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Nestav Surprise!

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1 Nestav Surprise! on Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:49 pm

Enemy Composition:
[1-8]Cavalry, Veteran (DM+0) Defence=8{Armor=5}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=5, Base Damage=5
[9-10]Engineers, Green (DM+12) Defence=5{Armor=2}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=2, Warfare=4, Base Damage=1
{Armed with Medium Steam Cannons} Base Damage=7
[11-16]Infantry, Green (DM+9) Defence=6{Armor=3}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=2, Base Damage=5
[17-22]Archers, Trained (DM+9) Defence=9{Armor=2}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=2, Marksmanship=4, Base Damage=1//8
[23-26]Engineers, Trained (DM+9) Defence=6{Armor=3}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=2, Warfare=8, Base Damage=1
{Armed with Small Steam Cannons} Base Damage=5
[C1]Commander, Trained  Defence=3{Armor=6}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=2, Command=5, Warfare=5, Base Damage=3
[C2]Commander, Green Defence=3{Armor=6}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=3, Command=2, Warfare=2, Base Damage=3
Nestav Composition:
[1-2]Infantry, Trained (DM+6) Defence=6{Armor=3}, Morale=12{Endurance=4}, Fighting=4, Base Damage=5
[3-6]Infantry, Trained (DM+6) Defence=6{Armor=3}, Morale=15{Endurance=5}, Fighting=3, Base Damage=5
[7-9]Infantry, Green (DM+9) Defence=4{Armor=3}, Morale=12{Endurance=4}, Fighting=2, Base Damage=3
[10]Crusaders, Green (DM+12) Defence=4{Armor=5}, Morale=9{Endurance=3}, Fighting=2, Base Damage=4
[11]Nobles, Green (DM+6) Defence=3{Armor=6}, Morale=9{Endurance=3}, Fighting=3, Base Damage=3
[12]Personal Guard, Green (DM+3) Defence=4{Armor=6}, Morale=9{Endurance=3}, Fighting=2, Base Damage=4
[13]Personal Gaurd, Elite (DM-6) Defence=7{Armor=6}, Morale=21{Endurance=7}, Fighting=7, Base Damage=7
[14]Mercenaries, Green (DM+12) Defence=5{Armor=4}, Morale=15{Endurance=5}, Fighting=2, Base Damage=4
[15]Mercenaries, Trained (DM+9) Defence=6{Armor=4}, Morale=18{Endurance=6}, Fighting=4, Base Damage=5
[16]Cavalry, Trained (DM+3) Defence=6{Armor=5}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=4, Base Damage=5
[17]Cavalry, Trained (DM+3) Defence=6{Armor=5}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=5, Base Damage=5
[18-23]Cavalry, Green (DM+6) Defence=4{Armor=5}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=3, Base Damage=5
[24-28]Archers, Green (DM+12) Defence=7{Armor=2}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=2, Markmanship=2, Base Damage=1//4
[29]Archers, Trained (DM+9) Defence=10{Armor=2}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=2, Marksmanship=6, Base Damage=1//7
[30]Engineers, Trained (DM+9) Defence=5{Armor=2}, Morale=12{Endurance=4}, Fighting=2, Warfare=6, Base Damage=1
{Armed with Scorpion} Base Damage=3 (Ig AR)
[31]Engineers, Elite (DM+3) Defence=5{Armor=2}, Morale=21{Endurance=7}, Fighting=5, Warfare=10 Base Damage=1
{Armed with Small Steam Cannons} Base Damage=5
[C]Commander, Elite Defence=3{Armor=6}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=6, Command=7, Warfare=7, Base Damage=3

The ground is wet with dew, but little sign of clouds. The morning is cold with light wind blowing.

Does Nestav elect to parlay?

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2 Re: Nestav Surprise! on Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:51 pm

Yes. A cavalryman will be sent forward with a message:

"To the armies of the Northern Silver Houses, stand down and lay down your arms. We will guarantee your safety and your health. Should you choose instead to bear arms against Nestav, then the results will speak for themselves. You have one hour to decide."

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3 Re: Nestav Surprise! on Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:41 pm

Enemy[9] fires at Nestav[1]. Test Result=11(*2 damage). Damage Dealt=14(-3). Nestav[1] has 1 Morale left.
Enemy[10] fires at Nestav[13].  Test Result=17(*4 damage). Damage Dealt=28(-6). Nestav[13] is disorganized. Nestav[C] is alive.

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4 Re: Nestav Surprise! on Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:22 pm

Rally [1]
Reorganize [13]
[30] open fire on [9]
All other units shield wall or hold position.

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5 Re: Nestav Surprise! on Sat Apr 22, 2017 8:28 am

Nestav[30] fires at Enemy[9]. Test Result=27(*7 damage). Damage Dealt=21.  Enemy[30] is destroyed. Enemy[30] cannon has 9 Health left.
Nestav[1] rallies.  Nestav[1] has 9 Morale left.
Nestav[13] organizes.

Enemy[All] (except [C1] and [10]) Move.  All Pass.

OOC wrote:Second Order Phase. The Commander gets to issue a number of commands equal to his Command skill.

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6 Re: Nestav Surprise! on Sat Apr 22, 2017 8:54 am

Enemy[17-22] fires at Nestav[4-10]. All Pass. Test Results=10(*2 damage), 14(*3 damage), 15(*4 damage), 18(*5 damage), 16(*5 damage), 12(*3 damage). Damage Dealt=16(-3), 24(-3), 32(-3), 40(-3), 40(-3), 24(-5).
Nestav[4] has 2 Morale left.
Nestav[5] is disorganized.
Nestav[6] is disorganized.
Nestav[7] is destroyed.
Nestav[8] is destroyed.
Nestav[9] is destroyed.
Nestav[10] is destroyed.

Enemy[26] Moves. Pass.

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7 Re: Nestav Surprise! on Sat Apr 22, 2017 9:05 am

Edward signals the order to retreat back to Nestavian lands. The battle is lost and he is cutting his losses.

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8 Re: Nestav Surprise! on Sat Apr 22, 2017 9:18 am

Enemy Forces- 485 wounded, 15 dead.
Nestav- 1,587 wounded, 973 dead.

Nestav gains two Glory.

[1-2]Infantry, Trained -1 Training, Intact
[3-6]Infantry, Trained Intact, Intact
[7-9]Infantry, Green -3 Training, -3 Training, -2 Training
[10]Crusaders, Green -2 Training
[11]Nobles, Green Intact
[12]Personal Guard, Green Intact
[13]Personal Gaurd, Elite Intact
[14]Mercenaries, Green +1 Training
[15]Mercenaries, Trained Intact
[16]Cavalry, Trained Intact
[17]Cavalry, Trained Intact
[18-23]Cavalry, Green Intact
[24-28]Archers, Green +2 Training
[29]Archers, Trained +2 Training
[30]Engineers, Trained +1 Training
[31]Engineers, Elite Intact
[C]Commander, Elite Intact

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