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Turn 6-1067

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1 Turn 6-1067 on Sun Apr 30, 2017 12:27 pm

The STG publicly announces that a major port of a kingdom has been signed over to them.

Admiral Krenzler:
Landslides and a river overflowing have delayed the undead advance.  Scouts spot the horde on the periphery of the first defensive line.

The Seven Isles engineers are still delayed.

8 turns for the Silver Mines to be complete. 7 turns for the University to be complete. 5 turns for the Siege Workshop to be complete. Green Personal Guard/Support(x2) training is now complete.

Word reaches the Tip of koth activity in the Khanid region to the east, and the victory against them by an adhoc coalition.

Word comes to King Edward that outsider merchants refuse to come to the port with the state it is in.  Local merchants begin to complain loudly about the King refusing to do anything about it.

10 turns for Marketplace construction to be complete. 3 turns for Trained Personal Guard training to be complete. 2 turns for Green Archers(3)/Infantry(x2) training to be complete. Levies have been converted.

Inga Tower is now besieged.  The port has been cut off from sea trade by a northern fleet. The southern Houses agree to gather their forces and march for Silvercreek Port. The Cyneburg siege is ongoing.

Research into golemsmithing and air cannons has begun.  Work into creating a formal officer corps has begun.

6 turns for Smelter construction to be complete. 5 turns for Small Town construction to be complete. Green Commander training is now complete.

The women have been rescued almost without incident.  The weeks long bombardment plays havoc on the brigands.

Trial and error has begun on the new step of the balloon project.  Research into the matchlock mechanism has begun.

An STG representative conducts a thorough investigation of the port.

You gain 1 Wealth from trade. 11 turns for the Mausoleum to be complete. 4 turns for the Town construction to be complete. 3 turns for Trained Warships(x2) training to be complete.

The trading port is now up to STG standards.

A fleet of Laventino ships moor in the Isle’s docks.

Your own ships head to Silvercreek Port only to find it cut off by an enemy fleet.

You gain 1 Wealth from trade. 5 turns for the shipyards to be complete. Trained Infantry/Engineers training is now complete.

Onyx Aurelius:
The restructuring of the region has begun.  A few Filibert ships receive the new cannons and begin their trials.  The new cannons have some problems on the ships, but the engineers think they can make some adjustments to suit them for sea use.

There has been a near-fatality in the glider training program when one pilot wrecked his plane trying to land.

You gain 1 Wealth from trade. 13 turns until the glider facility is complete. 6 turns for the Road Network to be complete. 2 turns for the Institute to be complete.

The people of the Khanid region have taken, mostly, well to the people of Krethea.  The Blueberry Guild members are becoming popular with the common folk. There are some locals who are asking to join the Krethean ranks.

Yuan-ti have made pilgrimages from around Shu to see the newborn child.  Many of them look upon the child as the only symbol of hope in this time.

General research into magic has begun.

8 turns for War Smithy to be complete.

The messenger returns merely asking that Lady Gertrude come see her father in his time of mourning.

House Njall peasants flee to their castle in great numbers.  They are denied access into the castle.

Spies come back with word that House Aurelia is in a strong marriage alliance with the Kingdom of Nestav and a trade alliance with the Seven Isles Union.

3 turns for Serpent Road construction to be complete. 3 turns for Trained Commander training to be complete. Wealth-to-Population conversion is now complete.

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2 Re: Turn 6-1067 on Mon May 01, 2017 1:15 am

Fortunes of the Road:
15+3= DECLINE -1 POW

The farming attempts continue, and those who wish to join the Kreathean ranks are welcomed with open arms. They will be trained as infantry and engineers for the army, and as a result Kreathean craftsmen are given orders for the arms and armor to equip them. 3 Wealth is put forward to purchase the materials for this, as well as to purchase any surplus equipment Aurelion can spare.

The Blueberry Guild carries on as it always has, winning hearts and minds wherever they go as they pick berries. Guildmaster Sir Geffory Green-Hands begins to look for work at Khanid farms to keep the children occupied.

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3 Re: Turn 6-1067 on Mon May 01, 2017 12:23 pm

Fortune roll and stats:

I roll 20 adding on my House fortune of 8 giving me 38, No Modifier = 28. This gives me Boon.

I improve Power by 2d6 - I roll 9

Because of my port I gain +1 wealth

Current stats:

Defense: 13
Influence: 18
Lands: 11
Law: 36
Population: 28 (10 due to construction)
Power: 9
Wealth: 13

1 x Port

Commander Adams (Veteran) (Inf Command 5, Fighting 2, Warfare 2)

3000 Archers (Trained Discipline +3 ) 3 Marksmanship, 2 Awareness, 1 Agility
5000 Infantry (Trained Discipline +0) 2 Fighting, 2 Endurance, 2 Athletics
2000 Cavalry. (Trained Discipline +3) 2 Agility, 2 Animal Handling, 2 Fighting
1000 Personal Guard (Green, Discipline +3) 1 Endurance, 1 Fighting


Repairs to the port are to be started, 5 pop are put into it to start small progress, +3 Wealth will be used.

