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Turn 5-1067

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1 Turn 5-1067 on Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:14 pm

Nestav has gone for the offensive for the first time in centuries.  Their first battle of this nature proved to be a defeat against the northern half of the Silver Coast.  The collective of the north have banded together to wage war on Nestav and the Seven Isles.

The coast of Storm Valley has fallen into complete chaos.  Rebellion from within House Chlothar has spread and engulfed all the surrounding lands.

Chu has launched an invasion of the Kingdom of Shu, estimated to number 247,000.  A combined army of the Kingdoms of Shu and Ponthos, numbering 220,000, rode out to meet them in battle.  It was a decisive victory for Chu.  The King of Shu lay dead on the battlefield.

War has been declared between the Kingdoms of Chu and Laventino.  During a meeting between their respective leaders the King of Chu was murdered; the newly-crowned Zhouzon Yi accused Empress Amelia of the assassination.

Suitors of Empress Amelia arrive at the port only to find the whole of it ablaze.  A fireship rests upon a sandbar close by.  A temporary pontoon dock is set up by the break wall for the transfer of cargo and personnel.

Admiral Krenzler:
Replacement crews for the kampfwagons are pressed into action.  Preparations on your defenses continue until the undead come to within line-of-sight.  The court mage has infused each of the mana crystals with an ‘anti-necro’ spell that will disrupt a small number of the undead.

Word reaches your ear that young Argus was able to safely depart from Nestav’s port before it became besieged.  Sailing on a ship under a merchant flag should provide a degree of safety to his journey.

The Seven Isles engineers have not reached your land due to their path being blocked by the siege.

8 turns for the University to be complete. 6 turns for the Siege Workshop to be complete. 1 turn for Green Personal Guard/Support(x2) training to be complete.

The surrounding Houses not part of your league continue to demand an audience with the Bern.

Trained Archers(x6)/Cavalry(x10)/Commander/Infantry(x2) training is now complete.

Duke Robert is away on his journey to Laventino.  The diplomats to both House Da’Bolero and the Kingdom of Ponthos have been sent.

King Edward has been invited to a meeting of the southern coastal Houses.

15 turns for Marketplace construction to be complete. 4 turns for Trained Personal Guard training to be complete. 1 turn to convert Levies. Port expansion is now complete. [Your next fortune roll has a -2 modifier to it.]

Silvercreek Port is under siege. Inga Tower is preparing its defenses for its siege; the army meant to do so being delayed by your attack.  Cyneburg Fortress is under siege.  Merilyn returns to Skyreach Citadel with news that the ‘anti-necro’ spells have repelled the undead that weren’t destroyed outright.  Houses Isabjorg and Hakon send word that they need some time to recoup their losses, but they will send soldiers to lend aid in the coming months.

Lord Protector Edward von Keller managed to sail out of Silvercreek Port begin the siege began.  He and the heir of House Geirmund journey to Laventino aboard a merchant ship.

King Valganis has been invited to a meeting of the southern coastal Houses.

People from the destroyed Kingdom of Krethea march into Varvol waving the black banner.

7 turns for Smelter construction to be complete. 6 turns for Small Town construction to be complete. 1 turn for Green Commander training to be complete. The Military Academy is now complete.

After successfully lifting the siege and putting out the inferno Ding Bao, Ding She’s younger sister, has ordered what is left of the Ding clan to move to Ponthos. [You gain 10 Population.]

During the army’s absence raiders and brigands in the southernmost portions of the coast surge forth to lay waste.  They burn fields, steal wealth, and kill peasants. [You lose 3 Land, 6 Population, and 4 Wealth.] The STG inspection of your port was delayed due to the brigand attack.

Because of their heroics and valor in the battle Ponthos receives a diplomat from Chu.  A diplomat from House Fletcher arrives.

The first batch of blackpowder has been successfully produced but at the cost of the alchemist’s third, fourth, and sixth kid dying in the unfortunate explosion that resulted from sloppy work.  The balloon project brings forth the idea of cutting holes into the balloon as a means of raising or lower it.

12 turns for the Mausoleum to be complete. 5 turns for the Town construction to be complete. 4 turns for Trained Warships(x2) training to be complete. The rings are now forged.

