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Experiment 283-F

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1 Experiment 283-F on Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:00 am

After the tumultuous Ondurian Border Wars, things got worse for the Concordat of Sentient Life with the only enemies who, thus far, could truly match them on a sector-scale; the Vorsaat.  The Vorsaat did not have the advantage of the magitek Core Energy that boosted the Concordat, but were tremendously skilled pure mages.  With very little purely technological progression, the Vorsaat could nevertheless be quite dangerous given their tendency to simply portal on board Concordat vessels and tear them apart from within.  This contest pushed the Concordat to constantly improve their magitechnology.

After decades of a state of continual, if somewhat passive, warfare a group of rogue Vorsaat defied the Unseen and began a multi-year project to seek to steal Concordat technology to better study it and, with hope, turn it upon their galactic rivals.  This led to many smaller victories and raids, but their greatest success was robbing the Concordat of something they had only recently perfected; something they referred to as a Datascape.  A completely digital world which could nevertheless interact in unusual ways with reality, most notably being able to contain real beings for purposes of training, imprisonment, entertainment, or whatnot.  Seeing many possibilities with this, the rogues merged this with one of their other recent successes; the capture of an entire ship of Humans who served in the Concordat military.  

With care and precision the rogue Vorsaat crafted within their stolen Datascape a replica of the Human's homeworld from some partially incomplete information they found in the ship's databanks, and began making changes to it.  Their hope and aim was to introduce their captives to this realm and test their ability to function, lead, and respond to certain stimuli, with the ultimate goal of being able to begin kidnapping Concordat races en masse and using this Datascape to turn them into willing servants of the Vorsaat.

These dreams might have been too ambitious, but the rogues were growing desperate.  Their activities were not entirely unknown to the Unseen, but were only tolerated on the off chance of success which, to date, had eluded them.  For the sake of their continued position within the Agony, they needed this plan to work.  

The captive Humans spent hours with some of their most skilled mentalists, weaving pain and memory into them to break them down and rebuild them to fit the fiction they would be placed within.  And Vorsaat agents would be in continual contact with the real people within the Datascape, through avatars and intermediaries, attempting to prod, influence, and manipulate.

The experiment was deemed an utter failure after several months of continuous and increasingly-frantic work by the rogues.  The rogues were removed from the Agony, to their horror. What became of the Datascape and the captives is not currently known.

The Lorerunner
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2 Re: Experiment 283-F on Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:51 pm

Lol, we were all trapped in the matrix the entire time Razz

I like it but without seeing the rest of the story, there is no context to these Aliens.

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