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The Future of Ivalice: Bleak?

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1 The Future of Ivalice: Bleak? on Thu Apr 13, 2017 1:57 pm

I don't know the official timeline of Ivalice. But I gotta wonder, with the glory days of FF12 taking place before Tactics, and with what little we've seen of the land from the story of Vagrant Story safely contained to Lea Monde and the surrounding island and happening afterward, I don't think we know what happens later off-screen, after the game Tactics' story ends. There seems to be precious little to go beyond hints to the future of the land.

So...what happened? Do we have any info on what happened after Ovelia and Delita killed each other? Did the church just give Ovelia the information they knew would motivate her to murder her husband in anger, and just take over and police the nobility when there were no clear candidates for the throne? And then what? Was day-to-day life better or worse going forward from that point? Even after the truth comes out, what's the church's response? Is there a splintering over Alazlam Durai's findings? Do the people get caught in the middle?

I think I'd like to watch a playthrough of Vagrant Story and see every line of dialogue and every text blurb about the setting and/or history dissected, to see if we can learn anything at all about the times Ivalice is headed for after the events of Tactics.

the queen:
I was browsing the wiki and stumbled upon this frightening tidbit: Louveria, the queen, was captured by her enemies, the Southern Sky Knights. This was after Delita executed Chancellor Glevanne on Goltanna's order after the chancellor's plot to frame Goltanna was revealed. Goltanna accused the queen of conspiring as well, this is what led to the assault on Lesalia and subsequent capture of Louveria. An attempt was mounted to rescue her by the Northern Sky Knights, but no success was reported. However, her age continues to climb in her character file, which screams bloody murder at me. There's more backstabbing and horror in the politics of the war that is hiding in the "codex" and daily news at the pub in this game than I realized, and you can't do anything about it.

In all likelihood, she was probably the ruler Ivalice deserved, with her son Orinus to be groomed for the role.

sorry for the rant:
And Louveria is the first name-change in War of the Lions I've encountered that makes sense to me. Everything else, I really don't like the name changes in the new translation. It's like someone thought, "Let's go with the original Engrish translation!" Let's be honest, a lot of these names sound stupid in English, and I really do mean that. I know they're originally Japanese, but would you apply the same principle when saying French words that have an "R" in them (their "R"s are different btw, dunno if you knew that) while speaking in English? No, because you just sound like a douche when you do that. Make it easier on yourself people. Don't strain your talk-muscles. Why do you think they adopt new names when they move to English-speaking countries? They don't hate you, they want to help you.

And "Zidane" has an "E" at the end! We have rules here, man! Breathe, breathe...

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