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Warlords II: The Factions

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1 Warlords II: The Factions on Mon May 15, 2017 9:22 pm

Below are factions that will begin to come into play after turn 4. Please note that more factions can and will be added to the list as the game progresses.

The First Order
Led by the Young Commandant Armitage Hux, these remnants of the Empire fled to unknown regions after the death of the Emperor. They have very good technology and superior training. However, they are led by young, inexperienced officers and are likely to use heavy handed tactics rather than diplomacy.

New Order Loyalists
Not a faction technically, but a blanket term for those Imperial Officers who do not believe the Emperor is dead and attempt to keep the situation as it was before the Battle of Endor. They are likely to spend a great deal of time 'waiting for orders from the top' and keeping the status quo of the former Empire.

Imperial Remnants
Warlords, Moffs, Admirals, and Generals in power after the collapse of the Empire. They have taken it upon themselves to carve themselves out territory in the name of 'Rebuilding the Empire.' Most will likely make due with whatever equipment they have, both old and new, to expand their influence and fight the New Republic.

New Republic
Absorbing the political and military leadership of the former Rebel Alliance. The New Republic followed in the footsteps of the Galactic Republic and restored the Galactic Senate. Unlike its predecessor, the New Republic's capital is not based on Coruscant. Rather, the seat of government shifts among a member worlds on a rotating basis. Currently they are trying to expand their influence as best they can before the senate votes for disarmament. As such, they will employ aggressive diplomatic tactics to bring more worlds into the fold as quickly as they can.

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