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Turn 4-1067

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1 Turn 4-1067 on Sun Apr 16, 2017 12:43 pm

Winter gives way to spring as snow is replaced by rain and the ground begins to thaw.

A massive Shu fleet mysteriously appeared on the high seas to challenge the Chu fleet blockading  their homeland.  Across a week, skirmishes and battles were fought until there were only a mere 109 ships left between the two to limp back home.  It appears that the time of Chu’s uncontested control of the seas is over.  What this means for the future is not entirely clear.

Empress Amelia Kryosthenos of Laventino sends word far and wide that she has decided to marry.  Any who wish to attempt to win her hand are welcome to try.  They have a month to prepare.
Admiral Krenzler:
The undead army is about to make contact with your first line of earthen defenses.

9 turns for the University to be complete. 7 turns for the Siege Workshop to be complete. 2 turns for Green Personal Guard/Support(x2) training to be complete. Trained Crusaders training is now complete.

The surrounding Houses (not Banner Houses), upon receiving the message, request an audience with the Bern.

1 turn for Trained Archers(x6)/Cavalry(x10)/Commander/Infantry(x2) training to be complete.

House Aslaug’s forces depart from their borders with your lands.  Marcus returns with news that Asluag is both happy with Robert’s abdication and displeased to hear that he was given a position of considerable power.

STG representatives arrive to inspect the port.

16 turns for Marketplace construction to be complete. 2 turns to convert Levies. 1 turn to complete port expansion. [Your next fortune roll has a -2 modifier to it.]

Prince Kero and Princess Hidegard’s baby is born.  Princess Hidegard nearly died in childbirth, but was saved by Feysia.  The kingdom rejoices both the baby girl’s birth and Princess Hidegard’s survival.

There is gossip and rumor spreading like wildfire amongst the nobility regarding the relationship between Feysia and Quigley.  Chief among the speculation is the nature of their last night together before Quigley departed back to Laventino the next day.

STG representatives arrive to inspect the port.

8 turns for Smelter construction to be complete. 7 turns for Small Town construction to be complete. 2 turns for Green Commander training to be complete. 1 turn for the Military Academy to be complete. Trained Infantry training is now complete.

The populace on the northern shore is treated to a show for a couple of days as the Shu and Chu fleets batter at each other.  Many bodies and debris wash ashore.

The diplomat sent to Ata Raxia returns with word from their ruler.  “You want friendship, but we only want strong friends.  If your lands are as strong as those that represent it then meet us in two years.  Battle will prove your mettle.”

Weijin Yi and the 100,000 Shu soldiers vacate your lands, leaving on their newly built fleet.

STG representatives arrive to inspect the port.

6 turns for the Town construction to be complete. 1 turn for the rings to be forged. The Ironworks is now complete.

House Asluag is receptive to the idea of a political marriage and is looking for someone suitable for the union.  With your defense of House Asluag the other Houses of the southern Silver Coast are more receptive to your diplomats and express their desire to have a discussion with King Isen.

Merchants bring back troubling news from House Fletcher lands.  Though Bern Robert had abdicated his rulership he was given a position of considerable political power in the form of ‘Duke’ and ‘General of the Army’.  The new Bern Edward changed his title to King after Isen.

A ship from House Aurelia arrives with a new diplomat, but also brought 9 harichu who survived their own shipwreck.  The harichu came bearing a gift, two copies of the book ‘Principles of Magic: Theory and Application and Interactions with the Natural World’, the original written by Drakomedia and a translated copy.

General research has begun.

STG representatives arrive to inspect the port.

13 turns for the shipyards to be complete. 2 turns for Trained Infantry/Engineers training to be complete. The University is now complete.

Onyx Aurelius:
The inspection of Laventino’s port reveals that while it is big, even if incomplete, it is of shoddy build with a really insufficient break wall.

Your new Banner Houses wish to discuss the idea of the ‘governing districts’.  The engineer who went with Leeman was able to successfully, and safely, recreate black powder fuel for the glider.  Nathaniel’s partial translation of ‘Basics and Mechanics of Flight’ is given to the glider pilot volunteer.

Mana Neko, and some engineers, have designed a rear-opening cannon to take advantage of the steam cartridge.  Development of the cannon has begun.

