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Warlords II: The Warlords

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1 Warlords II: The Warlords on Sun May 14, 2017 12:27 am

Everyone post your concept here for approval and/or adjustment. Here is an example:

Governor: Admiral Edmund Arkanis.
Born in 34BBY, He watched holovids of the clone wars and became enthralled with the Navy. Signing up as soon as he was of age, he quickly rose through the ranks until he had seen many planets and twice as many ships. Because of this, he is a man of many words. Most of which are ways to buy time. One would not call him a coward, rather someone who will buy time in order to better destroy his opponent. After the destruction of the Death Star, he arrived in the Rostoak stem in via the Reign of Fire, the ship he was commanding at the time, and answered the Grand Moff's call. He spent several days making friends and forming connections that ultimately set him up in the area. It was this tactic which made it easy for him to rise to the rank of governor through sheer charisma. Swiftly taking the mantle of governor he went about reorganizing the local bureaucracy into something he views as more efficient.

Sector: Rostoak, Northern part of the system near the border
System: Savoy
System Layout
Savoy: Yellow sun.

Tanniv: Green gas giant with 4 rings primarily used for mining. 6 moons which provide the sole habitation for the system.

Moon 1: Verrith. A bleak, asteroid blasted moon with no way of supporting life.
Moon 2: Ton'ta. The Capital of the system. Few cities dot this jungle world. Primary exports are men and materials. Imports are Luxury goods and food.
Moon 3: Ymgarl, This world is mostly plains and used to grow food.
Moon 4: Lorram, This world is the 'shipyard' of the system, it is covered in industry.
Moon 5:Terris, An airless void with a few dotted settlements that is primarily mining based.
Moon 6:Terris II, A harsh desert world with little to no value.

140 million
Human- 82%
Twi'lek- 10%
Togruta- 3%
Mirialan- 3%
Chiss- 2%

Fleet Summation:

1 Venator-Class Star Destroyer: Reign of Fire
Complement: 70 ARC-170s, 40 TIE/sa Bombers, 20 LAAT/i's, 50 TIE/LN starfighters, 30 TIE/IN starfighter, 50 TIE Heavy Bombers, 160 Z-95 Headhunter.
1 Goliath Carrier

5 System patrol frigates, Not lightspeed capable.

Ground Forces:
300 Men/Militia forces (20 of which are stormtroopers)
60 AT-ST's
30 Speeder Bikes
3 Command AT-ST
20 Stormtroopers

This was written quickly. Medium amounts of detail, but all the basic information needed. It is encouraged that players include more detail than this but is not required.

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2 Re: Warlords II: The Warlords on Sun May 14, 2017 3:35 am

Chief of the Imperial Directorate: Tarsus Valyrikus
Rank: Admiral (Imperial Navy)
Born: 21 BBY, Coruscant
Age: 24
Flagship: Star of Courscant

Father: Senator Quan Valyrikus (Representing Coruscant, executed 3 years after Empire Day for treason)

Mother: Captain Kira Valyrikus (Republic Military, executed along with her husband)

Father - Senator Quan Valyrikus

Tarsus was born to Senator Quan Valyrikus who represented Coruscant in the Galactic Senate and whom was a vocal critic of Chancellor Palpatine and the Clone War in general. Being the Senator of the Republic capital, Quan held some influence over the Senate and was part of the deciding faction on many votes alongside Senator Bail Organa and Padme Amidala the former he considered a close friend. His position on the war earned him the ire of Chancellor Palpatine and his loyalist supporters so it was no surprise that numerous assassination attempts were taken against him during the years he held some power.

When Order 66 was issued he was with a Jedi Padawan teaching him about the Senate and the functions of the Republic, during the conversation a Clone Trooper abruptly entered the room asking the Senator to leave the room. Obeying the trooper he left the room before pulling out his blaster which he always had on him, eaves dropping into the room he intervened just before the Padawan was killed and shot the trooper. Little did he know that everything in the room was recorded, this would later prove to be his doom. Helping the young Jedi with supplies and help they went there separate ways. He attended the declaration of the Empire which shook him to the core.

3 years later he continued to voice his resistance to the Emperor but now with little to no power in the increasingly powerless Senate, Palpatine grew annoyed with Quan and so took it upon himself to remove this problem. The tapes which showed Quan killing a trooper were found and Palpatine used that as an excuse to execute him for treason against the Galactic Empire.

