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Fate of the Nation - Secede or Unionize (All players)

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"So Felix why are my proposals trash?, please explain I look forward to your explanation."

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Governor Ceca Sander wrote:*Governor Sander glares at Gollveig*

Christ, man. These theatrics were completely unwarranted. Could you have honestly not brought this issue to the table without bringing the country to the brink of civil war?

I personally think this was a sincere attempt at extortion; yet once I and several others called his bluff, the scoundrel scrambled for a pitiful "excuse".

Now, I urge you, Gollvieg, to resign your post, as you've misrepresented your people and failed their interests.

I am forced to respond to your pathetic arguments, so noone is swayed by your lies, half-truths and bile; if not for that, I wouldn't even answer them, as they - and you - are beneath my contempt.

You answer your first argument for me. Why did I not respond? Because I was busy.
Second, noone begged me.

In fact, there were three people who brought issues for a Session.
Two were Delegate Krenzler, who petitioned for his post, and Mr. Redmane, who brought trade treaty with Australia. Now I brought both to an impromptu Session, because they were matters of immediate importance. Also, don't forget that you tried to usurp my post by faking your own vote - had I not finished my visit to Mudtown early, I'd have missed that, and my colleagues could gain the impression I empowered you to act fully as a Foreman, which I did not do and you did not ask me to.

The third person was Governor Camoes-Jackson. He brought three bills: The Bribery Bill, which is redundant, as corruption as specified is already a constitutional crime, and thus this bill could not even be passed under certain interpretations of the Constitution, Child Labour Law, which is redundant to standard Regional laws and also, it can be argued, goes against the Constitution, and Council Radios Act, which merely codifies current rules of public access to our meetings.

You did not propose anything. You didn't come petition on behalf of any of these, you didn't propose a Constitutional change - you did nothing, but waiting for your chance to pounce like a hyena that you are.

Your last point then is completely irrelevant. We can debate morality of occupation all we want and we'll never reach any meaningful consensual result.

Oh, and regarding extradition, this was answered my my legal team - an institution you sorely lack, Gollvieg - and Governor Grifenknight did not propose a law on the matter in the end, as he sided with their analysis of the issue.

Last thing is rhetoric. I've never said I only got "trash" proposals - this is merely inflammatory verbal garbage used by a man who has no case and knows it. Simple fact was that, at a point things calmed down and each of us focused on their respective Region, I found it superfluous to call an expensive and lengthy Session because of three laws, especially since all of them were largely redundant. You may think these would be passed quickly, yet as I outlined with their doubtful constitutionality, it could turn to a long process, and thus we'd neglect our Regions for relatively minor laws.

If there were more of smaller bills, or a couple big ones I could attach these minor additions to, I would call a Session. Hell, if we didn't have so much work in our respective Regions, I'd call a Session. But things being what they are, and situation being what it is, I made a tough call. Because I, unlike the coward Gollvieg, am not afraid of doing something which could cost me politically for the betterment of Echain.

Gollvieg is a liar, but a cunning manipulator. He inflamed everyone's passions, so you wouldn't think, and judge the situation emotionally - and thus in favour of the fraud. Please, think about the situation rationally, and decide who here is the victim - and who is merely trying to gain your support by lies and subterfuge.

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Ah, seems I forgot to address one point. I have very right to decide what quality (as in, gravity and lenght of individual bill) and quantity of proposals merits a Session.

If you remember, which you may don't, one of the reasons the Protocol was passed, was that the Council to often got stuck on minor laws, and was unable to pass the truly important ones. Foreman then acts also as a curator.

One last bit: what were you, deputy Foreman, doing, except from trying to usurp authority which was not entrusted in you by the Council, like a sore loser you are?

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It seems like your attempt to gain power, or whatever you attempted to do, has only Gollvieg.

He chuckles to himself

Everything Felix says makes sense and is right. Everything that was proposed was minor(IC and OOC), the matters that were important were dealt with, and he replied to all of your accusations, i believe, quite professionally and promptly.

If there is no other reason to be here, which seems to be the case, I would love to return to Lurem and deal with actual issues like this mysterious "material" we found. Very Happy

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The Moff has been sitting in the back, quietly watching the proceedings. At a few junctures he has considered speaking, hand beginning to motion for attention, but withdrew it seconds later, thinking better.

After watching the events to date, the Moff quietly and without preamble leaves the room.

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Gollvieg looks at the retreating Governor, "Its about time someone run out of the chamber in a hurry, I was running out of insane things to say. Let's give him a few minutes to get clear of the building." Gollvieg turns back to Felix, "You say that I am trying to take power and seize the country, that is merely you projecting your own personal greed upon me. You designed flawed laws on purpose that contain loops hole for you to exploit and try hide behind "legality" like a flimsy shield. Here's a hint for you, Laws means nothing to those with conviction and belief bordering on fanaticism."

Gollvieg looks at each of the Governor's one by one.

"Governor Grifenknight, while you were playing king and building your own personal army, the Initiative constructed a hydroelectric dam capable of serving over 1.5 million people, fully powering Northport, Aberisk and Lurem."

