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[EVERYONE] Long Time Goals - OOC

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1 [EVERYONE] Long Time Goals - OOC on Tue Mar 28, 2017 8:00 pm

I want to ask everyone a question. What are your real, no bullshit, long time goals in this game? It feels like we are all trying to play a different game and I want us to all be on the same page for once.

My goals is to get this country up and running to the point where it won't fall apart at a feather's touch. I thought that when we started this game it would be all of us working together against the setting. Personally, I wanted to be the criminal underground that help prop up the government but alas the loss of so many players screwed things up. My preferred style of game play is: PVE.

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2 Re: [EVERYONE] Long Time Goals - OOC on Tue Mar 28, 2017 8:42 pm

Well Alexanders goals vary on the people around him and the type of things that are happening around him. His original intent was just to not mess up tbh and if that was successful he wanted to help Echain to the best of his ability, however after spending more and more time away from Gollvieg and with people like Lorinbas he has become increasingly more like a monarchist. He is not at that point yet and has no current desire for a monarch but the more he is pushed the more he is starting to agree with those values. Don't mistake that for him being an absolute monarchist, his views would only ever extend to a monarch with basically half the power with the other half being in the hands of an elected Assembly (think France under Louis XVI but without 3 estates and only the Third Estate made up of commoners with a more power than they ever had under Louis).

His decision are also based on the empathy he feels from people around him and he craves the....validity that people give him when he does an action, almost like (to use a Star Wars reference) the opposite of Thrawn who just desires results and does not care about the praise.

He is also perfectly fine with the expansion of Echain into places like Indonesia as long as democratic and humanist values are upheld.

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3 Re: [EVERYONE] Long Time Goals - OOC on Tue Mar 28, 2017 11:42 pm

Governor Chaos wants Versberg to take a leading Place in Echain's politics, as well as Echain to be a leader in the pacific. Chaos really doesn't want to Succeed from Echain but secession is so OVERWHELMINGLY popular that he has no choice but to support it. He is now seeking a situation where Versberg is TECHNICALLY its own country but still very much tied to Echain in a sort of EU style situation, but even more connected.

He aggressively believes in the view that Echain will have to do anything/Everything to take prominence. His constant apperence in uniform is not an accident, he seeks to project military strength which may be laughable considering the size of Echain's Military. He is a very ends justifies the means kind of guy, he is determined to further the progress of Echain but anyone outside Echain is expendable to him. He also detests inefficiency and incompetence, he also hates trusting important tasks to other people. He doesn't feel a lot of Sympathy or Empathy but has learned to fake it very well over the years and has dedicated himself to Furthering Echain and its people. He is very protective of Echain, and most specifically Versberg.

Currently Feeling the Closest thing to fear he can for the United States. He feels a giant now has a foot firmly in his door and is very concerned.

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4 Re: [EVERYONE] Long Time Goals - OOC on Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:02 am

The abolition of capitalism and the spreading of the revolution beyond Plainsdale's borders. The emancipation of all peoples everywhere and the death of colonialism. One step along that path would be full automation, if possible.

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5 Re: [EVERYONE] Long Time Goals - OOC on Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:30 am

Lorinbases goal started out to be the restorations of the Absolute Monarchy and the absolute destruction of any socialist or foreign influence. So basically a hardcore isolationist and monarchist who simply wanted to have nothing to do with the world at large.
But that changed over time.

Now I would say his goals are the creation of a Constitutional Monarchy with the monarch as an adviser to the Counsel of Governors with a veto right. From his point of view, the only two people capable of the taking the place of monarch would be Alexander and him, as they represent the only existing rest of the bloodline of the old Kings.

Other goals include to strengthen Echaini culture and tradition and to keep the "old ways" alive whatever the cost. Also to keep Echain united, and he is absolutely willing to kill and start a civil war if it is necessary.

He is also in favour of expansion of the Echaini nation to become a big player in the pacific region but extremely concerned with the US expansion and would wish for Echain to be as neutral as possible in the big conflict that seems to be dawning on the horizon.

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6 Re: [EVERYONE] Long Time Goals - OOC on Wed Mar 29, 2017 9:31 am

Originally, my plan as a character was to build up the country and possibly turn into a world power. However, after the problems with the first government, all hopes of that disappeared in his eyes.

Now he just wants to fix Lurem and please "his people."

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7 Re: [EVERYONE] Long Time Goals - OOC on Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:28 am

I'm playing a politician.

I seek to further my political preferences (market economy, westernisation). His immediate goal is to ensure the enforcement of law and its application to all the Governors, and to this end, he will do underhanded stuff to force those not playing by the rules to do so.

His pride is his primary drive. He knows best, in most cases, and regards majority of other people as children whom he has to educate. His mindset is paternalistic and colonial - he acts more like a viceroy from Europe, ruling a distant and savage land, than a proper native (he is oblivious of this facet of his behaviour).

He has no really hidden agenda. He is manoeuvring against those he perceives to be his enemies, be they ideological (Whiskey, Chaos), or principal - as in suspect of not respecting the Law - (Gollvieg).

Felix cares little for Echain's power on the world stage, his interest isn't in the magnitude, but in density - he favours internal development in place of external expansion.

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8 Re: [EVERYONE] Long Time Goals - OOC on Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:01 pm

My character's bottom line is to create a situation where he and his family can do business and live comfortably without having to be cleptocrats. This primarily means he wants to develop Echain economically and allow its people to reap its benefits, without limiting investors or entrepeneurs (like himself) to become very rich very quickly. He also opts for close ties to Echain's capitalist 'neighbours'. In fact, he probably wouldn't mind having the country being taken over by the US, knowing that his kind of people would usually end up on top anyway.

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9 Re: [EVERYONE] Long Time Goals - OOC on Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:50 pm

My first goal, admitted, was the same as when I play Paradox or similar games. I wanted to expand, to start with nothing and claw my way up and work together towards greatness. I was prepared to be the resources bucket to fund the nation.

Lately that's changed. Not sure what I want right now. Though if I understand right the fifth dimension thing is voted in now so maybe we'll be able to.

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