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Warlords II: Introduction/General Discussion

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1 Warlords II: Introduction/General Discussion on Sat May 13, 2017 10:51 pm


Welcome back, Commanders! Long have many of us awaited the return of the warlord's era, now here we are. You are a collection of Moffs, Admirals, and Generals in the Rostoak Sector within the Unknown Regions of space. One way or another you all have become leaders of your various worlds. Through diplomacy, war, or unscrupulous means your power has been consolidated, it is up to you to keep that power.

Your Grand Moff is named Auros, a man in his late fifties that is expected to depart the system any time now to assist in a secret project near the Endor system. Once he leaves the only true authority of system will be his bureaucratic cabinet of ministers. What happens after he leaves is up to you. You will face challenges both internal and external, Other players, other nations, and who knows what else. Avoid usurpment, build your personal Empire, and most importantly: Have Fun!

Canon vs. Legends
This RP will be done mainly with the Star Wars: Legends verse. Some elements will be taken from the Disney canon such as The First Order will remain as a far-flung faction(to be discussed in a post Regarding factions and People of Note. However, Kylo Ren, Starkiller Base, 'Emperor' Snoke, and the 'New' Rebel Alliance will not exist. Some technologies, Such as the T-70 X-Wing and the TIE/FO will remain.

Beginning Dates
The game begins in 3 ABY, The Empire is working on something big, with the tariffs being raised across the sector to assist in contributing. Each turn will consist of three months. This is because projects will take time, according to star wars lore it takes weeks, months, or days to travel in hyperspace, and 3 is a nice round number. NOTE: Depending on how the system works out, this may be changed according to feedback.)

The Future

Everything, Everything, will be determined by the players with the exception of a few events that are planned to happen.

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