3 Units of Green Archers and 2 Units of Green Infantry are continued to be trained. 3 Additional units of Garrison will also be formed.

Lord Zeiss and King Edward formalise a military alliance together. Ser Marcus, his wife Rose and the Castellan Alexander are sent to Lord Zeiss's land with a formal treaty for this alliance.
Super Secret Plan of Secrecy :
While there they shall attempt to rescue King Heinrich's daughter. In return King Heinrich has promised to train all of House Fletcher's men and equip them with state of the art arms and armour

Grain is sent to Nestav with +2 Wealth spent buying grain to restore the lost foodstuffs, men however, are not sent and a message is sent to Nestav informing them that Arcadia can only use it's warships in the conflict as men need to be trained who would otherwise be useless against trained soldiers. They sight the words of Edward Von Keller whom conversed with Duke Robert and told him this very thing.

A marriage is arranged with Lady Aslaug.

Robert will depart for the port that he originally arrived at where a ship will be waiting for him, the ship will travel back to Arcadia immediately.

The entire army of House Fletcher and House Stuart is mobilised and put on the border of House Da-Balero

The Warships of House Stewart are stationed/guarding the port.

Current Stats:

Defense: 13
Influence: 18
Lands: 11
Law: 36
Population: 28 (5 due to construction)
Power: 9
Wealth: 8

(In progress)

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4 Re: Turn 6-1067 on Thu May 04, 2017 9:36 pm

Projects continue and the new green units will begin training to become "trained".  An investigation is launched looking into who unleashed the undead upon Geirmund's lands.  Preparations are made to receive Empress Amelia and scouts are sent into the mountains in search of a pass to the other side.  Finally construction of the brewery will start, even as Geirmund waits for the Seven Isles' engineers and investment to arrive.  House Geirmund will convert its 10 Glory into 8 Population and 2 Law.

Fortune Rolls:
House Geirmund: 7d6 + 8 = 36 (Boon) 2d6 = 12 Wealth

Clan Grimmore: 9d6 - 7 = 39 Growth 1d3 = 2 Lands

End of Turn Stats:
House Geirmund: Defense 7, Influence 4, Lands 10, Law 30, Population 32, Power 0, Wealth 16

Clan Grimmore: Defense 11, Influence 10, Lands 7, Law 25, Population 25, Power 10, Wealth 5

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5 Re: Turn 6-1067 on Thu May 04, 2017 10:52 pm

fortune roll:

Total:22 growth. Rolled 3

The steward will send a message to clan Bloodclaws, in which they will be asked to fully implement themselves into bloodmouth proper. Those of noble, or royalty will be awarded with high ranking social status, and they'll also be offered a political marriage between the second born heir of bloodmouth. Since they've lost a large number of people, and their commander Bloodmouth will also personally replace all lost wargs, and soldiers.

A diplomat will be sent Geirmund

current house stats:

Def 5
Inf 24
lan 12
law 22
pop 22 (4 with current projects) (10 in forge, 1 in college, 7 with lanore.)
Pow 15
Wea 24

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6 Re: Turn 6-1067 on Sat May 06, 2017 12:54 am

Fortune roll:
I roll 23, to which I add my House Fortune of 12, giving me 35. Thus, I gain Blessing.

I improve one resource by 1d6 points; Power. I roll 2.

Current stats
Def 6
Inf 0
Lands 0
Law 21
Pop 34
Power 3
Wealth 1
House Fortune Total  = +12
18 Pop used for building Serpent Road.

Announce to the world that House Da'Boléro and House Fletcher have joined into a military alliance. Furthermore, discreetly spread rumors that the heir of House Da'Boléro will soon have a child of his own, for Lady Gertrude is now pregnant. Nobody must know that we're the ones spreading this rumor.

Tell the messenger that we cannot risk letting Lady Gertrude leave our lands, for the risk of kidnapping is even greater than before; we recently discovered that one of our servants was actually a spy, and they've managed to learn that Lady Gertrude was pregnant. From all the hints we gathered, we suspect that the spy was from the Shu Kingdom. Do be careful.

Offer our condolences to the messenger for the passing of [insert name of unknown person who died].

Present the Njall peasants with a choice: pledge allegiance to House Da'Boléro, fight for us (raise Peasant Levies), and your spouse and children will be allowed to live on our lands (increase Population). If you don't, you have three days to leave Njall lands, never to return. Other peasants we haven't yet encountered will be offered the same deal. After one week, all Njall peasants my armies encounter will be put to the sword

Train any Peasant Levies who join to Green training.

While we make it impossible for the Njall's army to receive supplies through caravans or smuggling, we pretend not to notice one small path some of their soldiers could use to desert the castle.

If any of them do, and they're really fleeing, we let them go. If we think it's a military maneuver, we'll try to capture and interrogate them. If the information given is good enough, they may be given freedom. If capture is impossible, they're killed.

Current stats:
Def 6
Inf 0
Lands 0
Law 21
Pop 34
Power 3
Wealth 1
House Fortune Total  = +12
18 Pop used for building Serpent Road.

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7 Re: Turn 6-1067 on Sat May 06, 2017 6:20 pm

OOC wrote:Posting for JaxVaeus.  He informed me of his lack of connection at the moment.