Mother - Captain Kira Valyrikus

One of the few troopers in the military who was not a Clone, she grew up hearing tales of the Old Republic and the brave troopers who fought the Sith Empire for years and years. It was no surprise then when of legal age to enlist she did so immediately, at first she was assigned to guard duty for her future husband Quan.

In the early years of the Clone War she fought in the Battle of Geonosis which earned her a reputation of a strong soldier. General Rahm Kota who did not use Clones picked her for his militia, she would serve in the militia until the end of the war. Even though Kota escaped Order 66 she stayed with the Republic for her family's protection as they would have been imprisoned otherwise.

When her husband was executed, Palpatine had her killed as well sparing only her son.

Early Life 21 BBY - 5 BBY

When his parents were executed by Palpatine, Tarsus was sent to the Imperial Academy at age 2 to grow up learning strategy and war so he could be held up by the Empire as a true example of a loyalist who had abandoned traitorous roots. Living in the Academy was hard for him as a boy, the people around him were soldiers, officers and servants (hardly parents) which meant he learnt to fend for himself up until his 5th birthday when his education began.

The education given to young students at the Academy was mostly propaganda mixed in with battle tactics and political lessons. Consuming book after book he quickly developed his mind and intellect to the point where his teachers saw the potential in the young boy and moved him to officer training instead of the Stormtrooper program much to the boys delight who did not realise the path in front of him and just enjoyed the fact he got to learn more. His world was quickly changed however, when the other students at the academy (mainly the children of important figures) constantly bullied him for being "lesser" and the "spawn of traitors". His only friend during this time was Lira Rartus a regular citizen who experienced the same bullying and hatred, they became inseparable and grew a friendship no one could challenge.

His big test came on his 14th birthday when he was given command of a fleet inside a simulator and was tasked with destroying the enemy while minimising the damage done to Imperial infrastructure (civilians were acceptable losses). He destroyed the enemy in record time but at the cost of many lives, he thought nothing of it thinking that it was just a simulator and such brutality would impress his superiors. His superiors however, informed him that this was in fact a live battle and he has just destroyed a portion of the rebel fleet. Feeling extremely guilty for what had happened, Tarsus considered running away but knew it would be the death of him, he started to understand why his parents had done what they did and started to develop rebel sympathies.

On his 16th birthday he graduated the Imperial Academy ahead of everyone in his particular class and was named Lieutenant. His assignment had him put on the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Devastator, the flagship of Lord Tion (later the flagship of Darth Vader).

Aboard the Devastator 5 BBY - 0 BBY

The Devastator being one of the biggest ships in the Imperial Fleet participated in many missions, up until 0 BBY the Devastator performed small raids against rebel settlements and planets during one such raid on the planet of Alderaan Tarsus became much more extremist in his views of the rebels.

A ring of rebels had been discovered on the planet which was known for rebel sympathies at the time. Tarsus was sent along with his friend Lira to eliminate the ring and bring the rebels into questioning to see who they were getting their supplies from, the assault went by the book at first and the weak rebel militia could not stand against the endless Imperial onslaught. This is when they played their trick and while pretending to retreat from their compound they blew up the entire building killing Lira who was next to one of the explosives detonated, luckily for Tarsus the building did not collapse as the charges were not placed in ideal positions still the damage to him had already been done. Seeing no choice but to surrender the rebels put down their arms waiting to be question by an officer, this never occurred. In his utter hatred of the rebels for killing his friend Tarsus had all 30 rebels executed before they could utter another word. All sympathies for the rebellion ended that day, for his services he was promoted to the rank of Colonel after already climbing steadily up the ranks and passing the rank of Major.

The big moment came for Tarsus in 0 BBY when Lord Vader took command of the Devastator and after receiving a message from Grand Moff Tarkin led the ship to Scariff. When Lord Vader left the ship for the rebel command vessel Tarsus was put in charge of the ship until his return. Tarsus immediately cut off the hyperspace route for the rebels in a stroke of brilliance by using the tractor beam to move the debris from the ships that had already been destroyed, after that it became a blood bath with the Devastator cutting through ship after ship destroying the abandoned remains of the once proud rebel fleet. No mercy was shown and every ship was destroyed before Lord Vader returned and the ship went in chase after Princess Leia Organa.

For his prowess in the battle, the Emperor himself promoted Tarsus to the rank of Admiral and gave him the Distinguished Medal of Imperial Honor. It was the proudest moment of his life and he re-affirmed his devotion to the Emperor for all he had done to advance his life and status. After achieving this rank he punished all those that had wronged him, the students who bullied him for example were discharged from the Navy and sentenced to forced labour.