"Governor Felix, you created an army of bureaucrats and lawyers but instead of sharing them with Echain as a whole, you jealously hold on to them and taunt everyone while spouting your own superiority. I surrendered my entire intelligence network to the DoI and created an Internal Affairs division in order to root out corruption, crime and spies throughout ALL of Echain."

"Governor Sander, you claim to wish to improve Echain but you failed to take risks and innovate, you limited your self based on the tiny trickle of taxes you can muster. I may put Aberisk into debt but in the 4 short months I was administrator, GDP per capita for Aberisk increased by 33% and will grow to over 50% by the end of the year just with the construction already in progress. No one else was willing to borrow money from the National bank in order to fast start their economy."

"Governor Lorinbas, I been studying you and testing your for a long while. Science by itself has no sense of morality, everything can be turned toward good... or evil. When I showed you all the technology, research and development Aberisk was up to, rather than seeing the good that is can do, the potential for a positive impact on Echain and the world, you saw weapons and covet nuclear weapons. It is I built the Gemini Research Labs in order to study toxins and chemical weapons, but in doing so we discovered countermeasures, cures, what once was a chemical and biological weapon distribution system can be re-purposed into a mass decontamination and fire suppression network."

"Governor Chaos Ryder, you are a slave to public opinion, rather than finding out and tackling the underlying reason why the citizens feel the way they do and addressing their concerns, you chose to isolate yourself and refused to bring up the issues to the council where it may be addressed and discussed."

"Governor Camoes-Jackman, true to your ancestry, you choose to prioritize the life of one man over the good of the entire nation and spent a considerable amount of resources rescuing the worse spy in history who got himself caught over nothing and did not understand the basic concept of self sacrifice."

Gollvieg begins to lift a heavy briefcase onto the table.

"The primary reason why I brought you all here was to test everyone. By threatening to secede, I was searching for the Jackals and Opportunists who wish to capitalize upon the instability of the nation and expose the scum who do not wish to use negotiation and diplomacy to resolve the situation peacefully. By rightfully accusing Felix of self-interest and neglect, I was watching if there exist anyone in the room who have the smallest shred of courage to put themselves on the line and process the minimum amount of care about this nation to do something about it. With a few words and lies I knocked down the pathetic and weak house of cards that is this nation.

You Echaini have always been a weak and pathetic people. Shackled by your stagnant, ignorant, isolated culture you made yourselves easy to divide and conquer because rather than seeing yourselves as the same people living in the same land, you divide yourselves based on something as stupid as an imaginary line in the earth. It was pathetically easy for the Japanese to occupy Echain. They did not need tanks, they did not need ships, they did not need air planes to hold this land. All they needed to do was to remind everyone of their tiny, insignificant, stupid differences and they fall apart just like all of you fall apart right now. You idiots were so concentrated on seeing enemies within yourselves that you miss the huge looming threat standing in plain sight the entire time.

My name is Captain Ueda Hyousuki of the Imperial Japanese Navy. I am the primary officer in charge of the occupation of Echain while Major Yokoi Keiji of the IJA was the mere administrator. After seeing how easy it was to suppress the Echaini, I recalled the majority of the occupation forces to help with the defense of the Homeland and proceeded to suppress the entire Resistance with words, false victories and a very minimal amount of bloodshed. 'A subtle word cuts deeper than an open knife'. You fools never earned your victory, we gave it to you because I felt pity for Braigwen when I killed her father, a man who truly stood a chance of uniting the country into a true Resistance.

Of everyone in this entire council, only one man have shown himself to be selfless but firm. Not afraid to take risks or go against popular opinion. Someone with strong moral values and stands against extralegal activities. Someone whom despite constant insult and hostility continue to be the foundation of this Nation with no guarantees that we would not turn on him! No, I intended to test you all and if you proved to be decent men I would have given you the antidote to the vaporized Ricin poison that I been infusing into the air of the entire chamber for hours and you have breathed in the moment you stepped into the room. You all will die, some sooner than others but you will all eventually die. As a major threat to the future of Echain, I choose to die in order to make way for someone who will be able to Unite the Country, but I will not go alone I will take the other cancers with me! The prosperity of Plainsdale is deemed critical to the survival of Echain!!!"

Before anyone can recover from their shock at Ueda's revelation, he lifts his briefcase filled with 20 pounds of C3 explosives and slams it down where Governor Kuznetsov sat, cracking and setting off the nitroglycerin blasting cap and destroying the entire floor. The Palace, a symbol of corruption, mismanagement, ignorance and a symbol of everything weak and wrong with Echain is completely destroyed as the upper floors collapse into the huge void created by the explosion and pulls the rest of the building down. Witnesses among the survivors of the explosion claim that they saw Governor Kuznetsov running out of the Governor's Chambers and the Capital Building at breakneck speed minutes before the explosion happened. In the following weeks, several witnesses from the grey market claim that Governor Alexi indeed imported over 20 pounds of industrial grade explosives for use in building demolition. Before he can be taken in for questioning, he dies from pneumonia due to the vaporized Ricin weeks after the meeting. An epidemic of heart attacks washes over Echain but most people took it as Divine Judgment as all of it's victims were criminal or corrupt members of the Regional Governments.