Another gift from Nestav arrived with translated copies of ‘Art of War’ ‘Ramblings on Administration’ ‘Conduct on War’ and ‘Treatise on Ruling Conquered Peoples’.  An accompanying note stated that this were short and could be sent quickly while the others are a long ways away from being done.

17 turns until the glider facility is complete. 4 turns for the Institute to be complete. The Town upgrade is now complete.

The men controlled by the koth are easily dispatched by the knights who manage to corner the koth, who seemed to forget it magic, and slay it without hassle.  Word is sent to the local lord who was distraught to learn of what happened.

Your populace receives word of the bloody battles on the seas between Chu and Shu.  There is little left of the Shu fleet and the Chu fleet has left the area.

The diplomat sent to Ata Raxia returns with word from their ruler.  “You want friendship, but we only want strong friends.  If your lands are as strong as those that represent it then meet us in two years.  Battle will prove your mettle.”

10 turns for War Smithy to be complete. 1 turn for the ritual to be complete. 1 turn for the road to be complete.

Your Banner Houses agree to pool together for standardized training.

7 turns for Serpent Road construction to be complete. 1 turn to convert Wealth-to-Population. Elite Mercenaries have arrive. Trained Infantry training is now complete.

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2 Re: Turn 4-1067 on Sun Apr 16, 2017 4:01 pm

Fortune roll and stats:

I roll 16 adding on my House fortune of 6 giving me 22. This gives me Blessing.

I improve Wealth by d6 - I roll 5

Because of my port I gain +1 wealth

Current stats:

Defense: 13
Influence: 18
Lands: 11
Law: 36
Population: 28 (6 due to construction)
Power: 19
Wealth: 22

1 x Port

Commander Adams (Veteran) (Inf Command 5, Fighting 2, Warfare 2)

3000 Archers (Trained Discipline +3 ) 3 Marksmanship, 2 Awareness, 1 Agility
1000 Infantry (Trained Discipline +0) 2 Fighting, 2 Endurance, 2 Athletics
Peasant Levies (Green, Discipline +15) 4000 Infantry, 2000 Cavalry. Both = 2 survival


Training continues of the peasant levies.

King Edward sets out to the seat of House Aslaug to court Lady Aslaug.

In preparation of the Empresses courting attempts King Edwards father Robert is chosen to come as a champion of House Fletcher and seek her hand in marriage. Among the things he is to bring is a large retinue of House Fletcher's most elite warriors (Commander Adams and 50 Infantry), his bow which he will use to impress the Empress and +5 Wealth's worth of gifts to the Empress. His proposal comes with an exception to other Houses because if Robert is married he will obviously move to Laventino and form an alliance but will also allow any children born of their union to be of the Empresses House thus avoiding a succession crisis.

A trade agreement along with a non-aggression pact are established with Lord Da'Boléro as per our discussions.

1 Elite Personal Guard is to be trained at the cost of +13 Power, +5 Wealth is spent on their equipment

Selina and Jaime turn 15 to much jubilation.

An diplomatic envoy is sent to House Lanore to establish a true diplomatic relationship. A bow crafted by Duke Robert himself is sent, along with some special arrows House Fletcher is famed for.

Current Stats:

Defense: 13
Influence: 18
Lands: 11
Law: 36
Population: 28 (6 due to construction)
Power: 11
Wealth: 12

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3 Re: Turn 4-1067 on Sun Apr 16, 2017 8:12 pm

Fortunes of the Road:
7d6+3= 26 GROWTH +2 to Wealth

Lord-Commander Segarus makes the decision to depart to Laventino with his guard, heading to Port Sarum to ask Bern Leeman if they will be going and if so if they can go with them.

Once the escaped Koth is slain and the local lord informed, the knights burn the accursed beast's carcass and bury the dead with more dignity than the beast showed them before riding to return to the caravans.

Kreathean soldiers at last arrive in Nestav to march to the dungeon with the Aurelion engineers, and the Lord-Commander's daughter seeks an audience with the Nestavain king. She and the guards with her bear the Black Banners.

As winter's grip loosens, the people of the Kingdom begin to farm small plots of land around their encamped caravans, and hunting parties set out to seek the lairs and nests of creatures that might have been in hibernation. The berry painted wagon continues to make it's rounds.