Current position and time 0BBY - 3ABY

With the rank of Admiral came a fleet and ship to command, the 14th Fleet formed itself around his command with a brand new ship given to him as his command vessel. He named the ship Star of Coruscant after the place he was born and after the ancient Old Republic Super Dreadnought which was destroyed by the Sith Empire.

His fist command after the Battle of Scarrif was to protect the Death Star while it got in position to destroy the rebel headquarters of Yavin. The battle turned into a disaster and the Death Star was destroyed, while Tarsus could do nothing about it he felt incredible anger at what had just occurred in front of him. He went into some seclusion after the battle and for 3 years performed only small missions to strategically useless objectives until he was given the message that he had been appointed Governor in the Rostoak Sector.


System: Zeta Onias
System Layout:Yellow Sun

4 Planets:

Lumeria: Lumeria is the 3rd planet away from the sun and is the capital of the system, with big cities and large farming lands this planet is the perfect place to set up a headquarters which is exactly what the Imperial military did meaning the planet has the HQ of all Imperial units in the System.


3.5 Billion
Human - 70%
Twi'lek- 23%
Chiss - 7%

Titacius: The closest planet to the sun this rock is uninhabitable with not a single resident. Do not discount the planet yet however, it is the most valuable planet in the system with ores and metals galore meaning companies set up bases there to mine the ores.


0 - 1000 (Temporary)

Ricus: The 4th planet away from the sun is completely the opposite of beautiful Lumeria. With a poor population and uncontrolled pollution this planet is hell to live on. Most of the factory's in the system are on Ricus making it vital to the production effort of the Empire in the system.

Population: 1 Billion
Human: 90%
Twi'lek: 10%

Icarus: The second planet away from the sun is nothing but a gas giant. Espousing vapours and gasses this planet is often harvested for it gasses by the Empire. With it being a gas giant nobody lives on Icarus.

Population: 0

System Government Type: Military Government, Imperial Directorate under the command of Admiral Tarsus which follows his orders without question.

As soon as he arrived in the system Tarsus swept away all Democratic offices there were and reformed the system into sectors each with a commanding officer (Captains or Colonels) from the Imperial Navy. Lumeria has 12 Districts whilst Ricus has 10. Each of these officers are appointed by Admiral Tarsus based off of merit and skill.

Lumeria and Ricus are split into two Sectors for each planet, all 4 Sectors each have a presiding Director (Colonels or Majors) chosen by the Representatives in their individual Sector. These officers form the basis of the true system government called the Imperial Directorate. The head of the Directorate is permanently Admiral Tarsus who has the power to veto any vote by the Directorate and dismiss Directors at will, due to Tarsus appointing the Representatives the Directorate is always made up of loyalists who follow his every word.

At any time the Chief of the Imperial Directorate can name a new member to the Directorate who does not represent a Sector. Admiral Tarsus did just this appointing his long time friend Captain Adrian Rowen who served alongside him on the Devastator. (Adrian is extremely loyal to Tarsus but he also has rebel sympathies which force him to make difficult choices).

Members of the Directorate

Admiral Tarsus Valyrikus (Imperial Navy - Chief of the Imperial Directorate) - De Facto representative of the Zeta Onius System

Colonel Orzak Fen (Imperial Army - Chief of the Imperial General Staff) - Lumeria's 1st Sector
Colonel Jade Umda (Imperial Navy - Chief of the Imperial Admiralty ) - Lumeria's 2nd Sector

Major Zulara Cynthisa (Imperial Intelligence - Chief of Intelligence) - Ricus 1st Sector
Colonel Ran Avery (Imperial Science and Research Department - Chief of Research and Development) - Ricus 2nd Sector

Captain Adrian Rowen (Imperial Navy - No position) - Appointed Member


1 Venator-class Star Destroyer - (The Star of Coruscant)

- The Star of Coruscant in it's maiden test


1 Lambda-class T-4a shuttle (Personal Transport)
10 TIE Reaper's
30 TIE/IN interceptor
60 TIE/sa bomber
100 TIE/LN starfighter
110 ARC-170 starfighter
1 Goliath

2 Arquitens-class light cruisers
3 Razor-class frigates


500 Militia forces
50 AT-ST's
40 Speeder Bikes
50 Stormtroopers
10 HAVw A6 Juggernauts
10 2-M Saber-class repulsor tank
3 All Terrain Tactical Enforcers
2 All Terrain Armoured Transport (In reserve on Lumeria)


