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Your Top 3 Themes of each Final Fantasy?

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1 Your Top 3 Themes of each Final Fantasy? on Sat Apr 29, 2017 10:23 am

Hey everyone, let's just do something fun. I like top lists. How about the Top 3 pieces of music from every Final Fantasy? Let's see how much overlap we'll get! Now, I personally am only going to choose themes from the games I've played, but you don't have to. I'm going to leave Dirge of Cerberus out, though.

Final Fantasy IV:
#3: Theme of Love
#2: Boss Battle Theme
#1: Battle with the Four Fiends

Final Fantasy V:
#3: Dear Friends
#2: The Prelude of Empty Skies
#1: Clash on the Big Bridge

Final Fantasy VI:
#3: Terra's Theme
#2: Dancing Mad
#1: The Decisive Battle

Final Fantasy VII:
#3: J-E-N-O-V-A
#2: Cosmo Canyon
#1: One-Winged Angel

Final Fantasy VIII:
#3: Eyes on Me
#2: Succession of Witches
#1: Liberi Fatali

Final Fantasy IX:
#3: You're Not Alone
#2: Rose of May
#1: Melodies of Life

Final Fantasy X:
#3: Mount Gagazet
#2: A Fleeting Dream
#1: To Zanarkand

Final Fantasy X-2:
#3: Eternity (Memories of Lightwaves)
#2: Yuna's Ballad
#1: 1000 Words

Final Fantasy XII:
#3: Esper Battle
#2: Royal Capital Rabanastre
#1: Theme of the Empire

Final Fantasy XIII:
#3: Dust to Dust
#2: Blinded by Light
#1: Saber's Edge

Final Fantasy XIV:
#3: Garuda's Theme
#2: Heavensward Title Theme
#1: Bismarck's Theme

Final Fantasy XV:
#3: Valse di Fantastica
#2: Apocalypsis Aquarius
#1: Somnus (Nemoris)

What do you think?

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2 Re: Your Top 3 Themes of each Final Fantasy? on Sun Apr 30, 2017 6:16 am

Final Fantasy
#2-Town Theme
#3-Castle Cornelia

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
#1-Battle Theme 1
#2-Last Castle
#3-Main Theme

Final Fantasy VI
#1-Terra's Theme
#2-Relm's Theme
#3-Celes's Theme

Final Fantasy VII
#1-Aerith's Theme
#2-Main Theme/World Map Theme
#3-Tifa's Theme

Final Fantasy VIII
#1-Don't Be Afraid[Battle Theme]
#2-Liberi Fatali
#3-Eye's on Me

Final Fantasy IX
#1-Melodies Of Life
#2-Protecting My Devotion
#3-Battle Theme

Final Fantasy X
#1-To Zanarkand
#2-Suteki Da Ne
#3-Yuna's Theme

Final Fantasy X-2
#1-1000 Words
#2-Besaid Island theme
#3-Yuna's Ballad

Final Fantasy XIII
#1-Blinded By Light[Battle Theme]
#2-Forever Fugitives

Chrono Trigger
#1-Main Theme
#2-Corridors of Time
#3-Yearnings of the Wind[Map theme 600 A.D.]

**edit have played FFII FFIV and FFV but not enough to have any attachment to the sound tracks.
***edit ok finished and oh my god picking only 3 was hard esp for VI, VII, and X
****edit added mystic quest, thinking of adding Chrono Trigger

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3 Re: Your Top 3 Themes of each Final Fantasy? on Mon May 01, 2017 7:38 pm

Had to think about this one for a while. I also don't know proper names for the most part so... These are also in no particular order.

Chaos Shrine (First temple where Garland is)
Overworld (Duh)
Temple of Chaos (Final dungeon)

Castle Pandemonium (Final dungeon)
Overworld (Duh)
Rebel Army Theme (Also duh)

Forbidden Land Eureka (Plays when going through Eureka)
The Crystal Tower (One of the final dungeon themes)
The Dark Crystals (The other final dungeon theme)

Okay, officially difficult to pick only three here. Hm.
Crystalline Core (Final dungeon)
Shining Its Light (Overworld)
The Four Fiends (the big boss battle theme)

Searching The Light (one of the final dungeon themes)
The Evil Lord ExDeath (ExDeath's theme)
The Land Unknown (the Second World's overworld)

The New Continent (floating continent)
Overworld (duh)
Freedom (Setzer's theme)

Judgement Day (final dungeon)
Reactor (Mako Reactor theme)
Jenova Absolute (Jenova Absolute's boss theme)

Lunatic Pandora (theme for... the Lunatic Pandora)
Blue Fields (overworld)
The Extreme (final boss)

Skirmish of the Silver Dragons (plays during the cutscene leading into Memoria)
You Are Not Alone (duh, really)
Crystal Memory (final dungeon)

Unsure Of Title (it's the song that plays during the final Seymour battle)
Ominous (plays in the very first dungeon after you land in Spira)
Sad Farewell (still makes me cry)

Farplane (duh)
Memory of Light (title screen)
What You Have To Do (boss)

Seeking Power (most noticeably shows up several times around Mt Bur-Omisace)
Esper Battle (self explanatory)
The Dalmasca Westersand (ditto)

The Archylte Steppe (self-named area)
Blinded By Light (boss... I think?)
Saber's Edge (other boss theme?)