King Isen has been invited to a meeting of the southern coastal Houses.

Blackpowder has been successfully recreated from the batches found previously on the Isles and from those purchased from Chu.  The researchers come to the conclusion that the Isles do not have access to saltpeter or sulfur.

The engineers you sent to House Geirmund have not arrived due to the siege of the port.

You gain 1 Wealth from trade. 6 turns for the shipyards to be complete. 1 turn for Trained Infantry/Engineers training to be complete.

Onyx Aurelius:
The marketplace comes into full swing fairly quickly.

Blackpowder has been successfully made without incident.  Research into blackpowder and metallurgy has begun.  No additional resources are required until they know more.  Testing on the new cannon type shows it to be fairly reliable and durable under duress.

You gain 1 Wealth from trade. 14 turns until the glider facility is complete. 3 turns for the Institute to be complete.

Your troops make it to Varvol well before the port is under siege.  Lord-Commander Segarus reaches Laventino well before its port is lit ablaze by fireships.

Under a full moon the hybrid child is born as a ghostly image of a couatl appears in the night sky.  The image lingers for days and nights afterwards.  The local yuan-ti fall into prayer and flock to see the newborn.

Word from your spies tells of the fall of Fei Shuon Castle.  The Shu capitol was only spared by the Chu returning to their ships and departing.

Lord Blackfang reaches Laventino safely.

9 turns for War Smithy to be complete. The road is now complete.

A diplomat from House Fletcher arrives asking if they may be allowed to assist in the attack on House Njall.

After months of trying Lady Gertrude von Castle Nacht has announced that she is pregnant.  A message from her father arrives asking that she come home.

Njall peasants begin to abandon their villages and flee for the castle.  Their army has taken a purely defensive posture for now.

4 turns for Serpent Road construction to be complete. 4 turns for Trained Commander training to be complete. 1 turn for next Wealth-to-Population conversion to be complete. Glory-to-?? conversions are now complete. Wealth-to-Population conversion is complete.

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2 Re: Turn 5-1067 on Sun Apr 23, 2017 1:14 pm

Fortune roll and stats:

I roll 22 adding on my House fortune of 8 giving me 30, -2 Modifier = 28. This gives me Boon.

I improve Power by 2d6 - I roll 11

Because of my port I gain +1 wealth

Current stats:

Defense: 13
Influence: 18
Lands: 11
Law: 36
Population: 28 (18 due to construction)
Power: 22
Wealth: 13

1 x Port

Commander Adams (Veteran) (Inf Command 5, Fighting 2, Warfare 2)

3000 Archers (Trained Discipline +3 ) 3 Marksmanship, 2 Awareness, 1 Agility
1000 Infantry (Trained Discipline +0) 2 Fighting, 2 Endurance, 2 Athletics
Peasant Levies (Green, Discipline +15) 4000 Infantry, 2000 Cavalry. Both = 2 survival
1000 Personal Guard (Green, Discipline +3) 1 Endurance, 1 Fighting


Training continues of the peasant levies.

King Edward will attend the meeting of southern House's.

8 more Population are put into the construction of the Marketplace.

3 Units of Green Archers are to be trained +12 Power, 2 Units of Green Infantry +10 Power.

Duke Robert try's to find a way into Laventino, meanwhile he has his men help with putting out the fires.

A message is sent stating that House Fletcher will help Lord Zeiss only if they make a promise to come to House Fletcher's aid against the northern kingdoms when the time comes.

Current Stats:

Defense: 13
Influence: 18
Lands: 11
Law: 36
Population: 28 (10 due to construction)
Power: 0
Wealth: 12

(In progress)

Last edited by House Fletcher on Sat Apr 29, 2017 9:33 pm; edited 1 time in total

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3 Re: Turn 5-1067 on Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:14 am

Fortunes of the Road:
7d6+3=26 GROWTH +3 POWER

Maleta, the daughter of the Lord-Commander, request an audience with Nestav's king to begin the discussion of an alliance under the Black Banners.

Knight-Captain Sir Edon march fearlessly into the dark, and leave the sunlight behind.