E-Web heavy repeating blasters (limited number)
Multiple forts at strategic locations in on Lumeria and Ricus
E-11 blaster rifles
Long range comms
Rocket launchers

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3 Re: Warlords II: The Warlords on Mon May 15, 2017 12:28 am

Governor: General Jolik Ollracahn
Station: 479th Infantry Brigade Command, Peng'r City, Akraolu II

Bio: A shrewd and thoughtful Imperial commander, General Ollracahn has been stationed in the Akralou System for the better part of a decade. Born on Amett Prime, he was raised in a career military family by a father who had served as a division staff officer in the Clone Wars. Fascinated by infantry formations, Jolik enlisted in the Imperial army as soon as he has come of age and by the time the Rebel Alliance was in full swing he was in command of his own brigade. The problem, was that despite his unwavering loyalty to the Empire, he ended up assigned to the Unknown Regions due to his criticisms of the Emperor and some of the Empire's harsher policies. His post of Akralou in the Rostoak sector is a four planet system that was deemed 'militarily important,' at least enough to deploy a general they wanted quiet and his brigade there. In reality, Akralou was a backwater not worth the old Star Destroyer they sent.

Over the course of the Civil War General Ollracahn could only watch helplessly as his forces were slowly pulled away to the various soldier-hungry fronts against the Rebellion. He and his forces were simply forgotten until the Empire needed more bodies, and that was it. On top of this, the planetary governor was a pompus fool that no matter how much advice the good General tried to give, it was invariably ignored.

This all changed when word came to Akralou that the Death Star was gone. With barely a battalion of stormtrooper marines and his ARC aide Dagger One left, there was no way in kriff that Ollrachan was going to be able to prevent an uprising if the Rebels came around. So he took a different tack. Executing the current governor for gross incompetence (none of his officers argued the point,) the general took power and set about securing the system.

Three years later, and while not things are not all Umbaran shadow-wine and Naboo flowers for Akralou, they are notably better. With a small fleet at his command and a largely non-human population willing to follow him so long as his policy of mutual respect continues, the general is in as good a place as one can be with still so little at hand. All the same, his loyalty to the Empire has led him to declare an oath of allegiance to the current Grand Moff.


Sector: Rostaok
Planets: 3 rocky, 1 gas giant, five moons
Star: Yellow mid-size
Population: 160 Million
Togruta: 22%
Quarren: 30%
Nautolan: 8%
Human: 38%
Other: 2%

U9KC (Akralou I): Rocky, desert, extreme high temperatures, used for mining and penal purposes. Home to a group of natives brought to the planet from Tattooine for unknown purposes at an unknown time. Many Jawa clans. IMPERIAL TRAVEL ADVISORY: All civilian travel for purposes other than mining is hereby prohibited due to the danger of prisoner escape and natives. Keep a close eye on all landed vessels for Jawas.

Ewhinda (Akralou II): Terrestrial, tropical, home to the Imperial headquarters in-system, and primary inhabited world. Population largely consists of Togruta, Quarren, Nautolan and humans. Possesses one moon, home to Imperial naval base

Akralou III: Gold gas giant, largely comprising of heavy gasses. Four moons. One mining station on the third moon, home to long term crew of Duros, humans and a few Talz.

Iyrus (Akralou IV): Temperate world, primarily used for farming. Maintains a small garrison to defend the Togruta population.


1 Venator class Star Destroyer INS Wrathful Sword
1 Acclamator (converted to supply ship) INS Cristophsis
2 Corillean Corvettes, INS Prey Runner, CC-4482
2 Lancer class anti-fighter frigates INS Firestorm, INS Seeker
60 V-19 Torrents
20 TIE Bombers
10 ARC-170 heavy fighters

INS Wrathful Sword with her sister ships, INS Shining Sword and INS Avenging Blade. The whereabouts of Wrathful Sword's sister ships as as of yet unknown to General Ollrachan.