"Well this is an interesting place." Sir Edon said, his hands on his armored belt. The Nestavian port was something of a strange place compared to Port Sarum, but with the Aurelion troops there to guide them there was little chance that they would end up lost.
"It is," Maleta agreed. "But, we have a job to do. Best hop to it, aye?"
"Of course," Sir Edon nodded, and walked off to start bellowing orders at his battalion. The Lord-Commander's daughter smiled, and looked to the mountains in the distance. Jobs to do indeed.

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4 Re: Turn 4-1067 on Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:08 pm

Lord Thrand has returned with the spoils of his efforts, having left Rengar and Thomas in charge of the expedition forces.  The freshly trained Crusaders are equipped with the new weapons and armor and he will lead them (Veteran Commander) to join the front. 

Before he leaves he receives word that the Empress is looking for a husband.  The political wheels in his head begin to turn and he commissions a set of jewelry, the finest silver and rubies to be used in the making of a pair of earrings, a necklace and matching bracelets.  Argus will be informed that he will be sent to seek her hand and that he must put his best foot forward as House Geirmund's representative.  The young man accepts, though he is clearly nervous at the prospect of meeting the Empress herself.

As discussed, work to create the Dwarven Brewery (Large) will begin, with the help of an outside investor.  Geirmund and Grimmore will, together, put five total Population into the project and three Wealth, while the investor will put seven Wealth and five Population into the project as well. 

Thrand will have the court mage look at the mana crystals and how they could be of use to his hold while he's off fighting the undead.

Fortune Rolls:
House Geirmund: 7d6 + 8 = 38 (Growth) 1d3 = 2 Wealth

Clan Grimmore: 9d6 - 7 = 26 (Blessing) 1d6 = 5 Wealth

End of Turn Stats:
House Geirmund: Defense 8, Influence 4, Lands 10, Law 28, Population 24, Power 0, Wealth 4

Clan Grimmore: Defense 11, Influence 10, Lands 5, Law 25, Population 25, Power 0, Wealth 5

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5 Re: Turn 4-1067 on Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:32 am

Fortune roll:

Total:27 Growth
rolled 1d6 got a 5, 5 to power

The gnoll lord will call to his banner house, and have them prepare for glorious combat while the rest of his own soldiers prepare.

The gnoll lord will also order for a gift to lanore be made. A two large silver wargs for Heinrich.

While in the gifting mood the lord will order that his personal Warg to be fed flesh of the serpent.

He will also recall the 5 population within Lanore's land

Lord blackfang will also prepare for his trip to laventino. He will take with him, a handful of nobles, the best chefs within his lands, a Red colored warg, a group of chinchillas,
and finally the trophy he had riped from the head of the chu general. But he will not leave until after the hybrid child has been born

I'm also gona use influence once more on house fletcher. This wont be the last time though~

I'll also use 4 power, and 2 wealth to buy crusaders, and equip them with basic flame throwers. These units will officially be called Flame Pelts. I'll also buy a commander, and he shall also be equipped with a flamethrower. His name is Flamemane

The gnolls will also send 7 pop and 10 wealth to help house lanore build the crypt for his wife.

House stats:

Current stats:

Def 5
Inf 19
lan 6
law 22
pop 22 (1 with current projects) (10 in forge, 3 in road, 1 in college, 7 with lanore.)
Pow 8
Wea 10