Castle Beyond Time (final dungeon)
Gale (plays in the Wind quadrant's later dungeons)
Can You Do It (boss)

And because I do think it counts....

Undersea Palace (duh)
Time Circuits (The Kingdom of Zeal)
Lavos (the second-to-last final boss theme)

The Lorerunner
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4 Re: Your Top 3 Themes of each Final Fantasy? on Tue May 02, 2017 5:51 am

FF 1 Matoya's Cave, Mt Gulg, Final Battle
FF 2 Rebel army theme, Castle Pandaemonium, Final Battle
FF 3 Chocobo theme, Forbidden land eureka, Final battle
FF 4 Golbez clad in the dark, The dreadful fight, Dancing Calcobrena
FF 5 The fierce battle, Battle on the big bridge, Final battle (starting to sense a theme here)
FF 6 The Phantom train, Aria De Mezzo Carattere, Dancing Mad
FF 7 Those who fight, Rufus welcoming ceremony, Gold saucer
FF 8 Liberi Fatali, Shuffle or Boogie, The Extreme
FF 9 Living by the sword, Dark city Treno, Dark Messenger
FF 10 Otherworld. Final battle with seymour, Decisive battle
FF 10-2 kuon memories of waves and light, Vegnagun Awakens, Ruin
FF 11 Ronfaure, Sarutabaruta, Vana'diel March
FF 12 Theme of the empire, Garamscythe waterway, The necrohol of Nabudis
I'm not really a fan of xiii's music so we're gonna skip this one.
I also havnt played Xiv enough to know the regular music.
Same with XV

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5 Re: Your Top 3 Themes of each Final Fantasy? on Tue May 02, 2017 11:01 am

I'm going with the names used on the American OSTs, so some track names you see might not match what you're used to.

Chaos Shrine (played in the modern Chaos Shrine and the Sunken Shrine)
Matoya's Cave (played in the titular cave as well as the Cavern of Ice)
Sunken Shrine (for whatever reason, they screwed up with either the music naming or placement - Chaos Shrine plays both in the modern Chaos Shrine and in the Sunken Shrine, but this one plays only in the past Chaos Shrine, which is the final dungeon)

Ancient Castle (played in castles, such as the Kashuan Keep, Castle Fynn, and Castle Deist)
The Rebel Army (played in the rebel base in Altair)
Main Theme (played on the overworld map)

Doga and Unei
The Dark Crystals (played in the final dungeon - the World of Darkness)
The Forbidden Land, Eureka

Kingdom Baron (played in Castle Baron)
Troia (played in Castle Troia)
The Final Battle

Clash on the Big Bridge (played on the Big Bridge and in the numerous fights against or involving Gilgamesh)
Home, Sweet Home (used as Bartz's theme and played in his hometown - Lix)
Fire Ship (played on the Fire-powered Ship)

Setzer's Theme
Phantom Forest (not sure why it's called that - this is the main dungeon theme and plays in multiple places)
Shadow's Theme

Cid's Theme
Attack of the Weapon (played when Sapphire Weapon attacked Junon and when fighting Ultimate Weapon in Mideel)
Anxious Heart (used as the theme for numerous small towns, such as Nibelheim)

Movin' (played when Balamb Garden went mobile and during a portion of the space section)
The Man with the Machine Gun (battle theme for the Laguna flashbacks)
Compression of Time

Court Jesters (Zorn and Thorn's theme)
Swords of Fury (particularly, the part that starts during the battle portion of the play)

Movement in Green (played on the S.S. Liki and the Moonflow)
Servants of the Mountain (played on Mt. Gagazet)
Calm Before the Storm (played in the Kilika Woods, Macalania Woods, and the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth)

Ronfaure (played in the forest outside of San d'Oria)
The Federation of Windurst
Battle in the Dungeon (the first battle theme for the early dungeons)

