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Fate of the Nation - Secede or Unionize (All players)

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"Of course Grifenknight, I am not a fan of Secession myself but I swore to represent my people. I am trying to find a way to make Versberg independent but still part of the group of Echain. Also the Secession has a 93% Approval rating, so even if I agreed with rigging the vote, which I don't, nobody would believe it."

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But how many people know that number?

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What the hell do the people of Versberg think they can gain out of seceding, anyway?

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Not being stuck in the horrible mess they call Echain...

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"Greeting Governor Grifenknight, I receive your apology the other day and I understand that you held no malice, you were only used by that snake Tom RP to sabotage the relations between yourself and Aberisk. Had you simply asked for Fishleep back rather than tried to seize it or demanded compensation from the CoG I would have given it back to you with no fight. It was only because you tried to take back Fishleep underhandedly that I had to resist in order to not set a precedent, but that is now behind us, I am willing to... how is it the Americans say it? "Bury the Hatchet?" and peacefully and unconitionally return Fishleep to Lurem, as for the fishing rights, well that is a small part of why I invited everyone here to this Council Session.

Would you like some tea?"

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I would love some, thank you.

The fishing rights are up for discussion, but I am willing to offer some compensation for the rights of Fishleep if you so desire. Should we wait a little longer for the rest of the governors our should we officially start the discussion?

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Gollvieg pours several cups of tea and pass it around to all the Governors that want some.

"We are also waiting on DoD Krenzler and DoI Nerozaz, although that reminds me."

Gollvieg bends under the table and pulls out a radio and places it on the table. He tunes it to the direct channel he set up with Nerozaz.

"Director? The party has almost started, can you hear us?"

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Admiral, now Director, Krenzler, enters not long after, looking a little more harried than usual.  "Forgive me, gentlemen, I have been...occupied as of late, unfortunately.  Now, what's this rubbish about succession?"

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"Ah, a Channel to communicate with the recovering Nerozaz. Clever. The wonders of modern technology."

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OOC: In the interest of time I will begin the Council Session. Anyone that want to be a part of it can retroactively be in the room the entire time.

IC: "Good, it seems like this is the most people we can get to join our Session."

Gollvieg passes out to everyone a copy of a legal document. It details and declares the Secession and Independence of Aberisk from the Republic of Echain, dissolving any obligations to the National Government and its Constitution. It list the reasons for Aberisk's secession which includes the complete break breakdown of the Senate, the complete non-existence of the military, the impossible to fulfill conditions of the Constitution, and the fact that every single Region been operating as if they are separate nations isolated in their own bubble of power. The document also dissolves the position of Governor in favor of a Ruling Board of Directors.

"Gentlemen, I am here to formally announce the secession of Aberisk from the Republic of Echain. This document in front of you is merely a copy and the original have already been signed, stamped, and sealed with the instructions to immediately release it if my office do not receive an encrypted communication reversing that order by the end of this council session."

OOC: Play this. Cool

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"Oh for crying out loud come one!, you know that nothing will come of us if we all secede. If you are threatening this then you directly threaten the existence of Echain itself. If one region goes then a domino effect will occur and we all will go."

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I vote Aye for letting Aberisk leave.

However, I would like to start another vote alongside this. Very Happy
A full embargo of the "independent nation" of Aberisk and the establishment of a border police in order to counter any attempts at smuggling supplies and etc...

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"It appears that it's not Just Versberg you have to deal with now. Do you intend to burn Aberisk as well? String up the Traitors on Flagpoles? It appears we might be the sole trading partner within these islands."

Chaos laughs to himself.

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My real question is what you both will do once you are independent?  Neither of you produce weapons, steel, food and etc...

Also, what happens when we decide to blockade and embargo you?  Neither of you are centers of trade, so no "partners" will come to your defense.