In the aftermath if the shocking assassination of the Entire Council of Governors by Governor Alexi Kuznetsov, a pre-recorded message by Governor Gollvieg is released declaring the grand opening of Lighthouse, Echain's first and most powerful International Radio Relay Tower. For the first time in history, Echain is able to exchange culture and knowledge to lands far beyond it's borders. The tower is completely free to be used by all those living in Echain and greatly improves the Trade, Communication, Entertainment, and Industrial Capacity across all of Echain. The tower is equipped a specially designed device that creates a strong and clear Transponder Signal thousands of miles away. When used in conjunction with another sister Transponder in Taiwan, ships and aircraft are able to use the duel signals to triangulate their exact position in the pacific ocean with only a 10 ft margin of error. For the first time in world history, the Dragon's Triangle can be safely navigated in all weather and all hours. The caretakers of Lighthouse, the survivors of Nagasaki, refuse to allow it to be commercialized and insures that it remains available to everyone for free. In his message, Gollvieg announces his resignation as Governor due to health complications and calls for an immediate election. His final act as Governor was to make all educational and medical institutions in Aberisk, free for everyone in Echain and that the Initiative is to be used for the benefit of all Regions rather than just one.

OOC: I was playing the Primary Antagonist a.k.a. Big Bad Evil Guy the entire time ^_^

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OOC: So yeah, it was getting pretty silly playing as the Antagonist because so many people either did not see me doing obviously evil mustache twirling stuff or they did and decided to stay quiet for personal gain. It was getting to the point where Lore and I was shouting "DON'T TRUST HIM, HE'S EVIL!!" on stream because no one was doing anything about the obvious Japanese Spy in their midst.

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OOC: So our history was false just to make your badness real or did you change it just for this?

Also, may I ask where I was building an army?

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As Gollvieg was revealing himself Chaos began to laugh. His laugh sounded different than before, a genuine gut busting laugh. He takes a another drink and pulls out a cigar and lights it. His laugh only ends when it is cut off abruptly by the Explosion.

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Before the explosion Alexander remained true to his ancestors and their vision.

"Guards as your rightful King I order you to arrest this man for high treason and execute him forthwith!"

As Alexander gets a gun from his briefcase the explosion goes of.

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ooc: peachy

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Governor Grifenknight wrote:OOC:  So our history was false just to make your badness real or did you change it just for this?  

Also, may I ask where I was building an army?

So to answer your question.

The entire backstory of my character was created at the very beginning of the game. I collaborated with lore in order to explain some of the fine details of what happened. One of which is how Echain is the only country in the world who is able to throw off Japanese Occupation. To compare power level, the Japanese would be a F-22 Raptor while the Echain are the Wright Brother's trial airplane. There is ZERO chance that the Echain can stand against the Japanese at all. Normally in a country the size of Echain, there would be no effective Resistance because everyone would already be dead.

I been trying to make my hints more and more obvious as the game goes on, like for example: NO ONE asked why I had enough Silver to float the entire economy. In fact I had over 300,000 pounds of silver, of which I only gave less than half to the Nat Bank to turn to the currency that everyone in the country used. The silver was actually the same silver that the Japanese stole from Echain and melted down into ingots. There was one point that the beginning of the game where Zeiss came extremely close to discovering the hidden cache but luckily for me everyone pounce on him like he was fresh meat and destroyed his Intelligence Agency before they could threaten the Japanese Intelligence Officers guarding the silver. All Zeiss wanted was to create the FBI and everyone tore him apart. After he left it was me who set up his death.

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I didn't pounce on him. If anything, I attempted to support him. Sad

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OOC: Well then. That was unexpected. Who all died there in Lore? Also does this mean game over or continue with smaller cast?
IC: I quietly return to Echain upon hearing the news of the deaths of many of our governors. I visit Grifenknight's grave once and lay there a rose and a bottle of fine whiskey from the Embassy. "Felt like you could use a drink sir." Shortly afterwards I quietly put my name in as a candidate to replace one of the lost governors.

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Thorne Redmane wrote:OOC: Well then. That was unexpected. Who all died there in Lore? Also does this mean game over or continue with smaller cast?
IC: I quietly return to Echain upon hearing the news of the deaths of many of our governors. I visit Grifenknight's grave once and lay there a rose and a bottle of fine whiskey from the Embassy. "Felt like you could use a drink sir." Shortly afterwards I quietly put my name in as a candidate to replace one of the lost governors.

Pretty much the game has ended due to the lack of players. It's too bad because I have a google drive full of power points on Evil Backup Plans. Some of which includes detailed plans to:

1) Completely destroy Versberg's Economy by covertly spreading blight if they decide to secede.

2) Wipe out Lurem with a plague in the event they turn on us.

3) Detailed Assassination plans for every single important figure in the game including myself in case I go insane and off track from the primary objective.

4) Many anti-invasion plans made to specifically destroy more powerful opponents unconventionally.

It was a short time but I enjoyed playing the villain of our little game. ^_^

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Awwwww I was really enjoying this one too. Well I hope we can get another game going with some more stable players in future. Nice playing with you everyone!

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