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Warlords II: The Basics

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1 Warlords II: The Basics on Sun May 14, 2017 12:21 am

Here are some basic concepts for the game. Feel free to leave comments with questions and discussion.


Resources are self explanatory. They are what you have and what you use to help your Empire function. They can be, but are not limited to:
-Credits (Currency)
-Energy, in the form of Tibanna gas and other such things
-Zersium which is important in making Durasteel
A) Which is useful in making and repairing ships
-Manufacturing Power/Industrial Capacity

You will be told what resources you have available in such a number that you may trade excess. At the start of the game. To gain more, you will have to trade, explore, conquer, or get very creative. Bear in mind that each resources will assigned at random, and credits will be determined by your population and the level of infrastructure you have on your world(s).

Ground Military

Your military is how you will keep power. Training will vary between units, and it is up to you to determine how they are equipped, What they are doing, and where they are deployed. Being in the fringe of the Empire, most of your men will be Imperial Army or Militia with maybe a handful of Stormtroopers and walkers. Plan Accordingly.

Each turn you will be given number of units you can train or produce as well as the result of the training. The reason that this is a number given to you is to represent your people's willingness to fight, availability of weapons(and supplies), and general morale of the sector (I.E. a war-torn sector is less likely to draw in people willing to enlist and serve. However, Forced conscription is always an option...). If you choose not to enlist any soldiers, you will gain a bonus to credits. If you do decide to recruit remember remember one thing: Soldiers need pay.

Note: Units can be mobilized and demobilized. This will affect their total cost and combat readiness. If a unit is not mobilized it would cost 50% less than if it were. It will take two turns to get a unit into readiness.

A unit of Army Soldiers is 100 men. This equals one credit
5 units of Army Soldiers is a Battalion, This will cost 4 credits.
Ten Brigades is a Regiment. This will cost 30 Credits.
Five or more Regiments, but less than 15 is a Division. This will be a cost based on how many regiments you have divided by 20%. Here is an example:
23rd Army Division 'Rancor Wranglers'
9 Regiments = 9,000 Men.
In this example, it would cost 270 Credits to field them as separate Regiments. Divided by 20% it would come to a total of 220 Credits per Turn.

If this unit was demobilized it would reduce cost to 110 Credits per turn.

Militia does not have upkeep, but is much less effective than basic army troopers. The same unit designations remain.

Stormtroopers are double the cost but much, much more powerful in combat. They represent the elite of the units available to the players.

It is up to you, the player, to provide details of any equipment they may have. It will not be assumed that the units have mortars, heavy blasters, cannons, etc. The devil is in the details for a good fighting force.

On Vehicles: It will cost credits to build a vehicle, but not maintain them. I will provide a list of costs for base reference (Include some vehicles you'd like to see listed within the comments) . Please note that at certain times(that will be noted for all) prices will go up and down depending on availability of resources within the sector. Also note that not all planets can produce all vehicles. Each vehicle will be in a tier of construction and will list the prerequisites(At this moment, only factories are the limitations) for construction.

(I know it'll take some micromanagement by both player and GM, but I feel as though this is an easy way to keep track of both Units on the ground and upkeep from them. Please note: Variations of equipment may affect the cost. I.E. if you equip all your men in battle armor it will increase the cost, but also the combat usefulness.)

Naval Military

Unlike the ground forces, the navy will not have upkeep. However, each ship will have a cost to build it, as well as another cost to repair it. Ships will also require certain size shipyards. A TIE shipyard could not build a Victory Class cruiser. Each cost will be given as needed (Or if you want I can post a list. Leave it in the comments your preference). Ships can take battle damage and be knocked out, but not destroyed. On that note, it is possible to salvage ships. Remember: The bigger the ship, the bigger the cost.

Shipyards: Shipyards are used in the construction, maintenance, and repair of ships. Smaller shipyards may only be able to build fighters and patrol craft, where as the larger could house multiple hull assemblies at the same time. Smaller ships can be constructed in larger shipyards, but not vice versa. Each player will begin with a Tier two shipyard, capable of constructing some cruisers, corvettes, and fighters. Upgrading will be expensive and difficult.

Tier One: 2,000 Credits, 3 turns
Tier Two: 5,000 Credits, 5 turns
Tier Three: 12,000 Credits, 7 turns
Tier Four: 20,000 Credits, 9 turns
Tier Five: 50,000 Credits, 12 turns


Structures are things you can order built on worlds you own. They do not have a building cost, however you may invest credits into speeding production. Secret Facilities, Hospitals, shipyards, planetary shields, training academies, factories. These are only a few examples. If you can think of it, it can be built (within reason.) The size of the structure, the purpose, the location, and investment all go into the account for how many turns it will take to finish construction. I.E. it won't take nearly as long to build a farm as it does to build a training academy for walker pilots.

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