Boss Battle
The Dalmasca Estersand
The Archadian Empire

Snow's Theme
The Archylte Steppe
Lightning's Theme

Steel Reason (used during boss battles related to the Empire)
Voidal Manifest (final boss theme in the Void Ark series of raids)
Ominous Prognisticks (main dungeon boss theme for Heavensward)

Valse di Fantastica (played in full when driving between Lestallum and Cape Caem)
Veiled in Black (normal battle theme at night)
Sunset Waltz (sometimes plays when walking during the evening)

Let Me Blow You a Kiss (Leblanc's battle theme)
1000 Words
Yuna's Theme

Battle on the Bridge
Tension 1 (oddly, there is no reason for the 1 in the name, this is the only Tension track)

Last Castle (final dungeon theme)
Battle 3 (final boss theme)
Lava Dome

Crisis Core:
Wandering under the Moonlight (played on the way from Nibelheim to Gongaga and when Reno and Rude were looking for Zack)
The Price of Freedom (played during multiple scenes, including the one that destroyed my soul)
Night of Seclusion

I'm unfamiliar with most of the other soundtracks and the non-remix tracks in the Dissidia games aren't that good, IMO, so I'll skip them.

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6 Re: Your Top 3 Themes of each Final Fantasy? on Tue May 02, 2017 1:05 pm

*Most* of these will be tied to events in the games' stories that move me to this day. These are mostly what I consider emotional, not "cool" or pumps me up. Story stuff. Except for Final Fantasy 8.

I'm sorry to say Aeris's Theme is not one of them. What actually happened in that scene was more impactful to me than the music that played. Oh the music was good and it contributed, but on its own, sorry, doesn't do it for me.

Important caveat: I have not finished all of these games, but they are all games that I have played much of and enjoyed (again, save for FF8, but I don't wanna exclude it just because it's got a bad plot or because I'm biased thanks to Spoony).

Oh, one more thing...where the f*** is tactics? You're all dead to me. Go preheat your ovens to the highest setting and jump inside.

3. Ovelia's Theme
2. The Pervert
1. Battle on the Bridge
Honorable mention: T.G. Cid
Ah, Cidolfus Orlandu (SCREW YOU!). My savior. My Hail Mary pass. The moment the scene starts, you can tell right away, this guy is awesome, and that just makes you appreciate the track that much more. That appreciation only grows the more you use him. Because he breaks the game early on before you would normally break the game by getting so good. After you're done with that one mission (a series of fights) and that one boss, it's easy street from there.

Ovelia's Theme. I picked this out of a newfound appreciation for Ovelia and her little side arch, and how much is devoted to her after she makes her debut. Knowing full well Delita's intentions are not cool makes me hesitant to pick Worries over Theme, which is lighter and overall prettier, and focuses on the positive.

The Pervert. I've read a couple favorable reviews of this track specifically that explain why it's so dang good, I won't even bother. I couldn't hold a candle to their analysis. What it communicates, it communicates very well.

Battle on the Bridge is the Hero's Theme combined with the energy and tension in Save Them from FF6's ost. For some reason I temporarily forgot its name and thought it was Save Them. It really fits, though. I think of the Hero's theme as Ramza's father's theme, but Bridge is Ramza's theme under a different name, hands-down. I knew I had to put up that or Nice Body, but there's too much to choose from already, and Nice Body is just a good final boss track anyway.

3. Awakening
2. Coin Toss
1. Celes
*sniff* I think...music-wise, Final Fantasy 6 wins. It just wins, okay?
honorable mentions:
I'd put in Terra, but there low notes in the Terra theme are weird to me. It sounds like they were trying to imitate percussion, and it just doesn't work. There's something springy and silly about it. But hey, the remasters on youtube take care of that. Also, I think of "Terra" as basically more the theme of the overworld than Terra herself. The track Awakening zooms in from "world" to "person" with Terra, and looking back, all you see of her story and...her, as a person, can be heard just behind the soundwaves of that airy, pensive melody.

I wanted to add Aria Di Mezzo Carattere, but that pretty much is also Celes' theme. Heck, the whole theater play counts as one track according to moi.

3. Prelude
2. Interrupted by Fireworks
1. Sending a Dream into the Universe

There is precious little from this soundtrack that moves me, but here we go.
3. SeeD
2. Force Your Way
1. The Oath
-1. Eyes On Me

3. Steiner's Theme
2. Fleeting Life
1. Rose of May
Steiner's theme... enough said, really.

3. Auron (because he's cool)
2. Otherworld (on its own, it stands apart from the music in this game.
1. People of the North Pole (Gagazet)

Auron: because he's cool. Otherworld: on its own, it stands apart fromt he music in this game. But included here, it takes the #2 spot. My heart bleeds for Kimahri. And that's literally all that stands out to me. Everything else I just couldn't care less about. Similar situation with FF8, really.