The outcomes are obvious.  Either you decide to not secede or your people will revolt and rejoin us after a few months or years of embargoes and blockades. Very Happy

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"You underestimate the Resolve of people in Versberg governor, also you have a gross misunderstanding of the situation. Versberg is one Region that is very much capable of self reliance based on our estimates, given enough planning. Enforcing that boarders would drain your coffers, nothing more. Also trade with Aberisk would fulfill any needs that would be left over, assuming that would pass by the Board of directors."

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't remember reading anything in the constitution about being allowed to secede. So what legal standing does this scrap of paper have?

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" Oh Gollvieg, this is how we are doing it? Really ? Aberisk and Central worked together on so many things, and this is your answer for our support and cooperation? For the fact that Central has bleed for Aberisk?!"

The Governor shove his chair back violently and points his finger at Gollvieg.

"I cannot believe that you would stab me in the back like this. I though us friends, brothers in arms and this is how you repay me?!"

He shifts around his finger and points now at Governor Ryder and starts laughing humorlessly.

"Yes, and yes. I think you underestimate the conviction and my will to take action, to do whatever will be necessary!"

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Gollvieg passes out one of the reports in his Red Folder, there looks to be quite a lot of similar reports left in the Red Folder.

"Over the last several months, Aberisk have been preparing for the eventuality of a possible attack by a force that is superior in number and arms. Aberisk by herself cannot hope to overcome any force conventionally so we resorted to fighting unconventionally. I been authorizing the research, development and construction of several super weapons in anticipation for an attack on Echain from either the US or Soviets, any pitiful military action you try to impose will fail miserably to weapons meant to slay giants many times greater than you."

The Report Gollvieg passed to Grifenknight details a weapon with the code name: Valkyrie it is a purpose designed Blockade Killer that takes advantage of the natural properties present in Echain that is responsible for the Japanese not being able to field aircraft or naval ships in Echain during the war. The report is heavily censored and the only detail revealed is that it can cause Aircraft to crash into the sea and ships to get lost over 40 miles away from their intended destination.

"We wish for a peaceful exit from the Republic and do not wish to turn our fangs against the very people that we designed these weapons to protect."

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Alexander slams his fist

"Gentlemen please if we carry on it will end in civil war!."

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"Could we, perhaps, try to calm down?"  Krenzler sighs wearily.  "Yelling at one another isn't going to resolve anything."

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That's if you could trade with Aberisk, chaos. Both of your regions lack the resources to really do anything and I doubt that you could develop anything with a few "accidents" here and there.

Lorinbas, please calm down. There is no need for this.

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OOC: Gollvieg, may I ask how a shitty region without any real scientific power, compared to the US, is able to research, design and build these things? I, also, find it extremely disheartening as a player to see that your building "super weapons" magically while the rest of us are actually building a nation.

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Chaos looks at Lorinbas with a stern expression. Then when Gollvieg speaks he whistles.

"That is certainly impressive, and don't think. Versberg is a better target, we harassed a force many times greater than the entire military of Echain for years. You can try to come after us. but going into enemy territory with a force as weak as yours is a bad idea.

Though I agree in that I would very much like it if it did not come to this, killing brothers and sisters of Echain would pain me to no end. like I said before technical Independence with a very close alliance with Echain would be preferred."

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Governor Grifenknight wrote:OOC:  Gollvieg, may I ask how a shitty region without any real scientific power, compared to the US, is able to research, design and build these things?  I, also, find it extremely disheartening as a player to see that your building "super weapons" magically while the rest of us are actually building a nation.

OOC: These super weapons are actually real, I have been building them, the concept, construction and use of these weapons are extremely easy and requires a very basic understanding of science and the reason no one have ever employed these weapons is because they are so evil that it is quite literally UNTHINKABLE for anyone who has a tiny shred of morality. I have been building them to protect All of Echain and secure her future. Aberisk is the Unstoppable sword that slays all dragons.

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Alexander sighs

"I have to say that if this does end in violence, Southport will remain loyal."

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