Army stats

1 Guerrillas Discipline 3, Athletics, Marksmanship, Stealth 2. Vet

1 Guerrillas Dscipline 3, athletics 1, marksmanship 3, stealth 4 Vet

1 Raiders 3 pts (Discipline Modifier +3) Agility, Endurance 3, Fighting 1. Trained

1 Cavalry 5 pts (Discipline Modifier -3) Agility 3, Animal Handling 3, Fighting 2 Trained

2 Engineers 4 pts (Discipline Modifier +3) Endurance, Fighting, Warfare green

1 Support (Discipline Modifier +3) Animal Handling, Endurance, Healing 2, Trained

1 Personal Guard 6 pts (Discipline Modifier -6) Athletics, Endurance 1, Fighting green

1 Scouts 2 pts (Discipline Modifier +3) Awareness, Endurance, Stealth 1 green

1 Peasant Levies -2 pop (Discipline Modifier +6) Animal Handling, Awareness, Survival 1 green

1 Commander Grimebolt Command 3, Fighting 4, Warfare 5, Dscipline 3. Elite

1 Nobles 5 pts (Discipline Modifier -3) Athletics, Endurance 1, Fighting green

1 Mercenaries (Discipline Modifier +3) Athletics 2, Endurance 1, Fighting. Trained

1 Mercenaries (Discipline Modifier +3) Athletics 2, Endurance 1, Fighting. trained

1 Mercenaries (Discipline Modifier +3) Athletics , Endurance 1, Fighting 1. Green

5 Criminals 1 pt (Discipline Modifier +15) Endurance 1, Fighting 1, Stealth, Green

1 Hot Pelts 4 pts (Discipline Modifier +12) Athletics, Endurance 1, Fighting 1, Green

1 Commander FlameMane 5 Command, Fighting 1, Warfare Green (Discipline Modifier +9)

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6 Re: Turn 4-1067 on Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:48 pm

The army is sent off to Nestav lands as an agreement to lend aid.

7 Wealth and 5 population is sent off to help Crensler's house to build their brewery, in exchange for cheap prices to buy this alcohol.

Defensive alliances are sought out with the southern coast with the warm reception the isles is currently getting down there.

Parliament votes and agrees with the wishes of King Isen, and the isles fully commits to the STG accords. The port is also signed over to the STG and 1 wealth is given to bring it up fully to the requirements set fourth by the STG. One pop is committed also to do this, and set up the new coffee shop.

The Isles is not happy with the news they hear of House Fletcher, but don't really do much about it or voice their concern right now.

Payment to Chu stops and they are informed the Isles are no longer interested in pursuing an embassy in their lands

All pops that were working on the College are assigned to working on the shipyard to speed up its construction.

Principles of Magic: Theory and Application and Interactions with the Natural World’, the original written by Drakomedia was given over to Empress Amelia while she was visiting. King Isen makes ready to attempt to take her hand in marriage from all the other suitors, but has no gift as he has already given her it.

POWER CONVERSION: 20 wealth to 10 power

House Fortune:
2,1,6,5,1,1,4,+10=30 BLESSING
2d3: 1+3

House Stats:
Def: 5
Inf: 9
Land: 5
Law: 53
Pop: 41
Pow: 4+3=7
Wealth:26+1+3=30-20-7=3 (Fortune) (Market+Port: d6=3)

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7 Re: Turn 4-1067 on Sat Apr 22, 2017 1:34 am

7d6=27+12(House Fortune) = 39 Result:Growth Resource allocation: Wealth


With the completion of the town, most of the populace involved in its construction are reassigned to planting work with the new season. 
A total of three additional population are sent to work on the glider site from the town project.(New total, 8 )

The completion of the town also marks the opening of the new town market, however, merchant's stalls are un-stocked given the season, 10 wealth is used to bring the market online. 

Additional copies of the books from Nestav are produced, a complete set being ordered by House Aurelion's adviser, Nathaniel Grimm. 
A single additional copy of the book on magic is ordered as well.

With the new knowledge of blackpowder, the research team working on its recipe are given instructions to both attempt to improve the burn time of the powder, as well as refine production methods, an emphasis on reliability/stability is made, along with safety.

The metallurgy wing is tasked with general research into alloys and metal blends. The metallurgy team are given the relevant notes from Laventino on forging processes. The team is asked if they need additional resources for their work to progress.

Cannon development is given serious consideration given the nature of developments, the team is told once a reliable prototype is designed, that work should begin on a way to make cartridges in large numbers. There is also the order to look into the possibility of miniaturization of the designs. The cannon team is also given the notes from Laventino on milling and metal shaping, on the off chance the notes help.

Detailed research into the principles of flight is put on hold until the Glider Facility is more complete. The head of the project site is questioned as to why it's going to take "Over a year and a half, to build a Damm landing site and a couple of buildings...."

One of the Engineers returned from Varvol looks into the idea of a mine elevator in order to allow miners to get material up in larger amounts, as well as allow for theoretically deeper mines.


Nathaniel Grimm makes plans to head to Laventino in response to the Empress's announcement, with him he takes a complete set of the Nestav books, a single copy of the book on magic, clothes for several weeks, and his personal pets, which consist of a few capybaras. None of these are gifts however.

A maritime specialist is sent to Laventino on behalf of the STG, with orders to oversee renovations of Laventino's port, with him are a small contingent of builders.

Kelon and Natayla both decide to take a trip back to Varvol for the spring.

