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March of the Undead

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1 March of the Undead on Tue May 02, 2017 11:44 am

Geirmund Composition:
[1-5]Infantry, Trained (DM+6) Defence=6{Armor=3}, Morale=12{Endurance=4}, Fighting=4, Base Damage=5
[6-7]Crusader, Trained (DM+9) Defence=4{Armor=5}, Morale=15{Endurance=5}, Fighting=4, Base Damage=4
[8-10]Archer, Trained (DM+9) Defence=9{Armor=2}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=2, Marksmanship=4, Base Damage=1//6
[11-12]Special, Trained (DM+6) Defence=7{Armor=2}, Morale=12{Endurance=4}, Fighting=2, Marksmanship=4, Base Damage=2//2
[13-14]Cavalry, Trained (DM+3) Defence=5{Armor=5}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=4, Base Damage=5
[15]Engineer, Veteran (DM+6) Defence=5{Armor=2}, Morale=15{Endurance=5}, Fighting=5, Warfare=6, Base Damage=1
{Manning Steam Cannon Kampfwagons Base Damage=5}
[16]Engineer, Veteran (DM+6) Defence=5{Armor=2}, Morale=18{Endurance=6}, Fighting=5, Warfare=5, Base Damage=1
{Manning Scorpion Kampfwagons Base Damage=3 (Ignores Armor)}
[C]Commander, Veteran Defence=3{Armor=6}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=5, Command=6, Warfare=5, Base Damage=3
{Ward Defense=25}

Enemy Composition:
[1-40]Undead Defence=4{Armor=3}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=2, Base Damage=3
[C]Commander, Trained Defence=3{Armor=6}, Morale=6{Endurance=2}, Fighting=3, Command=8, Base Damage=3

The ground is slick and muddy and a slight chill from the wind.

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2 Re: March of the Undead on Tue May 02, 2017 12:15 pm

Geirmund Forces Orders and Rolls:
Infantry 1-5: Set for Charge (Result of 20)

Crusaders 6-7: Shield Wall (Result of 21)

Archers 8-10: Attack (Result of 20)

Special 11-12: Attack (Result of 17)

Engineer 15: Attack (Result of 20)

Engineer 16: Attack (Result of 18)

Cavalry 13-14: Ready for Hammer and Anvil, condition undead engage front line (Result of 17)

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3 Re: March of the Undead on Tue May 02, 2017 12:38 pm

Enemy[1-40] Move forward.

Geirmund[15] fires at Enemy[10]. Test Result=20(*6 damage). Damage Dealt=30(-3). Enemy[10] is destroyed.
Geirmund[16] fires at Enemy[36]. Test Result=28(*9 damage). Damage Dealt=27(-3). Enemy[36] is destroyed.  Enemy[C] is alive.
Geirmund[8] fires at Enemy[4]. Test Result=17(*5 damage). Damage Dealt=30(-3). Enemy[4] is destroyed.
Geirmund[9] fires at Enemy[5]. Test Result=17(*5 damage). Damage Dealt=30(-3). Enemy[5] is destroyed.
Geirmund[10] fires at Enemy[6]. Test Result=20(*6 damage). Damage Dealt=36(-3). Enemy[6] is destroyed.
Geirmund[11] fires at Enemy[7]. Test Result=11(*3 damage). Damage Dealt=6(-3). Enemy[7] is disorganized.
Geirmund[12] fires at Enemy[8]. Test Result=12(*3 damage). Damage Dealt=6(-3). Enemy[8] is disorganized.

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4 Re: March of the Undead on Tue May 02, 2017 1:02 pm

Second Order Phase and Rolls:
Infantry 1-5: Shield Wall (Result of 18)

Crusader 7: Set for Charge (Result of 20)

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5 Re: March of the Undead on Tue May 02, 2017 1:06 pm

Enemy[14-16,20,24-26,30] Move forward.

Turn 2:

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6 Re: March of the Undead on Tue May 02, 2017 1:22 pm

Siege Phase:
Engineer 15: Switch Attack to Undead 3

Engineer 16: Continue Attack against Commander

Main Order Phase:
Infantry 1-5: Set for Charge (Result 21)

Crusader 6: Set for Charge (Result of 20)

Archers 8-10: Switch Targets to Undead 1, 2 and 13

Special 11-12: Switch Targets to Undead 11 and 12

Cavalry 13-14: No changes

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7 Re: March of the Undead on Tue May 02, 2017 1:50 pm

Enemy[All] Charge.

Geirmund[15] fires at Enemy[3]. Test Result=26(*8 damage). Damage Done=40(-3). Enemy[3] is destroyed.
Geirmund[16] fires at Enemy[37]. Test Result=18(*5 damage). Damage Done=15(-3). Enemy[37] is destroyed. Enemy[C] is dead.
Geirmund[8] fires at Enemy[1]. Test Result=19(*6 damage). Damage Done=36(-3). Enemy[1] is destroyed.
Geirmund[9] fires at Enemy[2]. Test Result=13(*4 damage). Damage Done=24(-3). Enemy[2] is destroyed.
Geirmund[10] fires at Enemy[13]. Test Result=13(*4 damage). Damage Done=(-3). Enemy[13] is destroyed.
Geirmund[11] fires at Enemy[11]. Test Result=15(*4). Damage Done=8(-3). Enemy[11] has 1 Morale left.
Geirmund[12] fires at Enemy[12]. Test Result=13(*4). Damage Done=8(-3). Enemy[12] has 1 Morale left.

Geirmund[7] sets against Enemy[20]. Test Result=14(*4*2 damage). Damage Done=32(-3). Enemy[20] is destroyed.
Geirmund[5] sets against Enemy[9]. Test Result=18(*5*2 damage). Damage Done=50(-3). Enemy[9] is destroyed.
Geirmund[4] sets against Enemy[8]. Test Result=17(*5*2 damage). Damage Done=50(-3). Enemy[8] is destroyed.
Geirmund[3] sets against Enemy[7]. Test Result=5(**2 damage). Damage Done=10(-3). Enemy[7] is disorganized.

Enemy[7] hits Geirmund[3]. Test Result=5(they miss).

With the loss of their controller, the undead begin to mull about seeming unable to function.

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8 Re: March of the Undead on Tue May 02, 2017 1:55 pm

With the undead in disarray, the forces of Geirmund will sweep the field, wiping them out in their entirety.

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9 Re: March of the Undead on Tue May 02, 2017 1:57 pm

House Geirmund gains 7 Glory.

[1-5]Infantry, Trained I
[6-7]Crusader, Trained +1T
[8-10]Archer, Trained +1T
[11-12]Special, Trained I
[13-14]Cavalry, Trained +1T
[15]Engineer, Veteran I
[16]Engineer, Veteran I
[C]Commander, Veteran +2T

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