The people of the kingdom begin planting in their impromptu farms, and Kreathean soldiers begin to run drills to keep their skills sharp and the people ready.

The blue-berry painted cart goes from area to area, picking berries and selling what they have gotten to the nearest farms.

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4 Re: Turn 5-1067 on Wed Apr 26, 2017 4:44 pm

House Purchases:
House Fortune Upgrades:
House Zenna + 1d3 Power (2)
House Sonaglio + 1d6 Power (4)
House Scala + 1d3 Power (3)
House Skitter + 1d6 Power (6)
House Stinger + 2d6 Power (Cool
Updated Stats:
House Zenna
Power 4

House Sonaglio
Power 14

House Scala
Power 8

House Skitter
Power 10

House Stinger
Power 10
House Zenna contunies their military preperation.
House Fortune Rolls:
House Zenna 24 (22+2) Growth
House Sonaglio 32 (27+5) Growth
House Scala 29 (23+6) Curse
House Skitter 33 (28+5) Growth
House Stinger 29 (27+2) Curse

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5 Re: Turn 5-1067 on Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:38 am

Gnollish speech:
Place holder

fortune roll:

Total:27 Blessing rolled 1d6. 6 to land

The mage college's current research will be changed to general research.

Commander Grimebolt, Flamemane, and steward Goldfang will hold a grand audience. With them they will take the messiah child, and prepare a grand speech, a copy of said speech will be sent out to all gnolls.

Current house stats:

Def 5
Inf 24
lan 12
law 22
pop 22 (4 with current projects) (10 in forge, 1 in college, 7 with lanore.)
Pow 12
Wea 24

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6 Re: Turn 5-1067 on Sat Apr 29, 2017 1:27 pm

Work to open the silver mine will begin.  All other efforts and projects will continue as normal.  The watch station system will be manned as well. The army, meanwhile, readies itself for battle.

Fortune Rolls:
House Geirmund: 7d6 + 8 = 29 (Curse) 1d6 = -1 Defense

Clan Grimmore: 9d6 - 7 = 28 (Boon) 2d6 = 10 Power

End of Turn Stats:
House Geirmund: Defense 7, Influence 4, Lands 10, Law 28, Population 24, Power 0, Wealth 4

Clan Grimmore: Defense 11, Influence 10, Lands 5, Law 25, Population 25, Power 10, Wealth 5

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7 Re: Turn 5-1067 on Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:39 pm

7d6=22+12(House Fortune) = 34 Result:Blessing Resource allocation: Wealth, Land, Defense, Population


After talks with the various banner houses in the region, a decision has been made to restructure the region for purposes of administration and resource allocation. The process is to take place over the next six to twelve months and includes the reallocation of populace, and the redrawing of internal areas into three territories, one on the coast, one consisting of the boarder regions, and one consisting of the regional interior.

With the internal restructuring underway, engineers are tasked with the proposition of the creation of a major road network internally between the various regions and their major population centers.

One of house Filbert's warships is ordered to be retrofitted with several of the new cannons for sea trials, the trials are meant to test the cannons feasibility at sea, both for accuracy, and for long term stability. Work begins in earnest to miniaturize the cannon/cartridge design.

Merchants begin their yearly trade runs, the events of the previous months having delayed their work considerably. 

With the finalization of a stable gunpowder recipe, basic flight trials are resumed with the glider. Landings are done in some of the flatter unused fields further inland.

The active blockade of Nestav's port has left Kelon and Natalya in Nestav for an extended period, along with the STG inspectors.

The STG publicly announces the acquisition of The Seven Isles port complex, as well as plans to run regular trade ships to and from The Isles.

Defense:3+1=4 Influence:13 Land:2+1=3 Law:31 Population:21+1=22 Power:12 Wealth:4+1+6(From market/Port)=11 Lloyds coffers:2 wealth

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8 Re: Turn 5-1067 on Sat Apr 29, 2017 9:16 pm

Fortune roll:
I roll 20, to which I add my House Fortune of 10, giving me 30. Thus, I gain Blessing.

I improve two resources by 1d3 points; Law and Pop. I roll 1 and 3, respectively.