Defense:3 Influence:13 Land:2 Law:31 Population:21 Power:12 Wealth:=12+2-10(Market Costs)=4 Lloyds coffers:2 wealth

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8 Re: Turn 4-1067 on Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:50 am

Following the failed attack on the Northern Silver Coast, the armies of Nestav has retreated to Inga Tower and Edward immediately orders the engineers to begin construction on makeshift cover and barricades on the walls surrounding Silvercreek Port and Inga Tower. A unit of Trained Infantry will be sent with a Scorpion to the port, as well as all of Nestav's winter grain reserves for the impending siege.

One unit of archers will be used to garrison Inga Tower for the impending attack. The rest of the army will wait outside of the wall, closer to the mountain, ready to spring into action should Inga Tower be threatened. The Elite Engineers will be given a unit of centipedes to replace their small steam cannons. (-1 Wealth)

All travelers will be warned of the impending situation and traffic to Silvercreek Port will be advised against, as Nestav cannot guarantee their safety.

However, Edward will be promptly and quickly informed of his next task; with Milford Cyneburg,
the 15-year-old head of House Cyneburg has been promoted to the leader of Nestav's armies.
Edward has left the boy some texts on stratagems and tactics but otherwise lacks the time to teach the young man any more for the time being.

Lord Protector Edward von Keller will be vying for the Empresses' hand in marriage. He will be bringing his arms and armor to show his martial prowess, as well as the Empresses' sword found in Nestav's Dungeon and a text on Golemancy, translated to the Laven tongue for easier absorption by local scholars and taubers. He leaves while ships are capable of sailing out of Silvercreek Port.

Fortune Rolls:
7d6 = 25+6 = 31; Growth. Add 1+1 Wealth to

House Stats:
Def = 3
Inf = 1
Lan = 2
Law = 32
Pop = 22
Pow = 15
Wea = 8

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9 Re: Turn 4-1067 on Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:07 am

Fortune roll:
I roll 22, to which I add my House Fortune of 10, giving me 32. Thus, I gain Growth.

I improve one resource by 1d3 points; Pop. I roll 2.

My 4 Wealth have now been converted to Pop.

I convert 1 Glory into Pop.

I gain a total of 7 Pop.

I convert 1 Glory into Influence.

I convert the remaining 2 Glory into Power.

Current stats
Def 6
Inf 5
Lands 0
Law 21
Pop 31
Power 4
Wealth 1
House Fortune Total  = +10

I assign 4 more Pop on the construction of the Serpent Road.

I spend 5 Influence and 3 Power to hire a Trained Commander.

1 Commander, trained,
(3 pt), (5 inf), (Discipline Modifier +6) Command (3), Fighting (0), Warfare (3)

I order my cavalry and those of my banner houses to go into House Njall's territory. Pillage villages, burn the fields, and put the peasants to the sword. Avoid any direct conflict with Njall's troops.

Contact the house that borders Njall's territory, and politely inform them of the attack on the banner houses of Lord Da'Boléro. Tell them to be careful of Njall's duplicity and thirst for power.

Current stats:
Def 6
Inf 0
Lands 0
Law 21
Pop 31
Power 1
Wealth 1
House Fortune Total  = +10
18 Pop used for building Serpent Road.

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10 Re: Turn 4-1067 on Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:42 am

Heinrich will march his men back home, proudly but tiredly. The scientists will be checked up on for progress, as well as the balloon research team. Heinrich expects they have taken their monthly reading for the atmosphere.

Hearing of the war crimes committed by house Dabolero, Heinrich will invite his daughter to return home and away from the savagery of her new house.

Lord Heinrich will also order a massive Mausoleum be built for his late wife, Ding she. The Walls of the mausoleum will have her personal history as well as the entire known history of the ding clan. All those from ding are welcome to come and see the construction and add their part. The Mausoleum will be located outside of Brakenburg on a hilltop, will gardens surrounding it. (Think a Spanish version of the Taj Mahal. Just instead of Indian it is the Boroque style of Spaniards.)

Spending 20 power to begin construction of trained warships, as well as 4 wealth to improve both their weapons and armor during construction.

Status and Rolls:
+5 to Def.

