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Battle of Silver Snakeback

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1 Battle of Silver Snakeback on Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:22 pm

Da'Bolero Composition:
House Wedge Composition:
[1-3]Cavalry, Veteran (DM+0) Defence=6{Armor=5}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=6, Base Damage=5
[4-5]Engineers, Trained (DM+9) Defence=5{Armor=2}, Morale=12{Endurance=4}, Fighting=4, Warfare=4, Base Damage=1
{Armed with Small Steam Cannons} Base Damage=5
[6-7]Garrison, Trained (DM+3) Defence=6{Armor=3}, Morale=12{Endurance=4}, Fighting=4, Base Damage=3
House Biggs Composition:
[8-11]Cavalry, Green (DM+6) Defence=3{Armor=5}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=3, Base Damage=5
[12]Garrison, Green (DM+6) Defence=5{Armor=3}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=3, Base Damage=3
House Njall Composition:
[1-2]Cavalry, Trained (DM+3) Defence=6{Armor=5}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=4, Base Damage=5
[3-8]Infantry, Trained (DM+6) Defence=8{Armor=3}, Morale=9{Endurance=3}, Fighting=3, Base Damage=7
[9-14]Engineers, Green (DM+12) Defence=5{Armor=2}, Morale=9{Endurance=3}, Fighting=2, Base Damage=1
{Armed with Centipedes} Base Damage=1
[C]Commander, Trained Defence=3{Armor=6}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=4, Base Damage=3

The weather is cloudy and dry for the moment.  The only remarkable feature close by on the serpent is a road close to half-a-mile past the right side of the battlefield.

[Each square equals ten yards.]

Last edited by SilverDragonRed on Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:21 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Added in Armor Values.)

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2 Re: Battle of Silver Snakeback on Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:07 am

Wedge[1-3] Charge forward. All Pass.
Wedge[4-5] Move forward. All Fail.
Wedge[6-7] do nothing.
Biggs[8-11] do nothing.
Biggs[12] do nothing.

Njall[1-2] Charge forward. All Pass.
Njall[3-8] Move forward. All Pass.
Njall[9-14] Move forward. All Pass.

Wedge[1,3] hits Njall[2]. Test Result=19(*5 damage),23(*6 damage). Damage Dealt=25(-5),30(-5).  Njall[2] is destroyed. Njall[C] is alive.
Wedge[2] hits Njall[1]. Test Result=17(*4 damage). Damage Dealt=20(-5). Njall[1] is destroyed.

Njall[1] hits Wedge[2]. Test Result=10(*2 damage). Damage Dealt=10(-5). Wedge[2] has 1 Morale left.
Njall[2] hits Wedge[1]. Test Result=15(*4 damage). Damage Dealt=20(-5). Wedge[1] is destroyed.

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3 Re: Battle of Silver Snakeback on Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:17 am

Wedge[2-3] Charge back. All Pass.

Njall[C] Charges back.

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4 Re: Battle of Silver Snakeback on Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:18 pm

The army of House Da'Boléro joins the battlefield.

2 Infantry unit, trained (7 pts) (Discipline Modifier +6) Athletics (2), Endurance (2), Fighting (2);
1 Cavalry unit, trained (5 pts) (Discipline Modifier +3) Agility (2), Animal Handling (2), Fighting (2);
1 Mercenary unit, trained, (4 pt)* (Discipline Modifier +9) Athletics (2), Endurance (2), Fighting (2);
1 Mercenary unit, elite, (10 pt)* (Discipline Modifier +3) Athletics (4), Endurance (4), Fighting (6);

Not sure which stage of the battle we're at. I'm guessing the possibility of parley is impossible and we are jumping straight to battle.

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5 Re: Battle of Silver Snakeback on Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:22 pm

Turn 2:

Da'Bolero Reinforcements Composition:
[12]Cavalry, Trained (DM+3) Defence=5{Armor=5}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=4, Base Damage=5
[13]Mercenary, Elite (DM+3) Defence=8{Armor=4}, Morale=18{Endurance=6}, Fighting=8, Base Damage=7
[14]Mercenary, Trained (DM+9) Defence=6{Armor=4}, Morale=12{Endurance=4}, Fighting=4, Base Damage=5
[15-16]Infantry, Trained (DM+6) Defence=6{Armor=3}, Morale=12{Endurance=4}, Fighting=4, Base Damage=5

OOC wrote:Go ahead and issue orders to any and all troops you wish to. Just keep in mind that you are limited to only 2 dice for Warfare tests.

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6 Re: Battle of Silver Snakeback on Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:22 pm

I reposition my units while staying out of range of Njall's centipedes weapons.

First line: [4-5]
Second line: [6-7-12] (This 12 unit is Biggs')
Third line: Right flank [2-3-12] (this 12 unit is mine); Middle [15-16], they are placed right behind [12] (Biggs'); Left flank [8-11]
Fourth line: empty
Fifth line: [13-14]

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7 Re: Battle of Silver Snakeback on Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:32 pm

Wedge[4-5] Move. All Pass.
Wedge[6-7], Biggs[12] Move. All Pass.
Wedge[2-3], Da’Bolero[12] Move. All Pass.
Da’Bolero[15-16] Move. All Pass.
Biggs[8-11] Move. All Pass.

Njall[3-8] Move. All Pass.
Njall[9-14] Move. [12,14] Fail.

OOC wrote:Now is the second turn order.  Because you don't have a Commander you can only order two units.

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8 Re: Battle of Silver Snakeback on Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:42 pm

House Njall elects to retire the field.

House Da'Bolero gains 4 Glory.

Njall- 123 wounded, 89 dead
Da'Bolero/Wedge/Biggs- 110 wounded, 8 dead

[1-3]Cavalry, Veteran -1 Training, Intact, +2 Training
[4-5]Engineers, Trained Intact
[6-7]Garrison, Trained Intact
[8-11]Cavalry, Green +1 Training
[12]Garrison, Green +2 Training
[12]Cavalry, Trained Intact
[13]Mercenary, Elite +1 Training
[14]Mercenary, Trained Intact
[15-16]Infantry, Trained Intact

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