479th Infantry Brigade, 1st Unit:
20 LAAT/I Gunships
One Battalion of 670 Stormtrooper Marines/Imperial Militia
1 Imperial ARC Shock Trooper (Dagger One)
50 Militia officers
2 AT-TEs
1 Artillery battery
10 AT-STs

Equipment: E-Web and Z6 repeating blasters, mortars, anti-armor launchers, long range comm gear, anti-vehicle mines, fortification/construction equipment

Imperial Stormtrooper Marine of the 479th

Dagger One, Imperial ARC trooper

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4 Re: Warlords II: The Warlords on Mon May 15, 2017 2:30 am


System Information

System Name: Tychen
Star Type: Type-G Class Yellow Star
6 Planets, Slight elliptical orbits

Inner Worlds

Planet Name:Dosiv
Size: 0.13 Earth
Population: Less than 1 Million
Bio: Dosiv is the closest world to the star. With much of it a scorching hellscape, much of the lighter materials of the world have already been blown off by the solar winds of the star. This leaves easy access to valuable minerals and heavier elements, assuming you can brave the heat. Most mining has to be done by robots, and a special orbital facility oversees this. The facility is custom built to survive the extreme heat while not in the shadow of the world so as long as it's generators are kept powered.

Planet Name: Katios Rising
Size: 0.44 Earth
Population: 130 Million, Humans make up 70% of the population
Bio: Katios Rising was a name voted upon the settlers of this desolate world. Lacking an atmosphere, most of the population live underneath the ground in massive sealed environments, mining both the crust and having deep shafts to mine the interior of the dead dead world for valuable materials. Greenhouses ran by robot workers help keep the colony fed.

Planet Name: Spire
Size: 0.71
Population: 4.24 Billion, Humans make up 80% of the Population
Bio: The only inhabitable world of the system, Spire is the center of the Tychen system. Heavily populated, it boasts 2 shipyards in orbit and is known for inheriting the ingenuity of the Coriellian Engineering Corporation. As such, ships built by them have superior engines and makes them the go to system for fast ships. The world is was a way station for ships venturing out in the unknown regions and settled little over two centuries ago. Much of the world is divided up into multiple Arcologies, built for self-sufficiency. Underground Mag-rails connect these arcologies and each district of the world is specialized towards a certain thing. Some are large factories, putting out many consumer goods and vehicles. Others mine and or process minerals from the crust and deeper down, and some serve as education centers to help keep the world competitive on all its vehicles and designs. The world is also known for its many corporations which seem to have a large influence in day to day life.

Planet Name:Omega Deltiri 6
Size: 0.34 Earth
Population: Less than 100 Thousand
Bio: Omega Deltiri 6 is a dead world with not much of use. A small outpost mines for what little there is.

Asteroid Belt

Number of Space Colonies: 4
Population: 100 Million
Bio: The asteroid belt is where much of the resources come from currently to fuel orbital construction at Spire of starships. Mining ships come from here or from Spire, and have been known to leave the system for other nearby system to mine rare materials. As such, many people live out here making a living on the minerals found in the

Outer Worlds

Planet Name:Yovido
Size: 13 Earths
Population: Less than 1 Million
Bio: A gas Giant, this is one of two gas giants in system and serves primarily for fuel. Gas miners collect hydrogen for use in fusion reactors.

Planet Name:Yemaya
Size: 12.5 Earths
Population: Less than 1 Million
Bio: A giant, this is the second gas giant in system and furthest planet from Tychen. Gas Miners collect hydrogen for use in fusion reactors.

Additional Information on Spire

Planetary Government Type: Representative democracy?

Allegiance: Grand Moff Auros

Basic Information:
The World of Spire was colonized 130 years prior to the start date. It was founded in the unknown regions by Corellia to serve as a way station for ships venturing in the unknown regions. It houses a shipyard in orbit for this purpose and can also construct its own ships given the proper material. Its population has swelled over time thanks to large scale constructions of Arcologies across the world and made self-sufficient due to Spire being located in the middle of nowhere. This has all been funded thanks to ventures made during the 130 years to mine materials, some rare, from the unknown regions for either profit or the material needed to build these structures. Each Arcology comes with a shield generator, though takes time for the generators dedicated to it to turn on.

Each Arcology is further specialized for a certain export, as these massive spires are spread out across the surface. Some will harvest minerals from the world’s crust, while others are surrounded by massive greenhouses and additionally output Alcohol. All are expected by the planetary companies and the government to fulfill their tithe in order to keep their splendid isolation from the rest of the problems of the galaxy.

Speaking of the rest of the galaxy, Spire owns several large bulk freighters and will still trade rare materials and things found out here in the unknown regions with the rest of the galaxy. This has stalled to a standstill currently due to the ongoing crisis known as the galactic civil war, thus slowing the economy of spire.

