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The Ordem Da Coroa De Aço

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1 The Ordem Da Coroa De Aço on Wed Mar 29, 2017 8:07 am

Motto of the Order: "Nunquam non paratus" - "Never unprepared"

The Ordem Da Coroa De Aço (Portuguese: Order of the Crown of Steel) is an organization focused on charity work, bringing together like-minded individuals and reviving Echaini culture and traditions, forgotten or disregarded during or after the occupation.
The Order is no political party or movement in the traditional sense. No specific political alignment or views are need to apply for membership. Political stamens made by members of the Order or by personal associated with the Order are to be taken as the statements by individuals.

That said, there is a vetting process for new members, and an open support for the cultural and traditional values of the Echaini people are mandatory!
Applications for membership( Knighthood) or other titles and positions within the Ordem Da Coroa De Aço are to be requested, later given out by Grandmaster Lorinbas van Hillstein.

New members will be initiated within the ranks of Knighthood at the end of every month at the Orders HQ at the old summer castle of the royal family, also known as Castelo Do Sol Em Chamas (Portuguese: Castle of the Blazing Sun).

Members of the Order are encouraged to present causes and projects for charity work to other members, so that as many problems as possible can be addressed.
Every input to improve or focus the efforts of the Order are also to be addressed at Grandmaster Lorinbas, who is happy for any form of input regarding the betterment of the Echaini cause.

Knighthood within the Order comes with a short list of responsibilities:
-Respecting the traditions and values of Echain, reviving them and defending them wherever necessary.  
-Attending at least 2 of the four main charity functions and balls that will be held over the course of a year. Said functions and balls take place on Easter, Christmas, The Day of Liberation, The Day of the Founding of the First Kingdom.

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2 Re: The Ordem Da Coroa De Aço on Wed Mar 29, 2017 8:12 am

All renowned Knights of the Order will be listed in the register below, for all of Echain to see.

Knights of Steel

Lorinbas van Hillstein

Alexander Camoes-Jackman

Ceca Sander

Thorne Redmane


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