F10, Part 2
1. 1000 Words

While I'm here, you guys gotta go check out the piano arrangements of these tracks by TPR. The channel URL is phoenixrisemusic, and they titles their piano tracks/albums of video game music as "melancholy tributes". They make some beautiful creations.

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7 Re: Your Top 3 Themes of each Final Fantasy? on Tue May 02, 2017 3:11 pm

1. Searching for Friends
2. Terra's Theme
3. Aria di Mezzo Carattere

1. One-Winged Angel
2. Bombing Mission
3. Main Theme

1. Liberi Fatali
2. Waltz for the Moon
3. Eyes on Me

1. Those Must Whom I Protect/Beatrix Theme
2. You're Not Alone
3. Crossing Those Hills

1. Apocalypsis Noctis
2. Valse di Fantastica
3. Somnus

Chrono Trigger
1. World Revolution
2. Frog's Theme
3. Wind Scene

Chrono Cross (yeah, I'm goin' there)
1. Time's Scar
2. Radical Dreamers
3. Dream of the Shore Near Another World

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8 Re: Your Top 3 Themes of each Final Fantasy? on Wed May 03, 2017 12:43 am

was probably the hardest for me to pick only 3 from but I added Chrono Trigger. Loving how the same songs are not showing up that often Smile

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9 Re: Your Top 3 Themes of each Final Fantasy? on Wed May 03, 2017 5:50 am

Valvadrix wrote:FFT:
We are now bros for life. Pending political views.

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10 Re: Your Top 3 Themes of each Final Fantasy? on Thu May 11, 2017 1:58 pm

Wow, this was a hard one. Haven't played XI, and can't really remember any music from XII, except for the excellent Rabanastre town theme. Here goes!

- Opening Theme
- Town Theme
- Temple of Chaos

- Rebel Army
- Main Theme
- Templation of the Princess

- The Crystal Tower
- The Dark Crystals
- Doga and Unei

- Main Theme
- Calbrina
- Theme of Love

- Harvest
- Four Hearts
- Piano Lesson 1

- Terra
- Celes
- Shadow

- Those Chosen by the Planet
- You can hear the cry of the Planet
- Cosmo Canyon

- Julia
- Liberi Fatali
- A Sacrifice

- Evil Messenger
- You're Not Alone
- Burmercian Kingdom

- Fight with Seymour
- Ending Theme
- Yuna's Theme

- Blinded by light
- The Archylte Steppe
- Fighting Fate

- Sultana Dreaming
- Sultana Dreaming
- Oh, and also Sultana Dreaming

- Song of the Stars
- Wanderlust
- Ardyn II

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11 Re: Your Top 3 Themes of each Final Fantasy? on Fri May 12, 2017 1:08 pm

I see a lot of the usual suspects. Very Happy But they're usual suspects for a reason. Also, it's great to see more love for Yuna's Ballad out of X-2 - probably the saddest piano piece I've ever listened to. I was thinking about maybe doing an excel file for this thread to find out which ones have the most mentions exactly. Maybe I'll do that when we get a couple more responses. Some of the themes mentioned here I have to look up again, I don't know them all by heart.

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12 Re: Your Top 3 Themes of each Final Fantasy? on Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:28 am

FF1 (MSX) - Gurgu Volcano, Chaos Temple, Underwater Temple

FF2 (GBA/NES) - Main Theme, Tower of the Magi, Pandemonium

FF3 (NES) - Battle 2, The Dark Crystals, Deep Under The Water,

FF4 (SNES) - Prelude, Fight 2, Damcyan or Within the Giant

FF: MQ (SNES) - Battle 1, Beautiful Forest, Battle 2

FF5 (SNES) - Ahead on Our Way, Decisive Battle, Pirates Ahoy or Searching the Light or A New Origin

FF6 (SNES) - Kefka, Terra, Cayenne/Cyan or Gau or Devil's Lab

FF7 (PS1) - Cid's Theme, Aerith's Theme, The Great Warrior or Cosmo Canyon or Other Side of the Mountain... or Jenova (sorry)

FF8 (PS1) - Compression of Time, Fragments of Memories, The Successor or Silence and Motion... or Find Your Way or Salt Flats (sorry again)

FF9 (PS1) - Freya or A Face Unforgotten, Feel My Blade, Assault of the White Dragons or Keeper of Time or One Problem Solved

FF10 (PS2) - Battle, Silence Before the Storm, Zanarkand or Fight with Seymor

FF11 - ?

FF12 (PS2) - Eruyt Village, Phon Coast, Time for Rest or Cerobi Steppe

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