With this slowdown, the people look to the new appointed Diktat to bring the world back on course. There is uncertainty though as to how he will do this…

There is the Planetary Council, made up of the District representatives which represent the arcologies within their zone. On this council is also a few representatives from the major planetary corporations. This council elects a Diktat every 20 years during normal cycles, but special circumstances can let them reelect one sooner.
The world of spire was relying on the Imperial Navy stationed out here to guard it. As due to the galactic civil war, the Planetary Defense Force had to be expanded from the paltry size it was to something more capable of actually defending Spire. While small still, it is looking to expand it slowly with their shipyards and hopes to contract out free spaces in the shipyard to other colonies nearby as to provide a source of income to fund expansion of the Spire PDF.

Important Characters:
Name: Garm Corrend
Age: 49
Civilian Attire

Rank: Diktat
Garm Corrend was the Representative of District 9 of Spire. Being a mining district, he very well knows how to handle complicated logistics of the arcologies and is one of the only districts doing well despite the circumstances. Some can also say his good connections with the local corporations have propelled him to the Rank of Diktat.

When he was younger, Garm was a mere miner in the district. Garm always looked up to his father, who was an overseer managing the logistics of many different arcologies, but also hated on how his father would force him to earn everything he wanted. Garm could not go to a higher education school but learned about hard work and dedication to a job. Using this new found ethic his father instilled in him,  worked his way up through the ranks though, going from a miner to a manager and saving up his salary to finally buy himself an education at the age 22.

From there he went to District 11, whose arcologies were well known for their colleges and engineering program. He studied as an engineer as well as governance. There he met his friend, Dash Horne. From this friendship came Garm’s future. Dash was the inheritor of the most powerful company on the world. Becoming friends, Garm used this new contact to help land him an overseer job of his own back in district 9 when he graduated. Taking all he knew and from what he watched of his father, he got to work gathering favors and furthering his career for the next 20 years. Finally, his time had came when he had reached being a Representative of his home district.

The known galaxy, caught in a galactic civil war, had disrupted the planet of a steady supply of income due to trade. Another problem was the now defenseless planet was becoming hostages of hostile pirates and other things that roamed the unknown regions. Garm read the changing of the wind and joined the group of Representatives who, backed by the companies, began pushing for a Planetary Defense Force to be created. With the decline in popularity of
The current Diktat, when time came to for reelection, Garm entered his name. Winning based on his past accomplishments and favors from multiple companies, he now looks to put forward what he believes will revitalize the economy. He has gathered multiple advisors and recently appointed a new head of the Planetary Defense Force.

Space Forces:
Z-95 Head Hunters: 200
4 CR90 Corvettes
3 Nebulon-B Frigate
1 Dreadnought-Class Heavy Cruiser

Ground Forces:
400 Militiamen
30 Landspeeders with Heavy Blasters or Blaster Cannons mounted on them

E-11 Blasters
Long Range Comms
Rocket Launchers
T-21 Heavy Blaster Rifle

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5 Re: Warlords II: The Warlords on Tue May 16, 2017 12:58 am

The Saurosian Plutocracy

Species Name: Sauros

Home System: Vale'zatoth

Home Planet: Ir'ralos

Planets in the Vale'zatoth System: 7

Population: 8.5 billion (Currently 100% Sauros, though that can always change)

Council of Lords

High Lord Khasra Aternas: The youngest high lord in the history of the council, Khasra stands just over two meters tall, with the midnight black scales and ruby red eyes of his forebears, his tetra, head spines, adorned with the traditional beads of his office.  After the death of his father, he took up the position of high lord once he completed the customary ritual hunt, taking down the largest predator that still exists on Ir'ralos and having one of its fangs fashioned into a vibrosword he keeps with him at all times.  His rule thus far has been harsh, but fair, his people glad to have someone willing to make the hard decisions with the war against the Rict'var still ongoing and the arrival of these Imperial usurpers in the sector.

Other lords on the council: Utsha Velhath, Janta Sinjatha, Patrusta Krushai, Ikku Shorish, Hinada Aylesa and Palwa Alzeeza

Summary of the planets in the Vale'zatoth system

Ir'ralos: Home planet, center of commerce and government.  Sparse jungle coverage.

Tar'gor: Second planet, agricultural world.

Ze'chis: Third planet, arid, heavy industry, center of military production.

Char'joor: Fourth planet, barren, toxic.  Mining/penal colony.

Tar'sala: Fifth planet, helium gas giant, center of fuel production.

Rin'tsar: Sixth planet, research outpost.

Tyr'zal: Seventh planet, dead rock, military staging ground and dry dock.

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