Turn Actions:
A three man unit of Royal Guard will take one of their fishing boats north to Shu with the kidnapped boy-king of Shu.  They will go back to the fishing village and once again hire the Shu fisherman to take them out to sea, being told they will be meeting a ship.  Once out there they will kill him while making it look like a suicide, and drive stakes through the heart of the boy-king.  They will disappear into the night on another ship.

Upon return, these three men will then form the Lanorian Brotherhood (in secret).

The study for matchlock will be put on the second highest priority after the balloon.  Trials for the balloon are to be done every three or four days.  Heinrich will study the spring engines and how they could possibly be utilized for propulsion in the balloon.

The barrage on the bandits will continue.  Only stopping once to offer terms of surrender.  If not accepted, it will continue.

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8 Re: Turn 6-1067 on Sat May 06, 2017 10:33 pm


Outer Khanid: 7D6 = 37+5(HF) =42 Result:Boon  Allocation: Power

Inner Khanid: 7D6 = 22+3(HF) =25 Result:Growth  Allocation: Power 

Khanid Coast: 7D6 = 27+12(HF) =39 Result:Growth  Allocation: Power+Wealth



Outer Kahnid:
Survey teams are sent into the mountains to conduct a full survey of the various mines, relations with the surrounding houses is assessed.

Inner Khanid:
The once smoldering ruins that held the Koth are to be opened, a team of infantry, armed with Mana crystal lanterns, and a team of miners/surveyors are sent to clear out and map the internals of the cavern. 

Survey Teams are sent to the various mines, grounds that once held the Gautstaff family are to be restored, part of the site being turned into a monument of the battle against the Koth.

Khanid Coast:
The new cannon ships are given their needed adjustments, the team working on the cannon are hailed for the current work, however, the team is pressed to find an efficient method to produce the experimental ammunition.

An investigation into the glider accident begins in an effort to greater understand the nature of what happened and if it can be prevented in future.

The road project is given 4 additional population (Total of 5)

Glider site is given 5 additional population (Total 10)
STG merchants begin their first official trade routes between the Isles and Port Sarum

Preparation of several "Long Haul" trade ships begin, supplies are gathered, and crew selection begins.

Nathaniel Grimm arrives in Varvol via an overland route


Outer Khanid:

Defense:4 Influence:7 Land:1 Law:23 Population:50 Power:0+10=10 Wealth:10

Inner Khanid:
Defense:17 Influence:6 Land:6 Law:20 Population:46  Power:2+3 =5 Wealth:9

Khanid Coast:
Defense:9 Influence:15 Land:4 Law:33 Population:44 Power:13+1 =14 Wealth:11+1(trade)+5(Fortune+Port/Market) =17 Lloyds coffers:2 wealth

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9 Re: Turn 6-1067 on Sun May 07, 2017 1:59 am

Relief and food are sent to the besieged city port of nestav with the blockade lifted.

The captured warship unit will be kept by the Isles and be repaired.

Begin training of 2 Gryphon Calvary (green) and 1 Infantry (Green)

Fortune Roll:
4,4,2,4,3,2,6+10=35 BLESSING

House Stats:
Def: 5
Inf: 9
Land: 5
Law: 53
Pop: 41
Pow: 13+3-14=2
Wealth:7+1+6=14 (Fortune) (Market+Port: d6=6)
Glory: 2

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10 Re: Turn 6-1067 on Sun May 07, 2017 4:09 am

House Purchases:
House Fortune Upgrades:
House Zenna + 1d3 Power (2)
House Sonaglio + 1d3 Power (3)
House Scala - 1d6 Power (-4)
House Skitter + 1d3 Power (2)
House Stinger - 1d6 Power (-6)
Updated Stats:
House Zenna
Power 6

House Sonaglio
Power 17

House Scala
Power 4

House Skitter
Power 12

House Stinger
Power 4
House Zenna sends a small series of missives top the east inquiring about the Koth attack and subiquent repulsion.
House Fortune Rolls:
House Zenna 31 (29+2) Growth
House Sonaglio 24 (19+5) Growth
House Scala 30 (24+6) Blessing
House Skitter 37 (32+5) Growth
House Stinger 27 (25+2) Blesing

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11 Re: Turn 6-1067 on Sun May 07, 2017 4:50 am

Scouts will be sent to scout out the forces besieging Inga Tower. If any attempts to do so are possible, assassination of an enemy leader is encouraged.

The selective breeding of drakes will begin. The best breeders of the kingdom will be assigned the task, and 3 Wealth will be spent in this endeavor. The other drakes of healthy condition will be utilized as training steeds for both the stable handlers and the best cavalrymen Nestav has at its disposal. (-3 Wealth)

Training of Milford Cyneburg will continue. (-2 Power)

6 turns for Smelter construction to be complete. 5 turns for Small Town construction to be complete.

House Fortune Roll:
7d6 = 26+6 = 32 Growth; Add 2 to Law

House Stats:
Def = 3
Inf = 1
Lan = 2
Law = 35
Pop = 24
Pow = 15
Wea = 9

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