Def +20 (+5 from Roll)
Influence +3
Lands +0
Law +27
Pop +39 (38 being used for the fields)
Power +0 (-20 from warships)
Wealth +4 (-1 from cannon repair. -15 from buying 5 units of cannons, -20 from Mausoleum, -4 from construction of warships)
Glory: 8 (+3 from battle)

Mines x2
Superior Castle
Large University
Commander Aleksander (Green)(Inf Command 1, Fighting , Warfare 2)

Commander Zhukov (Trained) (Inf Command 3, Fighting 3, Warfare 1)

Commander Farhowl (Veteran) (Inf Command 3, Fighting 4, Warfare 5)

3,000 Royal Guard (Trained) (18 power) (Discipline Modifier -6)(Athletics +1) (Armour 6, Pen -3) (Defence 5)(Morale 6)(BD: 8 )(Athletics 1, Endurance 2, Fighting 5)

1,000 Personal Guard, Elite (13 Power)(Discipline Modifier -6) Athletics 2, Endurance 5, Fighting 9

1,000 Scouts (Trained) (2 Power) (Discipline Modifier +0)(Defence 5)(Morale 6)(BD: 3) )Awareness 1, Endurance, Stealth 4)

1,000 Garrison (Trained) (12 Power) (Discipline Modifier -3/+3)(Athletics +1) (Armour 3, Pen -2) (Defence 6 )(Morale 9)(BD: 6) (Awareness, Endurance 3, Fighting 2)

2,000 Raiders (Trained) (Discipline Modifier +3)(Athletics+1)(Armour 2, Pen -1)(Defence 6)(Morale 6)(BD: 6)(Agility, Endurance 2, Fighting 1)

1,000 Archers (3 pts) (Discipline Modifier +3)(Athletics +1)(Armour 2, Pen -1)(Defence 3)(Morale 5) (BD: 5)(Agility 2, Awareness, Marksmanship 2)

2,000 Calvary Archers [Special] 4 pts (Discipline Modifier +0))(Athletics +1)(Armour 2, Pen -1)(Defence 3)(Morale 5) (BD: 4)(Agility 1, Animal Handling 1, Marksmanship)

4,000 Garrison (Trained) (12 Power) (Discipline Modifier -3/+3)(Athletics +1) (Armour 3, Pen -2) (Defence 5 )(Morale 9)(BD: 6) (Awareness 1, Endurance 2, Fighting 3)

7,000 Archers (Trained)(Discipline Modifier +0)(Athletics +1)(Armour 2, Pen -1)(Defense 5)(Morale 5) (BD: 5)(Agility 2, Awareness 1, Marksmanship 2)

5,000 Calvary (Trained)(Discipline Modifier -3)(Athletics+3)(Armour 0, Pen 0)(Defense 5) Morale )(BD: 6) (Agility 2, Animal Handling 1, Fighting 5)

600 Proto-Dragoons (Trained)(Discipline Modifier -3)(Athletics+3)(Armour 0, Pen 0)(Defense 5) Morale )(BD: 6) (Agility 3, Animal Handling 1, Fighting 4)

1,000 Heavy Calvary (Trained)(Discipline Modifier -3)(Athletics+3)(Armour 0, Pen 0)(Defense 5) Morale )(BD: 6) (Agility 2, Animal Handling 2, Fighting 4)

2,000 Engineers (Green)(Discipline Modifier +3)(Athletics)(Armour 2, Pen -1)(Defense 5)(BD: 4)(Morale 7) (Endurance 1, Fighting, Warfare 3)

1,000 Engineers (Veterans)(Discipline Modifier +3)(Athletics)(Armour 2, Pen -1)(Defense 5)(BD: 4)(Morale 7) (Endurance 1, Fighting 2, Warfare 5)

5,000 Infantry (Trained)(Discipline Modifier +0)(Athletics+1)(Armour 3, Pen -2)(Defence 5) (BD: 6) (Athletics 2, Endurance 1, Fighting 2)

6,000 Infantry (Green)(Discipline Modifier +0)(Athletics+1)(Armour 3, Pen -2)(Defence 5) (BD: 6) (Athletics 1, Endurance 1, Fighting 2)


Gunpowder Cannon- 5 Batteries (Medium)
Health: 30
Range:500 yards
Movement: Stationary
Armor Rating: 7

Gunpowder Cannon - 1 Battery (Small)
Health: 15
Range: 200 yards
Movement: 10 yards
Armor Rating: 7
Damage: 5

Total fluff:
50 Small Cannons
250 Medium Cannons

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