Because my population has risen above a certain level, I add 2 to my Fortune total.

Current stats
Def 6
Inf 0
Lands 0
Law 22
Pop 34
Power 1
Wealth 1
House Fortune Total  = +12
18 Pop used for building Serpent Road.


The cavalry of my house and banner houses will keep the Njall army on the defensive, and cut off their supply lines so they will starve in their castle. Avoid any direct conflict with Njall's troops. Continue to pillage the countryside and destroy the fields. As much as this is possible, do not harm them the villagers. Let them flee to the castle. The more peasants take refuge in the castle, the faster they will all starve.

Coordinate with House Fletcher if they still wish to participate in this "war".

Inform Lady Gertrude von Castle Nacht's father of the good news; his daughter is now pregnant with a Da'Boléro child. However, we cannot risk letting her leave our lands in this time of war since someone might want to take the unborn child hostage. The messenger is however free to visit Lady Gertrude and make sure that she is well.

Discreetly, my heir and the guards will keep a close eye on the messenger to prevent any sort of kidnapping.

Who are House Aurelia's (Onyx) allies and enemies?

Current stats:
Def 6
Inf 0
Lands 0
Law 21
Pop 34
Power 1
Wealth 1
House Fortune Total  = +12
18 Pop used for building Serpent Road.

Last edited by Zeiss on Sun Apr 30, 2017 4:39 am; edited 2 times in total

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9 Re: Turn 5-1067 on Sun Apr 30, 2017 1:10 am

Resources required for black powder are imported and a stockpile will be built up over time.
Diplomacy and coordination with the southern coast.
Finish getting the port up to STG standards

Fortune Roll:
5,3,6,5,3,2,2+10=36 BOON

Current Stats:
Def: 5
Inf: 9
Land: 5
Law: 53
Pop: 41
Pow: 7+6=13
Wealth:3+2+2=7 (Fortune) (Market+Port: d6=2)

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10 Re: Turn 5-1067 on Sun Apr 30, 2017 2:38 am


Heinrich will order the cannons barrage the bandit stronghold for an entire month. Prior to this,
a group of vampire elites will break in and rescue the captured women with the support of scouts.
Heinrich will continue bombarding the baily until either the defenders are dead or they surrender.
If they surrender, each one will have their right hand removed. Their captains will have their legs removed. Their leader will have his arms and legs removed with his tongue cut out. Those who oppose will also have their tongues cut out. They will be made to dig graves and rebuild the bailey.
Until it is rebuilt they will be fed and watered once every three days.

We will attempt to cut holes and flaps into the balloon to help control it.
At the suggestion of a Dragoon captain, a matchlock system for the rifles will be put into development. Using a springlock system that fires a match to ignite the gunpowder rather than a fuse.

The messenger for house Dabolero will remind the princess gertrude that it was merely a request, and tell her that her father is in mourning from the death of a wife, he will give her a small box of spiced tea from home before departing.

Heinrich will also publicly declare a time of mourning. For the next 4 months, arms are not to be taken up.

(finally if you'll allow it, i'd like to expand on this a bit tomorrow. Nothing major, just a few corrections.
Too tired and not enough time to proofread.)

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11 Re: Turn 5-1067 on Sun Apr 30, 2017 7:30 am

Merylin, upon returning to Skyreach Citadel and hearing of the new turn of events, returns to her business in the dungeon.

The military academy will immediately put to work. Three projects will be assigned; a formalized officers corps to ensure the discipline of Nestav's growing army, the study of the various golems found beneath Varvol, and research of the concept of an air-powered projectile weapon.

King Valganis attends the meeting with the houses of the Southern Silver Coast. Prince Keros will see to the Kreathean envoy at Skyreach Citadel.

7 turns for Smelter construction to be complete. 6 turns for Small Town construction to be complete. 1 turn for Green Commander training to be complete.

Fortune Roll:
7d6 = 22+6 = 28 Boon; +1 Law, +3(+1) Wealth, +2 Pop, +2 Power

House Stats:
Def = 3
Inf = 1
Lan = 2
Law = 33
Pop = 24
Pow = 17
Wea = 12

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