need a strong back and strong hands and a will to keep at it all day every day. I wouldn't be surprised if the clans operated like a krogan caste system. After the genophage hits, they probably added "farmer" to the list of occupations for selective breeding. Heck, the female clans probably do a lot of farming a la traditional gender roles.

Jump jets B gone? Bioware B trippin'!
I don't understand why the jump jets aren't available after you go biotic. If you can reserve your biotic ability for when you need it in a fight, wouldn't you do everything you could to save it? To delay your Eezo brainspike? Everyone eventually gets an Eezo brainspike, that's a whole thing with the L2 and L3's. L3's still get a brainspike, they just get it later after using their less powerful biotics.

Why all of a sudden can't you afford to equip yourself with a jetpack? And there's no reason not to equip shields if you're biotic, and reasons for it. And if your shields deplete, you switch to biotic while they recharge. Personally I would have the biotic shields be tougher, start slowly regening the moment they're not being hit, but not regen immediately like shields (which have a delay after being hit and recharge rather quickly). It looks like they took away biotic shields, too.

Good Vanguard-ing, Arch. It suits you well. Combat looks fun, overall.

Stream music
Mako Reactor track from FF7 was very appropriate for entering a vault.

Thoughts about the real, literal reincarnation of the angara species
Literal reincarnation can be different from spiritual, just a thought. The next physical life's genetic memory could be passed down, but the individual whose opinions and worldview and all that personal goodness wrapped up into what we call the soul could pass on to the afterlife they/we believe in. Or be gone forever, depending on what you believe. However, I was only passively listening when they were talking about it...

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